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Life has never been good to me. And just when I thought life couldn't get any worse, the Goddess mocked me one more time and gave me a stubborn and difficult Alpha as my fated mate - someone who wanted nothing to do with me. But what did I have to lose? To begin with, I had nothing. So leaving and forgetting all about him should be easy. Well it was, until it wasn't. ¤¤¤¤¤ The book is the second in the Black Shadow Pack Series Spin-off Novels. While the story stands alone, I recommend that you read the series and the spin-off novel Book 1, to gain a better understanding of the characters. BLACK SHADOW PACK SERIES: Book 1 - HE'S MY ALPHA (Completed) Book 2 - THE BETA IS MINE (Completed) Book 3 - LOVING THE GAMMA (Completed) Spin-off Novel Book 1 - IN THE ARMS OF MY ALPHA (Completed) Spin-off Novel Book 2 - THROUGH THE EYES OF MY ALPHA (Completed)

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Nadia is a poor she-werewolf who has had no parents to care about her since she was a child. Her father didn't love her and her mother and abandoned them when her mother was pregnant. Unfortunately, Her mother died after giving birth to her. Therefore, she is brought up by her aunt and uncle. Although her aunt and uncle didn’t maltreat her, they just want to make money by finding a mate for her. Therefore, she never feels free in this family. When she hears that her uncle and aunt are planning to sell her to a werewolf who is ten years older than her, she decides to escape and remove to a new place to settle down. Then what will she experience? Read THROUGH THE EYES OF MY ALPHA.

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Great piece of work.
2024-05-26 14:20:48
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J Aiona
Great story!! What an emotional rollercoaster... absolutely loved it!
2024-04-28 14:45:28
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My most favourite story from this author. Riley and Nadia are the best. The Beta and Gamma couple are also great. I love all the side stories within this book (Caleb, Riley’s sisters). Great read in all aspects.
2024-03-28 02:35:18
user avatar
Patricia Epapara
I think this book was a awesome read
2024-03-27 11:54:15
default avatar
Can’t say that I have a favorite story among this series. I love how they are all intertwined. However, THIS story made my cry, laugh out loud and cross my own legs (and squeeze) more than any other book so far. Loved the redemption allowed for Riley.
2024-03-24 01:11:19
user avatar
awesome books! all of these in this set was so wonderful. I could not stop reading them.
2024-03-20 05:17:13
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Felicia Ortega
love it great characters
2024-02-04 08:45:20
user avatar
such an amazing story. I couldn't stop reading it I can't wait for the next story.
2024-01-15 08:25:11
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Falyn Purcell
Loved this book! The beauty of their pain that ultimately made them stronger
2024-01-09 22:49:36
default avatar
Marie Friede
This book was great, I liked the way everyone found their mate or a hint of their mate was given. A lot of care was taken to include the smaller details, very well written!
2023-12-30 15:10:36
user avatar
amazing book! loved it!
2023-12-09 09:24:18
user avatar
Queen 👑 Debbie
just started reading this book but I trust Cassy to do justice to it , just as she has done in her previous book . my favorite of 'em is "She's the Luna I want" and He's my Alpha. and I'm excited to see Alpha Jake already
2023-11-07 21:59:04
user avatar
Sylvia Garcia
love this series.
2023-10-21 10:09:42
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Chenoa Abbott
I have nothing but praise for this book, this series, and all characters and storyline associated. They're all good reads!
2023-09-10 14:02:30
user avatar
Absolutely love all your books and this is no exception. Wonderful. Gracias.
