Origins: The Luna City Trilogy

Origins: The Luna City Trilogy

By:  P L Bann  Ongoing
Language: English
14 ratings
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COMPLETED - UNDER MASTER EDIT Her past unknown and her future uncertain... After being separated from her brother during a vicious attack led by creatures as old as time; Willow, a parentless werewolf with the inability to shift, find’s herself thrown into the dangerous world of her new found mate, Elijah Night. The notorious Alpha of the Shadow Pack, the ruler of the great Luna City, the most feared amongst all wolves. As Willow adjusts to her new life while trying to find those lost from her past, malevolent forces lurk in the shadows, hungry to destroy what she has built and reek havoc upon the City she has grown to love, determined to spark a war between all creatures alike. Will Willow accept her destiny? Can she save the city from the unthinkable? Come find out...

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Isabel Ah Wong
2023-07-11 17:59:27
user avatar
Ceejay Ramirez
How often is the update on this book? It says on the title “Trilogy”, are there 3 separate books or 3-in-1? Coz some authors include Books 1&2 on 1 book altogether before declaring it as Completed. I just want to know if this 93 chapters now is still far from being Completed and I have to wait long
2023-04-17 08:59:19
default avatar
Elissa Hayward
Love this book. Can not wait for book two. You are an amazing writer keep you the good work!!
2022-09-24 23:11:48
user avatar
Clare Matthews
A fabulous storyline with great. characters that drive the storyline to enthral and hold the reader captivated. I can't wait for the continuation of the trilogy to be written. Please please don't keep us waiting too long.........️...
2022-02-04 17:56:42
user avatar
This book is pure art. Everything from the little details to the characters is so well put together, I feel like I'm living the story. It's an amazing read and my current favourite. love it. ❤️❤️❤️
2021-06-22 19:10:44
default avatar
Tiffany Webber
How often is this updated? Or is it complete?
2021-04-21 02:55:38
user avatar
Book worm
I followed you from the app mentioned below and I never paid for any chapters on there, now that you're here I'm more than happy to pay as your story is amazing! Your writing is very smooth and the description you include beyond incredible. Keep uploading at your own speed, weekly updates are great
2021-02-04 14:40:04
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Angel Knight
Such an amazing book!!
2021-01-09 06:07:55
default avatar
a very interesting book indeed, leaves me wanti g to read more of this little wolf.
2020-09-16 16:21:51
user avatar
Lorna Wallace
Is there going to be more of willow I hope so was getting into the book
2020-09-14 10:03:40
user avatar
Bet this one. This is a good character growth. This feels like the character will shine? Best of best I want to see where thia ends. Maybe like a Luna, The Beta? Excellent. 10 overall foe detailed description.
2020-09-05 21:00:23
user avatar
Anya Williams
Love the book, keeps turning the pages.
2020-09-01 18:30:30
default avatar
Hillary Bryant
Enjoying the story line!
2020-08-31 20:51:53
user avatar
Sarah Louise Wake
loving this story
2020-08-15 18:08:56
93 Chapters
Introduction - The Great War
Those on the Earth fought a battle older than time itself, inciting a war for reasons unknown that were unfathomable beyond their comprehension. Mere years after their arrival, a disagreement broke out amongst the creatures that either basked in the light or festered in the darkness, unknowingly provoked by the old God's feud that had caused their very creation. Stood outside the gates of hell, the once peaceful world soon found itself locked in a vicious battle that would change the course of history for all that had unfortunately become involved. With the onslaught of carnage carefully hidden in the shadows away from the reach of innocent eyes, the infestation of opposing creatures fought against one another in a bid to seek sole control over the newly inhabited world they all sought to claim for their own—just as the divine creators had intended. In the earliest of days before the war had begun, the council of Gods watched in astonishment while they bared witness to Mother Nature g
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Time to pack up...
My eyes feel heavy as they begin to open, adjusting to the unexpected grace of the sun’s warming rays after a long and dreary winters solstice. With eyelids gently fluttering, the serene noises resonating within the forestry help coax me out of my well-rested slumber as I awaken within the stirring camp. With the grounding scent of drying forestry filling my lungs, I take a moment to appreciate my pleasant awakening, embracing the crisp morning air of early spring. Noticing how refreshed I feel, a faint smile creeps upon my lips when I realise I had somehow gotten a peaceful night’s sleep—free from the tormenting night terrors that usually plagued my dreamworld, the ones that insisted on keeping me awake. Stretching out, I feel the uneven dirt beneath my back when I turn my head to watch the melting frost on a patch of nearby grass. Feeling my muscles unwind while basking under the sun’s radiant glow, I grasp at the earth beside me. Releasing a sigh of relief, I allow the dried soil
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The night terrors return...
With all of us pitching in, we eventually finish the gruelling task given mere minutes to spare before our looming departure arrives. Red in the face, Fara holds a freshly skinned hare out while she glows with a bubbling pride—triumphantly showing off her efforts after begging us to let her get involved, appearing more than adamant about picking up the new skill. Handing her contribution over to Lillie for inspection, the youngster sits quietly on the moss-matted tree stump while swinging her legs—studying Lillie’s face curiously; awaiting the appraisal that was soon to shower down on her. With the afternoon meal prepared and packed away, Rose approaches us with a warm smile that brightens her ageing face—appearing grateful as she carries over our welcomed reward. As Ash hands over the carefully packed cooler, Rose thanks us in return before exchanging our hard work for a hacked wooden plank piled high with steaming chunks of meat.  “I honestly have no idea what I’m goi
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What's out there...
