Iron things out

A huge weight had been lifted off Hannah Morales's shoulders. She had not realised how much the things she went through affected her until she opened up to Serenity.

The following morning, she woke up feeling light and rejuvenated, almost as if she was in her early twenties and enjoying life with her lover.

Wrapped in Serenity's arms, Hannah stole a glance at her. Just then, Serenity murmured uncomprehensive words, then took her bottom lip in her mouth and began sucking on it.

Hannah Morales felt arousal swirling in the pit of her stomach. Unconsciously, she moaned, picturing Serenity's lips on hers. Hannah couldn't help but smile. She could finally, finally say she was happy.

At least, she thought so.

Later that day, Hannah decided to meet up with Serenity's mother. To her, she felt like she needed the older woman's approval. If she envisaged spending the rest of her life with Serenity, then it was best to iron things out.

Logan Glusburn was a little cold when she walked int
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