2023-08-30 21:21:51
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118 Chapters
Hello, lovelies! Thank you for opening this book! For those who just found/stumbled upon this book - this is the fifth book in the series, The Black Shadow Pack. Although it’s a stand-alone and could be read on its own, I highly suggest that you also read books prior to this to get a full grasp of the world I created and the characters connected to this book. For the other books in this series, here are the titles, and all of them can be found on Goodnovel. BLACK SHADOW PACK SERIES: Book 1 - HE’S MY ALPHA (Completed)Book 2 - THE BETA IS MINE (Completed)Book 3 - LOVING THE GAMMA (Completed)Spin-off Novel Book 1 - IN THE ARMS OF MY ALPHA (Completed)Spin-off Novel Book 2 - THROUGH THE EYES OF MY ALPHA (Ongoing) And for all my lovely, loyal readers, Thank you for waiting for this book! I hope you will stick with us as we join Alpha Riley and Nadia on a rollercoaster of emotions as they fight to find their own redemption. Your readership and your support are always appreciate
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Chapter 1
NADIA. "Are you sure you want to do this?" Katarina’s voice kept ringing in my head. She didn’t like the idea of me running away to an unknown territory. But I have already made up my mind. I needed to get away from here, away from the life that they were pushing me into. My name is Nadia Morrison. And a few more hours, I would be a free woman. I am a shifter. At least that I know. All the other things about me or my real family, I had no idea. I’ve heard things about my father, but I didn’t bother to find out more. It was enough to know that he didn’t want me and had abandoned my mother while she was pregnant. And the man who took care of me when my mother died after giving birth left me in the hands of the couple who were known to me as my uncle and aunt. My aunt said she’s my mother’s sister. But it didn’t feel like that. I was five years old when they took me in. And from then on, they groomed me so that one day, they could make money out of me. But I would never allow them
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Chapter 2
RILEY. What would you do if the only female you’ve ever cared about chose someone else over you? How would you react if you saw her being marked and claimed right in front of you? Nothing. There was nothing I could do but swallow the pain. I averted my gaze away from them the moment Caspian, the Alpha of the neighboring pack, dipped his mouth into Andrea’s neck. I didn’t need to see more. I knew he was about to mark her. Her. Andrea. She was the only female I had ever taken notice of. And for a period in my life, I thought we would end up together. But she chose him. And yet here I was, doing my best to fight off my own men, blocking and shoving them away from Andrea. I am still protecting her with all my heart. She went into heat the moment her eyes locked with Caspian and the mate bond between them bound them together. Her heat smell affected every unmated male around her, including me. But I’m Alpha. I could control my urges. And the pain in my chest was enough to kee
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Chapter 3
RILEY. "F*ck me, Mate..." She said in a low voice, biting her lower lip while her eyes darted to my front. I saw her eyes dilate into full black before she wiggled her jeans down her thighs, arching her hips up. I swallowed hard as the string of her thongs came into view and the scent of her arousal got stronger. I inched near her and helped her off her jeans, ripping them in the process, which elicited a giggle from her. She then reached for the hem of her shirt and started ripping it off, leaving her naked with just her thongs on. Could this female be more perfect than she already was? She slipped her hand inside her underwear and started rubbing herself, closing her eyes as she moaned while pleasuring herself, and I felt like a teenager who had no f*cking idea what I needed to do next. I parted her thighs, opening them wider as I kneeled in between her legs before I slapped her hand gently. "Take it off, let me do that..." I was trying to control my voice. I didn’t want to sca
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Chapter 4
"I won’t… I’ll take care of you…" He said it so gently that I believed him, and it felt like it meant more than just tonight. And I wished I was right. I wanted him to take care of me. I was so tired of being alone and just always looking after myself. He tilted his head to the side and captured my thumb, sucking it sexily without taking his gaze off of me.  And then, he slipped himself inside of me, slowly and gently. My eyes rounded as they began to water. He let out a groan as he pushed one more time, breaking my barrier before he rested his forehead on mine. "You're too tight. Am I hurting you?" His voice was painful, and he was gritting his teeth again. "Tell me to stop… If I push one more time, I don't think I can stop…"  I felt myself stretching before relaxing into his size and, from what he said, it meant he was not fully in and it would hurt more, but I was ready for it. I was ready for him.
