Perfect Avatar

Perfect Avatar

By:  Yalatola  Ongoing
Language: English
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In this world, a cataclysm has caused the appearance of monsters and other disasters, emerging from dimensional rifts and gradually pushing the world to its destruction, to face them, some humans having awakened various magical powers are fighting against this apocalypse. Dora, one of them, has a special class "Avatar" which gives him access to all the other classes, alas, the difficulties in leveling it up and the temperament of the latter earned him to be expelled from his team, which he had planned in order to live a calm and peaceful life, but a friendly fight with the little brother of the strongest woman in the kingdom will reveal his true potential. This is the story of the one perfect avatar, the individual who has the power to transcend this world.

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66 Chapters
Technical Sheet
This part describes various terms and concepts of this story. It's not technically a chapter but it has a strong importance for a better immersion in the story. Some of these aspects will not be developed in the story as the characters are expected to be aware of what they are about and will not spend a minute to recap them except in one particular case, so it is strongly advised to read it.Emissary: ​(Emissary of God) A person capable of using the energy of the world and transforming it into its capacity. An emissary can be a fighter or not, the status of an emissary depends on its nature: finger, hand, or avatar (of God).Branch:Category of powers to which a person belongs (Healer, Hero, Warrior…), each branch determines the type of power of the emissary. The fingers have no branch.Class:The different levels of power found in a branch (thief>assassin>shadow>reaper), their number differ according to the class.Evolution:When he reaches a certain skill level, a fighter can see h
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An Undisciplined Fool
Many people believe in the saying, "Hard work will always beat talent." This phrase is inspiring to those who may not have natural advantages, placing them above the norm. However, what happens when talent also works hard? In the world of monsters, the strongest always come out on top, no matter how they achieve their victory. This is a famous quote among individuals who consider themselves "emissaries of God." An emissary is a person who has awakened the ability to use the powers of this world, granting them various magical abilities. Some say that these powers were a gift from God to fight against a devastating form of life: Disasters, a type of monster resulting from a supernatural phenomenon called the "rift." The rift consists of the formation of an enormous sphere, whose interior is a space resembling another dimension. In order to prevent disasters from entering the world, rifts must be neutralized within five days of their formation. This task is carried out by emissary team
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I looked at this new face with slight astonishment, then quickly observed my comrades. Almost everyone looked worried. Sana remained with her head down, Lilith looked annoyed out of the window, Marie handled one of her stuffed animals, with her own indifferent gaze, and only Morgiana and Erick stared at me. I just raised my eyebrows. The young girl made a curtsey, an attitude testifying to an upbringing very different from the villagers." Hmm? Replacement?""I am honored to meet you, Sir Anesidora."I stared, dumbfounded, at my comrades and saw their reaction. Marie was still playing with her stuffed animal, but I think she would really have fun if her eyes weren't fixed on the wall, Morgiana kept her arms crossed, Sana stared at the floor and Lilith inspected her hammer. Leon never took his eyes off me."What... what does that mean?""I'm impressed that you look so surprised. I'm actually doing you a favor, We, Shining Sword, have the ambition to become the best Emissary team in the
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Cutting Ties
I put a hand on my reddened cheek looking amazed at my girlfriend."Sa... Sana?""What's wrong with you? Why are you like this? You're nothing like what you were before, When we started dating you were more cool, more capable, how did you become like this?!"Everyone was looking at me with different gazes, Lilith couldn't hide her anger, Morgiana seemed satisfied, Erick laughed openly and Marie, her head turned towards the window, trembled. What had to be done for something so simple..."I... Sorry...""You disgust me... If I knew you would turn like this... I would never...""Asking me to date you just because I was an Avatar? Yeah, probably."She froze for a second, and another small laugh from Marie sounded in the back. Leon stood up abruptly."Don't talk to her like that!""Here comes Ero-sama.""How could you act like that after all she's done for you? I expected you to take it with more maturity but now you're going too far."" Really? Don't you think you're the one going too fa
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We Must Cut The Wings of This Snake
My name is Anesidora, Dora for short. I'm a young emissary of the Avatar branch and a former member of the Shining Sword party, but today I'm mostly..."Free!!! I'm finally free!!!"I was spinning in a field, a dozen pieces of bread I had just bought floating around me, then snapping my fingers. 3 slices of bread flew off into the infinity of the village and landed in the hands of a peasant, a child, an animal, or perhaps even a plant."Enjoy, the king invites you to the feast! To the glory of freedom!"I waved another hand, raising my right arm, thumbs up. A whirlwind then formed, lifting the flowers around me, these mixed and formed crowns of flowers."Today is a day of celebration, you are all invited to the fool's farewell ceremony!"I snapped my fingers and the wreaths also flew out, except for one bigger one, that looked like a funeral wreath."Let me save this one, for Dora's funeral from Shining Sword."I fell on my back laughing heartily, had I ever felt such joy? Is that why
