Trip down memory lane 3

"I killed him. He begged for my help and I didn't do anything. I sat there and watched him take his last breath," Hannah Morales curled up into the arms of her lover and sobbed.

It was the first time she'd opened up about what she'd been through.

Rachel knew about it, not only was she Hannah's best friend, but she also acted as her shrink.

Hannah Morales always thought that because of the nature of their friendship, Rachel couldn't be honest with her. Regardless, Hannah never held it against her.

If anything, she was grateful for the years of friendship.

Now, another person who wasn't Rachel knew about it. Hannah always thought she would expect honesty from whoever she opened up to about what she went through.

But now, that person was Serenity, and Hannah wasn't sure if her old heart would bear hearing the truth from her lover.

The truth that she was a murderer and deserved to be locked up. The truth that she doesn't deserve to be as happy as she is.

A while had passed, and the
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