My Demon Life: Lucifer's Quest

My Demon Life: Lucifer's Quest

By:  E_G_O  Ongoing
Language: English
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As a boy living his last day as a teenager, in just a few hours he would be a 20 years old boring college dude. In all those 19 years nothing interesting in particular has happen in his life and he live an ordinary normal life. But all that was about to change when he woke up in the middle of the night on his birthday as his family wished him along with the best ''Birthday Gift'' ever. But little did he know that that was the last birthday he would ever celebrate..... as a Human. What will become of the main character as he step his way into the demon world and what he thought would be the start of an alternate world adventure turns out to be a railroad of mysteries of the Demon World and the un-ending connections that might or might not have to do with his unknown past. Can he solve the questions burning inside him and find out the truth about who he really is or was and the uncertainty of what the future holds? Find out more in the story and don't hesitate to ask me any doubts you have and leave a comment or review down below. Hope you enjoy this mystery-thriller and look forward to more updates. (Instagram: @e_g_o_insta) (Discord: @ E_G_O #3445) (Facebook: EgoBan D Myrthong)

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Like this book
2023-02-13 01:08:00
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Eric Lavin
great story...should be made into an anime lol
2022-03-17 13:15:59
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muffin man
love the book so far just wondering when new chapters coming
2022-03-13 13:46:17
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Zosina Wahlang
I really recommend, this book...️...️
2022-01-07 00:34:04
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Øyvind Bjørnebråten
love it. so happy there is more chapters. welcome back.
2022-01-01 20:25:40
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Rj Thakur
bro story is awesome bt updates are very late ...try to upload number of chapters at a tym
2021-12-23 15:48:11
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Zosina Wahlang
I love it ....looking forward for next chapter
2021-12-07 22:26:42
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rainbow dude
Looking forward to more updates..really hype..
2021-12-07 22:13:32
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kenn Aidan lim
book two please
2021-11-15 02:04:30
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kenn Aidan lim
book 2 please
2021-11-15 02:03:58
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Thomas Marshman
Be great of the author would finish...
2021-07-22 21:15:34
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Alvin Baltazar
Nice to read the story
2021-05-17 00:07:42
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please update this book when you have time cuz it's has a good storyline to me am not sure about others though
2021-05-06 02:24:54
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Monica Bill
needs new chapters
2021-04-26 10:32:13
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A great easy to follow and read story!
2021-04-13 23:45:45
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112 Chapters
Chapter 1: The Fated Night
26th September 2***, the day was good and I did everything to make the most of it. Hmm? Why did I say that? Well, this is the last day I can call myself a teenager. In just a few hours, I would be nothing more than just a normal college dude in his early twenties.In all my life I have done what every teenage kid had done. Did all those mischievous things, had my romance( though none of them worked out in the end), had lots of friends and if anything else nothing in particular has ever happen in my life that I regretted or did not want to think about. It's a simple yet joyful life but it would also be a lie if I said I did not want it to be more interesting even if it's all cliche. But the way I have been living life right now is literally just going with the flow. It's just me laying back and taking whatever this world has to offer. It may sound cool and all but we all know that only dead fish goes with the flow. That's right, right now I am a dead fish. Uncertained of what to do next
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Chapter 2: Demon In The House
'Kawaii'. It's a japanese word for expressing cuteness and sort. Yes. I learned it from all the animes and it became a habit of mine to sometimes say these things instead of the normal dialogue. It's hella embarrassing and I never say these kinds of things in front of other 'uncultured' people. After all I don't want them looking at me as an idiot who has lost his mind….. so…... WHY DID I SAY THAT???!!!!Dang it. Everyone is looking at me in confusion and this silent treatment is killing me. I cleared my throat and tried to change the subject. ''Who might you be?'' I don't know why but the moment I said that, Dad's expression changed and looked at me pissed. Dad: Listen here brat. I don't know what jokes you're playing at but that was a rude thing to say to your twin sister. !!!!!!!!!!What! Twin-!!!???? Sister???!!! What is going on. A dream? This might be a dream. I pinched myself hoping it would work but nothing happened. It's real. What kind of a twist is this. I had a twin for
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Chapter 3: Birthday Gift
In the end I guess myths and legends work out. I don't really know how and why a name means so much to demons but judging from this situation and my intense anime knowledge I did something and it seems like a pact was created between me and her. Well then what should I do now?Kiri: IMPOSSIBLE! IMPOSSIBLE!!!-Huh??-(Kiri: A contract?? How?? Why? I don't know what kind of contract that was. I have never seen anything like that before. It was similar to a familiar contract but felt different. What the hell is going on?)Kiri: YOU ! WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME?''Hihi.. I don't have a clue after all I am just a human but it seems like you're in a fix, aren't you?''Kiri: Stop joking around there is no way a mere huma- ''Hmm..what were you going to say about me?She suddenly stops talking and looks at me like I'm the demon in the room or something'' and she seems shocked to the core. ''What happened ? Why are you giving me that look?''Kiri: You ? What the hell are you?(Kiri: I was surprise t
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Chapter 4: The night continues
