The Two Alpha and Me

The Two Alpha and Me

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Alpha Jones flees to parts unknown leaving his daughter, omega Ammy, destitute and homeless. Jia Will reaches out to her and offers to bring her along to social events in the hopes of attracting an alpha husband. Ammy accepts despite the cold reception her childhood love, alpha Sebestian, gives her. At the biggest party of the season hosted by alpha Jason, Ammy accidentally stumbles upon Sebestian and Jason in a passionate embrace. Society scorns alpha/alpha pairings and desperate to avoid exposure, Jason offers Ammy a large sum of money for her silence. "Just take this money and don't say a single word to anyone." Ammy would never have outed the two lovers but with the amount of money Jason is offering, Ammy can finally be free. Her future is suddenly her own, no knothead husband to hold her down and she plans to run away and start a family on her own terms, far away from the influence of her father's reputation. As the three grow closer and feelings change, can the two alphas convince Ammy that the love she dreams of is closer than she thinks? "Why you guys' even wants me? I thought I am just an omega." "We are sorry, can you please give us a chance?" Ammy looks towards her ex-best friend who treating her like she is nothing but waste of space. "NO."

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Chapter:- 1
The bell above the shop door jingled loudly in the silent shop. Ammy winced and hunched her shoulders, self-conscious of the noise and even further the disturbance. She quickly looked around but saw no one save an elderly alpha who gave her a welcoming smile and gestured that she steps further than the doorway. Ammy hesitated and then gathered herself, pulling her shoulders back and giving the alpha a bright grin."Good day, young ma'am! May I assist you with your wardrobe? My, my but you seem to be in dire need of my services. Yes, the season has already begun, and these threadbare rags are not doing you any favors. Is that a hole in your coat? So beautifull! So unfashionable!"Ammy stumbled as she neared the man, shocked at the bald face insults and backhanded compliments. She had been away from pack society too long and forgotten the honeyed barbs and hidden snakes that dwelt there. She swallowed but hid her unease behind her grinning mask. Her father had taught her well to hide he
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Chapter:- 2
The words were like ashes in Sebestian mouth. Ammy had dreamed for years of this reunion and the reality was devastating in its disappointment. Even when her letters to Sebestian had gone unanswered, Ammy had hoped there had been a good excuse. Maybe they had been lost in the post, maybe some family tragedy prevented Sebestian from rushing to her side, whisking her away from her dark torment.Surely, if Ammy explained her dire situation with her father, Sebestian would make good on his promise to never abandon her. Surely, surely Ammy's love for Sebestian was more important than the pressures put on Sebestian by his family and society. What a damned fool Ammy had been. She had poured her heart out to Sebestian in her letters, things she couldn't say before she left to return home. Had Sebestian even read them or had they had gone straight into the fire?Sebestian looked away, dismissive and cold and Ammy wished she could sink into the ground beneath her feet. How humiliating to be tre
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Chapter:- 3
Jia took a deep breath and continue."Ammy, I won't ask you to tell me what happened between you and your father or Damon. I will always be here if you wish to unburden yourself a little by speaking of it with me.""Or me!"Ammy smiled at Allen's bright offer. Jia reached out and laid her hand near Ammy's, not touching but close if needed."Forgive me for saying so but Ammy, you will not find work in town and a lone omega outside of town is much more vulnerable. The laws for omegas there are much more restrictive. Your father's reputation has become yours and you need to associate yourself with more respectable families. I know a few omega mothers who will jump at the chance to introduce you to their available alpha sons if I support you this season. The Will name can get you a few suitors and your charming, loving nature will secure you a husband."Ammy felt numb and overwhelmed by Jia's words. She knew, intellectually, that Jia was right. She would never be able to find work to supp
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Chapter:- 4
The carriage Jia had sent for her clattered to a stop in front of the Will manor and Ammy had barely a second to brace herself before the door was forcefully opened and Allen's excited face was grinning at her. She tugged insistently at her arm."Oh, Ammy, hurry, hurry! This is so exciting!"Ammy rolled her eyes but gave her a fond grin and jumped out, pulling her closer with her arm around her shoulders. The sun was setting, casting an orange glow upon the manor and Allen's black, glossy hair was loose and soaking up the fading light. Ammy tugged on a thick curl and frowned."It's just a party, Allen. You look ready for bed, are you not coming as well?"Allen made a small, disgusted sound, placing her hands on her hips and tilting her head up imperiously."Just a party? Ammy, this is the beginning of the rest of your life! I can't believe you are being so cavalier about this. Well, lucky for you, I'm here to help you look irresistible to the alpha gentry."She ran a hand through her
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Chapter:- 5
