Onerea: The City of Dreams

Onerea: The City of Dreams

By:  Mia Reid  Completed
Language: English
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Onerea is a place that you can find only in dreams. In that place, you can exchange your dream energy for things like food and accommodation. You can also enter the Mirrors, places in the outskirts of the city, where there are portal doors that will let you enter a dream within that Dreamworld. In a place like that, Annabelle Archer, a 25-year-old woman who, in real life, has serious heart disease, meets Dominik, who will be her guide through the mirrors, and maybe something else, but what could happen with a person that lives in a floating city within a dream?

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85 Chapters
1. A Broken Heart
The night was dark and rainy. There was no moon in the sky, and the stars were hidden by the gray clouds that fell undone over a mostly sleeping city.The Archer house stood tall at the end of the hill, showing its gloomy face to the peasants that dared to walk in the stormy night.Inside the house, all of the family members and sleep-in workers had retired for the night and were sleeping, or about to, all of them, except for one, the Archer's only daughter, Annabelle. She was definitely not a normal, society lady.Not that she had weird tastes, or was vicious in any way, her only addiction, as a matter of fact, were books, and more often than not, storytelling and writing, although she hadn't done in a while.She was a very creative girl, a feature mostly fueled by her mandatory seclusion. Since she was just a kid, she was forbidden to play outside, due to some severe crisis that she started having when she was near her sixth birthday, after
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2. To Exeter
"Dear Diary: Since it's the first time that I write, I will introduce myself. My name is Annabelle Archer and I'm a British young woman, and I'm going to die soon.  My heart is very weak and the doctors say I have a rare condition that was supposed to kill me before my twentieth birthday, but I have passed that mark already.  My father keeps looking for more second opinions, that are no longer second, but maybe a hundredth.  My mother keeps the house together, and our family together. She acts like nothing is happening most of the time, but I know better.  I know how she feels and do appreciate her attempt at normality, but the mood, in general, is so gloomy anyway." She introduced herself to the small, black, hardcovered notebook that her father had presented her with, but she didn't have the will to start before. She enjoyed very much to tell stories, but her
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3. The Spirits Of The House
The wind blew the hair in her forehead. Waves danced around her as her eyes shone brightly without her being able to avoid it. Her parents didn't let their smiles out, knowing that she liked to keep it for herself, so they allowed her to seize the moment her way. The least they could do was at least grant her those small pleasures. Sitting in the window, and having it wide open as she rested her forearms on the windowsill and her head in her arms.  That was the freest she had felt in a very long time, and her parents rejoiced with the sight.  Doctor Marsh was right, she needed the change of air, and, even if the trip was a little tiring, her mood was lighter and less gloomy that day. Hours later, the carriage was expecting them on Exeter's station and would take them to the Villa. For once, Annabelle rejoiced in feeling the warmth of the sunlight and even let a shy smile on her lips.  Nobody
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4. Dreamworld
Annabelle was surprised by a whisper from behind her."Miss Abbie... Miss... Are you okay, do you feel bad?"One of the helpers was talking to her in the lowest voice she could manage so she didn't get startled, calling her back to what normal people called reality."Yes, Anna. I just remembered something."The helpers looked at each other and wondered scared if she had seen something and didn't want to say it. The stories about her looking at the void had been around for a while already, but since nobody has seen actually anything, and the noises could be explained, they can't really say the house is haunted, or the girl, in any case. She knows that the helpers are still wondering what she was looking at, but she doesn't care what they think. The march to her room restarts and they spend a couple of hours to finish arranging everything in the right place, especially her medicine cabinet.After a very interest
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5. Peculiar Strangers
A very happy trio came into a clothing store. A young, handsome man with very bright eyes and smile, lightly tanned skin and almost six feet tall, dressed in black from top hat to toe, except for his dark green coat, walked first into the store. Following in the middle, a disarrayed girl in gray sleepwear, and last, but never least, a very beautiful lady with pink hair and all-black clothing.Her curvaceous body was hugged by a stylish corset dress that ended up in a skirt a couple of inches over the knee in the front, and almost ankle length in the back.She was about five feet and three inches, with two additional inches that her black, over-the-ankle boots gave her. She was also wearing a very tiny top hat, holding from a bunch of her hair on the right side of her head.To end her image, the same way as her energetic and charismatic husband, she wore a big, genuine smile.The store was almost directly in front of