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Chapter 5
AFTER THREE MONTHS. RILEY. I grunted loudly as the rays of the sun beamed on my face, waking me up from my sleep. I threw my forearm over my face and covered my eyes before squinting them to look at the intruder who was messing up my sleep. "What the! Close them and get away from here!" I growled at my Beta as he continued to draw all the curtains open all over my room. "You need to wake up and get your act together. You have a visiting Alpha waiting for you downstairs." Beta Dominic responded calmly, drawing the final curtain before moving to stand at the foot of my bed. "You can do that! Now piss off and let me sleep!" I grunted one more time before turning my body around under the blanket and pressing the pillow, on the top of my head, to block off the sunlight. "I’ve been doing this for the last three months, and this is not right anymore! You need to do your part or you will lose your peo
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Chapter 6
NADIA. My uncle dragged my battered body out of his car onto the border of the Silver Moon Pack. I flinched with every move. I didn't know how much beating I was able to withstand before I finally told him how I got marked. I wanted to lie and tell him I met a random wolf along the way, but I knew he could sense my lies. I was never good at it. And I wished I had told him the truth earlier because maybe, I could have saved myself from all the pain and bruises I got. But then again, those pains and bruises were better than what I was feeling right now. I felt humiliated, standing in front of the men manning the Silver Moon Pack border as my uncle explained to them the reason we were seeking entrance to their territory. He was narrating his story like I was a slut. A whore who jumped on the first wolf that showed interest in me.  Although my actions might come off as such, I knew I didn't do it out of thirst.
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Chapter 7
RILEY. I watched my mate in the rearview mirror as I drove us back to the packhouse. She was sitting in the back seat, scooting her body near the window while her eyes were focused on the view outside the car. Beside me was Alpha Jacob, who was sitting too comfortably. I could feel at any moment he would throw jabs at me just based on the smug smirk on his face, but I wasn’t concerned. I wanted to know what my beautiful mate was thinking. Beautiful. Despite the slight bruises on the sides of her cheeks, she was still mesmerizing. And I couldn’t believe she showed up in my territory after three months. I didn't want to have high hopes when we went to the border, but by the time we neared the said place, Hunter started prancing around. He was restless and wanted out, and it just gave me a sign that it was indeed our mate waiting for us. My breathing hitched when the border came into view. I failed to notice everyone except her and how her long hair was dancing gracefully with the wi
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Chapter 8
NADIA. My eyes widened in awe at the sight of the pack house in front of me. It was larger than Katarina’s house. This one was L-shaped with four floors. I wondered how many people were living here. And I wondered if I would ever get a chance to stay here. I hoped he wouldn’t send me away because I didn’t have anything with me. Where would I go? I could go to Katarina, but I was sure that once my uncle heard that I was back in the territory, he would come looking for me. And then, I would be in a deep shit again. I needed to do something. Anything to save me. It doesn’t matter if Alpha Riley wouldn’t want me around. I needed his mark on me. "Follow me, Nadia. We need to talk. Alone." His cold voice snapped me out of my thoughts as my gaze darted to him. I swallowed the invisible lump in my throat. It felt so dry. This was it. Judgment day. "Just follow him. And if he scares you to the hilt, just run. I’ll just
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Chapter 9
RILEY.I watched as Nadia stormed off from my office without even throwing a glance at me. It left me in a foul mood.I also didn't appreciate my Beta flirting with her, so I had to remind him to back off. I hope he got the warning and stayed away from her because I would fucking castrate him if he made any move at her.My nose was still flaring with anger. I had no fucking idea if I was pissed off with Dominic or more with myself.What was I thinking when I blurted out that rejection? It was the last thing I wanted to do. My mark on her was my only link to her, and I never wanted to erase that bond. I wanted her.But the thought of her not wanting my mark pained me.What do I need to do so I can make her stay?If I ordered her to stay, then it would be another Andrea again. And I didn’t think I wanted to take the risk of her hating me. And it’s the biggest reason I was ready to reject her, so she could ha
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