It's been a few hours now since everything happened and it felt like a lot happened too. I seriously have a lot of questions to ask but for now I'm gonna just sit here and look at my family blank faces. Haha this is too funny. I told them the current situation but they had to give me these expressions, especially my dad. I probably won't forget that face forever. Never.Dad: I can't really believe what I am hearing right now but somehow it felt weirder if we didn't believe it. My son would never have brought home a beautiful girl in the middle of the night. This boy got no romance skills after all.Whole family: Hmm I agreeThat hurts me more than I expected. The fact that you all chose that reason to trust me.Dad: So what are you gonna do next? I'm seriously lost right now. I have no clue whatsoever, what to say or ask?''Hmm Kiri you said something about spirit. What did you mean by that?''Kiri: Spiritual Presence . In other words the strength of your soul or spirit or maybe your a
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Chapter 5: Welcome To The Demon World
Isekai genre. To die in your world and wake up reincarnated in another world. Every otaku dream and here I am getting a free pass to another world without having to go through something as gruesome as death. Talk about luck.But I should have known being an anime veteran that something that easy was never going to happen. Seriously, we're still on 'episode 2' of the anime. What was I thinking letting my fantasies get over me. Truly a fool I have been.Kiri: Stop blabbering to yourself human and get on your knees before you're forced to.''Well this is really quite the welcome party Kiri. I never thought that I would be welcomed by such horrifying demons and not to mention the death glare each and everyone of them is giving me. I'm pretty sure they are going to make the red carpet using my blood. (Dad ,mom ,my dear sis and bros. Your brother is truly a fool and this might be my last birthday. Ahhh wish I could have atleast finished AOT).-30 mins ago-''Go to the demon world? You mean
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Chapter 6: Demon world
My life sucks. Just how many times do I have to be cheated by women. I thought I learnt my lesson but I guess I still have a lot to learn. And talk about the worst. Right now I am being chained and dragged around like a slave to be sold. What a life indeed.I was in my own thoughts. Kiri was nowhere to be seen. She left me at lighting speed as soon as I was cuffed. All alone with five scary demons. They look like humans but I can somehow tell they are not. The scary aura they are giving off is similar to when Kiri got mad. Yup, probably ever since Kiri appeared I have become more sensible to these things. I can't explain how though.They took me to a huge building that seemed like a castle and we got inside .At this point I'm amazed at myself for not losing my cool . I was pretty sure to have at least panic a bit. But I don't feel anything like that. We went deeper in the castle and came to a passage that led directly to a huge door . As we moved closer to the door I felt a chill down
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Chapter 7: Chance?
''A Slave contract. Apart from its curse , disobeying any order would trigger a penalty to the slave . It won't kill the slave but forced her to survive through all that pain.Its an absolutely cruel contract that was forbidden by our Demon King himself and not to mention no teachings or any type of record was to be publish or even talking or attempting it would result in death penalty. So why is it? Why is it that a mere human could create something like that? You what the hell are you?''The mother was on her knees hearing that. Kiri seemed too shocked to even show a proper reaction. And with all that was going on a certain individual was focusing all his bloodlust on me. He was there sitting at one of the top seats.The mother turned to him ''Dear? What should we do?''Dear? So that means that dude up there is Kiri's father. Seemed like I made an enemy out of a terrible dude.Everyone was out of order. Then someone from the top seat spoke.''Human you are lucky to have held a noble d
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Chapter 8: Kiri
The moment I mentioned my name the room filled with silence. I didn't like the vibe at all.''You can call me Ban the way everyone does and you mentioned something about adjourning so I'm going to head out. Don't worry, I won't run away. Kiri take me outside.''Kiri: Ohh mmm lets go.And we went out and everyone just watched.Kiri's father: Avareza... Coincidence?-Ban: Ahh that was hectic . I thought I was a goner back then. I guess luck is still on my side. Who would have thought I did something as crazy as that. Haha. This has turned out quite interesting I must say. Don't you think so Kiri?Kiri?--Are you still worried I might do something to you? Well I did say something back then but I didn't really mean it.Kiri: That's not really why I am down.Ban: Then why?Kiri: The fact that my whole family had to take responsibility for my failure and I even ended up a human slave. I don't know how I can face them later on even if they manage to fix our situation right now.She does ha
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Chapter 9: Avareza
Meanwhile at the council of demons a meeting regarding the investigation of Ban is being held.Kiri's mother:As mentioned before, we will hold out an investigation regarding the human.''Lord Ira what do you think of this?''Lord Ira: Your daughter told us everything that happened in the human world. Hmph to think that a mere human was able to cast such a spell . No matter how you look at it something doesn't feel right. For one thing you need an intense amount of spiritual energy to invoke such a contract but strangely I don't feel anything of the sort.Kiri's Mother:That's true this is all too mysterious. My daughter said something about his insane presence but if even a lord could not see it I doubt my daughter's words but I don't think she was lying either.-Crowd anxious-A third voice spoke '' It's better you start the investigation right away. Head to the human world and find as many clues as you can ''Kiri's Mother: I will do so Lord Gula.Lord Gula: And one more thing. Find o
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Chapter 10: Investigation
We took him home and cared for him as our own. As days went by he got along really well with his sister too. Dad got a promotion in his work soon after and even I got a decent job and we were more financially supported . We had our two sweet sons later on. His fellow orphans called him a curse but to us he was a blessing. Even after the church came back for him, we decided to keep him and officially adopted him. I had thought of times to tell him the truth but it always went past my mind. We are truly a family and I know he will accept the truth one day. I should have told him sooner but now he is gone to a place I don't even know exists. Say ma'am if it's possible can I see my son again?Lisa: That's up to your son to decide.After all he barges in our world on his own choice and has given me quite the trouble. Whether or not he chose to come back it's up to him. I'm more than happy if he leaves us alone but the current situation does not allow me. ( Wait if that is the case why didn't
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