"Hurry up and change, Ammy. I want to line your eyes and do something with that hair.""I don't need this much primping, Allen. I'm going to look ridiculous."Allen passed her more of the ensemble."Nonsense! You're going to be the most handsome woman there, alpha, beta or omega! Every eye will turn to you as you enter, and your dance card will fill up and-"Ammy walked around the changing screen, straightening her cuffs and pinned her with a fierce gaze. She bustled over to her and started to fuss."That sounds awful, Allen. I don't want all that attention...I don't even want to go but your mother is right. I need a husband and damn my father for ruining my life even when he's not here."Allen bit her lip and looked guilty."I'm sorry, Ammy. I just think you're so wonderful and you deserve so much! If only I had been born an alpha, I would marry you myself!"Ammy laughed in surprise, throwing her head back and relaxing her shoulders."I don't think your mother would approve.""Then w
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Chapter:- 6
The Jones estate was truly impressive. Ammy's only experience with an estate this size had been her father's own. While the James estate had been in ancient disrepair, the Jones estate shone like a beacon in the night. The Will's and Ammy, having arrived a bit late, were forced to join a line of carriages winding its way to the beautiful manor. The slow stop and go offered ample time for Ammy to gape and gasp to herself like a child, completely charmed by the festive decor of the grounds. Sebestian seemed greatly amused by her reactions, hiding what Ammy was sure was a smile behind his gloved hand. Ammy couldn't find it within herself to be embarrassed. She had very little experience with Society, having been isolated by her father and she had been too young to enjoy parties and dinners of the like when she resided with the Will's."Is every party like this?"Sebestian scoffed and Jia shook her head, fanning herself in the humid air left by the storm."No, dear. Alpha Jason is truly a
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Chapter:- 7
"My goodness, Ammy, take a breath, omega! That's it, another deep breath. What a lamb you are. How have you wandered into the wolf's den?"Ammy followed her directions, taking a breath and calming down. She was making a horrible first impression on the man meant to welcome her into society and pave the road for her future. Ammy felt foolish and lost, truly she was the lamb Jason had called her. She closed her eyes, enjoying the cool wind generated by Jason's fan and forced herself to calm, breathing deep of the alpha's intoxicating scent. She met Jason's gaze again and smiled crookedly, widening her eyes to look more innocent. She could do this; she could be the lamb and dance with the wolf. Jason's amused smile softened at Ammy's wide eyed, humiliated look and Ammy cheered internally. She could salvage this."Forgive me, Alpha Jason. I am new to Society and was so charmed by your... aesthetics, you called them, that I lost all sense. It is truly beautiful, my lord."Jason pulled his
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Chapter:- 8
They started slow, not moving much as Adom instructed Ammy on the steps to the dance. It was a slow, graceful number and the longer they practiced, the more confident and relaxed Ammy became. They weren't perfect. Ammy stumbled more than once and stepped on Adom's foot three times, but Ammy laughed every time Ammy made a mistake. Ammy found herself laughing along, brushing off her embarrassment and enjoying the moment.They drew attention, of course, some people frowning and pursing their lips and others shaking their heads and smiling indulgently. Adom was impervious to the attention, secure in his and his alpha's good reputation and that confidence gave Ammy courage. She urged Adom to spin her and laughed as the room whirled around her. They came apart, arms spread in a graceful arch, one hand still connected, smiling at each other. As Adom pulled on his arm to come back together, Ammy caught sight Sebestian and Jason on the edge of the dance floor, watching them.Sebestian was watc
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Chapter:- 9
The hedge maze was vast and beautiful. It didn't take long for Ammy to be completely lost, ambling at a slow pace, enjoying the numerous fountains, alcoves concealed by ivy and exotic flower beds she stumbled across. The maze was impressive but daunting in the dark, not enough torches and gas lamps to dispel all the shadows. The air was humid, and the heavy smell of damp vegetation clouded her sensitive nose, thunder rumbling like a pleased alpha purr. The hedges loomed over Ammy as she wandered, towering high and blocking the din of the ballroom. The only sounds were her soft footsteps in the damp earth and various night birds and insects. No guests had dared to venture so far, and Ammy reveled in the solitude, the sense of adventure she felt.Ammy's dearest wish since she was a child had been to travel the world and journal her experiences. She imagined herself as an old woman, reading to her children and grandchildren of the adventures she had in her youth. Always, in her most secr
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Chapter:- 10
Ammy's fingers moved from her shirt collar to cup her throat, caressing her swollen scent glands as Jason did the same to Sebestian. What would that beautiful hand feel like on her own skin? What would Sebestian's mouth on her things feel like? Ammy dropped her hand lower, over her hard nipples, biting her other palm to muffle her heavy breathing. Her head felt fuzzy, heavy, her arousal making her tremble and she gasped softly. She should leave before they smell her, before they see her wet, watching them.Jason moaned again, long and loud, stiffening and holding Sebestian's head tightly to him. Sebestian echoed his moan and grasped Jason thighs, squeezing, nails digging in. Ammy bit her palm harder, watching Jason face. She was torn, wishing she could see better, wishing she could leave and in her dark, selfish heart, wishing she were with them, between them. Sebestian moved back, his head still tilted up and Ammy could see Jason softening cock hanging over the top of his pants, shin
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