The tension in the room was palpable. Serenity Gils found it hard to believe that she had just let someone order her around. And what was even more absurd was the fact that she was majorly turned on because of that.

Right then and there, she wanted to pounce on the older woman, pull out her dildo and fuck her until she could walk no more. Fuck her until the only thing that rolled out of her lips was 'more, Serenity. More'

But her first time in this room, Hannah Morales made her understand that she would have to give up all control. She would have to submit. Something about Hannah's demeanour the first time they were in this room made Serenity understand that she had to give up all of that if she wanted to be with Hannah.

And God only knew, how much she craved that.

Hannah Morales cussed herself. She cussed herself for raising her voice at Serenity, because now she knew the younger girl was thinking of leaving. And she didn't want that. Hannah Morales was about to apologise to the yo
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