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A True Hero
Hope sparkled like a star with his Hero Time ability, from memory, Hero Time was a technique that gave some Hero class people an immense boost. It was said that if the most powerful Hero in the world used it, he would become the most powerful person in the world, in all areas, ahead of all other classes. But the hero in front of me was not a hand, but a real Avatar, an Avatar who multiplied the power of his movements at the sacrifice of greater consumption of his energy. To put it simply, cheat a cheat."Since when?! Since when are you an Avatar???""Listen... I'll tell you everything... Once I'll beat you."Forget it, how did you get a skill of a higher class, in this village?! There are barely any E-rank monsters, where did you find it???""Oh... You're right to fear me... That power is too much for an E-rank emissary, isn't it?... It's... Wait, stop distracting me!""Huh?... I'm not even trying...""Hero time can make me the strongest, but the downside is huge... I have to defeat y
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The Heroine and the Genius
" Wonderful! Glorious! You were both amazing!"Elizabeth clapped happily before our astonished eyes. Hope was paralyzed."Sis?! What are you doing here?""How dare you ask? You let me take care of the chores, saying you had an urgent business, and I'll find you here.""I told you I had something to do! Why did you follow me?!"She pouted and walked towards us." Something important? You mean getting your ass kicked?""Oi! I didn't get my ass kicked, it was a draw! Tell her, Dora!""... Mom forbids me to lie.""You shit!""No, you're the shit here, how did you lose so ridiculously after I taught you Hero Time? I've seen a lot of battles but this one has the funniest conclusion I've ever seen." She laughed patting his head. Hope was fuming with rage."If so, fight me again! And this time, no running!""Excuse me, senior?""*sigh* Hope, you still have a long way to go. If it was a fight to the death, who do you think the winner would be?"It was an interesting point, personally, I didn't
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Dark Clouds Over The Future
"Help! Someone is threatening my purity!"I told you it was useless. No one can hear you here.""As if I was going to listen to a criminal...""Maybe, but what can you do about it? You're not going anywhere unless I want you to, you're completely at my mercy and even if you talk no one will believe you."I was completely stunned by this person in front of me, she who was literally the face of the kingdom was there, pinning a little boy to the ground with god only knowing what was on her mind.But even though I hated it, I had to admit that she was right, I could be a strong E-rank, but I was still an E-rank. The person in front of me was an S-rank, an emissary of that class was considered a national treasure all over the world. I began to understand his point of view." Are you serious? Are you threatening me to recruit me? Is that really how you get what you want?She released her pressure and stood up, I stood up intrigued and massaged my wrists, although I was sure she had taken it
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A Mother's Word
Later that night, someone knocked on the door of a small house in the village. A charming lady, with red hair tied in braids, in her forties opened the door and found herself face to face with a young woman with green hair, accompanied by 2 familiar faces."Hi, Mom.""Ah, welcome my dear, you too Hope, and...?"The young lady placed a hand on her face which briefly lit up, when she pulled it back, her face had changed in appearance."You, you are...""Just and friend of your son, sorry for the intrusion." Elizabeth smiled and we closed the door behind us.We were sitting in the small living room, Mom had served us tea and Elizabeth had explained the situation to her. Mom remained thoughtful for a moment."... I see, I was surprised to see that you were an acquaintance of my son, but it makes sense. Dora, you wish to join the academy?""I'm not sure... I want to be sure you're both safe, so I would rather stay here honestly.'"I heard that, what I ask is, without thinking of me and Wen
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The Test
A few days had passed since my agreement to join the academy, I remember that Elizabeth, Hope, and Wendy had a fit of euphoria when they learned of it and since then Hope has asked me to fight it every day in our usual field, but to his dismay, I hadn't agreed to babysit."Come on bro, it's the last day, just one last fight while we're nobody, like the start of a great movie!""Talk to my foot, man.""Kss... You're so lazy, I thought your mom motivated you!""I'm not lazy, I'm in power-saving mode. Go fight Leon instead, he should be back from the rift.""Aaah but you're my damn rival... You're just scared of Hero Time."Hope was annoyed. It had been a few days since the rift had been subdued by Shining Sword and according to the news, their feat had echoed in the nearby town, so they had been solicited by some Guilds as an E-rank group and should leave the village soon, on our side, Hope and I were waiting for an examiner from the academy."It's so boring, if they want to recruit Ava
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