My head jerks to the side in a sharp sweep of frantic movement—petrified by the shadowy mass menacingly hovering beside me. Unable to blink while my bulging eyes adjust, I watch numbly in horror as I try to focus on the unknown figure while they take a further unwanted step in my direction. As they walk beneath the moonlight, a suppressed whimper hastily escapes my lips when I come to realise the insidious appearing entity is only Ash. Feeling comforted by the welcoming revelation, I exhale loudly and allow the withheld air to rush from my lungs. With my muscles untensing, I briefly take note of the troubled expression worn upon my sibling’s face as he looks down towards me with a paramount of concern. With his head tilted to the side, Ash stands in silence, appearing at an utter loss of what to do while I gently quake from the fleeting adrenaline leaving my system. Unable to fathom any words just yet, my eyes flicker upwards before locking on to the soothing abyss while I await the
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Alone and broken...
As the snarling creature crashes into Lillie’s side with a thunderous force, her flailing paws lift away from the ground while she releases a shattering growl in retaliation. Wincing in pain, Lillie thrashes in revolt mid-air while she tries to free herself of the clawed hand that has clasped itself onto her rear leg. While her widening eyes drown in despair, Lillie’s body plummets towards the floor with a fierce velocity. Yelping in agony, Lillie hits the ground with a heavy slap while Fara’s hold loosens away from her sister's neck upon impact. Winded from the grotesque creature's unexpected blow, the youngster falls into a violent tumble. Unable to stop herself, Fara rolls away from the ravenous attacker when her head hits a protruding rock nestled within the ground; making her erupt into an agonised wail before curling up in terror. With no delay in hearing Lillie’s outcry, Ash firmly plants his paws into the ground beneath him—burying his nails deep into the dirt as he
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Where the hell am I...
Left to my demise as I grow colder, my body remains limp while my heart continues to flood blood towards my wound, leaving me to become a mere watcher within my own being. Attempting to scream, my lips fall short and fail me, barely capable of conjuring that of an attempted tremble. Lying motionless in despair, I think back to all that I have done in life and of that which I never will. Transforming into nothing more than a shell of my former self, I gradually slip away despite begging myself not to—slowly coming to the terms of the reality that I face, that this may very well be it for me. Struggling to take in a breath as the warm liquid continues to gather, my body convulses without restraint; jittering unnaturally when all that I can do is wait, wondering when the lights will eventually go out while a steady stream of blood trickles down my chin. With my mind racing, I can’t help but pay homage to the irony of it all—acknowledging the ultimate kick to the teeth as I await death
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Little wolf...
As if an ablaze comet were crawling past, my vision remains engulfed in an unexplainable white light when I come to notice a growing throb sweeping across my forehead. Uncertain of what is happening, I lie motionless while commanding my fluttering eyes to stay open—groaning weakly as they fight in complaint to re-close, blinded by the amplified brightness that does not wish to fade. Struggling to push past the mental fatigue weighing down on me, I take in a few raspy breaths while reeling in a dazed confusion, anxiously waiting for my disorientation to lift. A high-pitched ringing resonates within my head deafeningly, drowning out any other possible sounds surrounding me when the muffled sensation blocking my hearing abruptly pops. Feeling nauseous, I painfully swallow down the gathering spit pooling within my mouth when a rhythmic machine-like beeping echoes somewhere close by, soundly oddly familiar as it keeps a steady pace. As the overbearing light thankfully dims, my sensitive
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Not this place again...
With my body feeling like an anchor that had been thrown out to sea, I sink vastly beneath the pressing tides of weighing consciousness while silently slipping away into the darkness awaiting me below. Left to drift into my serenading slumber, I remain helpless as it grasps me within its unfaltering hold—trapping me as if I were merely a passenger within my own being, incapable of trying to do anything other than hope for its mercy. Despite my wishful prayers, I’m forcefully dragged away from the present; released in a spiralling freefall that plummets me straight back into the familiar shadowy depths of my clutching dreamworld. Bracing myself for the repetitive sequence of haunting memories to scorch into my mind’s eye, I wait in nervous anticipation for the ordeal to begin. When the replay of unfortunate events fails to arrive, I can’t quite shake the feeling that something seems drastically off; leaving me to question if I had actually fallen asleep or whether this was the unfold
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No more bed rest...
As my eyelids flutter wildly, I look up towards the unexpecting set of gawping faces staring back at me in unison. Leaning over while I rest, a shared concern hangs between them while it visibly seeps onto their dread entrenched faces. Gasping as I sit up swiftly, I almost collide into the troubled pair while they narrowly flinch backwards—startled by my sudden awakening; jolting awkwardly out of my way. Panting hoarsely while the others regain their composure, I weakly prop myself up on my unsteady arms while the returning aches settle within my bones and muscles once again—­agonisingly reassuring me that I’m no longer dreaming. Passing a glance over Dakota’s familiar face, my stare levitates towards the second figure sitting at my side. Craning my sore neck upwards, a blonde wolf looks back at me while he perches on the edge of the bed cautiously, worriedly watching over me as he flashes me a warm smile.   “Woah there—calm yourself down for a second, Willow. T
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Breakfast with the Beta...
The wait that ensued in readiness for Doc Harlow’s impending arrival felt to last for that of an eternity, leaving me with nothing else to do other than fend off the gnawing anticipation settling inside of my stomach. Undoubtfully feeling increasingly more desperate to be back on my feet than I had done before, I hope the Doc offers me reprieve from a further stint of bedrest, allowing me the chance to go off in search of Ash and the girls. When he finally turns up, his calming and pleasant nature relinquishes me of any rising nerves with close to little effort required. Middle-aged and balding, the kind doctor potters his way through my examination while thoroughly explaining the full extent of injuries found upon my discovery many weeks ago—finishing his divulgence of information with the mention of what medication I’d already received and what I would need to take from now on. When discussing my cracked ribs and fractured skull, the Doc refuses to hold back when telling me of how
Read more Protection Status