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6. Rescued Kittens
"Isn't it the cat got your tongue?" Raquel said innocently, as Myron moved his head sideways to his wife, so she didn't follow on her thought.When Raquel looked at the other two people in the room, she noticed.The air felt tense suddenly. Dominik's tone was obviously not well received by Annabelle, who now was no longer looking at the floor.How was this guy managing to touch the nerves of their just arrived new guest in so little more than a phrase? Why?Yes, he was good looking, but, oh what an attitude. Especially with Abbie, who hated to be always the "Rescued" one."Too much of a nerve for a stranger to say something in that tone. You know nothing. I didn't come to be rescued. I'm not helpless, and unlike you, I don't go defensive and attacking people when I first meet them.This is only my first visit to this place, and they are nice, decent people. Something I can see it's not known for you.Now, if
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7. The Temporary Guide
In front of Abbie, there were all kinds of armor, including knives, swords, guns, and also gun holsters, belts, whips, and a series of gadgets she couldn't make out by just looking at them.On her right, a full rack of trench coats, long, and not so long, hooded, in colors or black, with a slit and without.Annabelle wondered at what kind of place she had arrived, while she watched R looking intently at the wall, and then moving to the rack. Was she just picking her something so she was not cold, but it happened to be close to this little armor shop inside her store?Raquel stood in front of the rack as it drew its circles until one of the coats called her attention. It was brown, matching Annabelle's outfit perfectly. R took it from the rack and handed it over to Abbie."Please try it on, Belle Cat. I want to see if it fits you well."Annabelle went to try it and found herself in the mirror, surprised at the
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8. The Temporary Guide pt. 2
They were just thrown out of the store, and pretty much forced to go to the city together.Dominik had said he could take her, but Annabelle was not happy with the idea.For her, the guy's changes were too much for her comfort, as one minute he was nice, and the next he was uncomfortable and defensive.Maybe people in that dream was a little crazy. From the start, she could say they were different, even from their clothing.She was not remotely close to London but she was very happy about that. What if they were different? They treated her like a normal human being, not a princess, or a porcelain doll. The guy looked shy now that he was alone with her, and looked almost desperately for something to say, anything, hoping that whatever it was, was not as bad as all the other things he had said before. "So... We should start walking, I guess," Abbie said, and you could almost think they were in an awkwardness contest. He was glad sh
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9. The City Of Dreams
 The city rose before their eyes.The cobbled paths were decorated with colored smaller and bigger pieces of what seemed to be semiprecious stones, in pink, green, brown, and blue, mixed with polished river stones, giving a beautiful effect, especially where the sun touched the streets.The palace was a huge stone structure with four towers and several thin golden chimneys that let out white steam.The streets beamed with happy, relaxed people that came and went from one store to the next one.The most usual theme was motion and the large gears that moved the machinery which allowed that transit.What surprised Annabelle the most was the toy store.It was the biggest window in downtown. Framed in golden with red thin lines, the glass allowed the passersby a peek of a fantasy world within the fantasy world.Trains in their tracks, toy monkeys, little horses, and small walking teddy bears, all made of tin, and moving around, in met
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10. Steam And Tea
They were standing right in front of the exit of that weird and scary metallic box that took them downstairs. Annabelle looked around her as she listened to Dominik.There were big containers in front of her, almost floor to ceiling tin cylinders surrounded by thick metallic hoses."The cylinders on the right are water containers, the ones on the left are converted energy containers.They both go all the way following the wall to the end of the room, where the energy is distributed into other mechanisms, that power the city. Basically, the water transforms in steam, and move the machines that collect energy from Earth's dreamers, and visitors.Then that energy is moved and stored as needed to keep the City afloat and power it up. Everything, including the mirrors, is powered up from that energy.""Every time you mention those mirrors I get more curious.""There's no way to know what you could see there. The first time at least,
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