Chapter 60 (ii)

She woke up with jolt and breathed heavily. Her whole body was drenched in sweat. She placed her hand on her chest and found her heart, beating rapidly like the wings of a caged bird.

The smell of hospital disinfectant invading her nostrils. The room was silent apart from her heavy breathing and a beep beep sound which indicated that she was alive. She glanced around and took in the desolate blue and white colour schemed hospital bedroom, grayish linens and unnecessary art hanging around the room.

Zahra couldn't recall how she got there but the last few things that she remembered were the warehouse, gunshot and Irtaza's face.

"" spoke Zahra in broken voice. She pulled on the IV line and felt a sharp pain. If anything that murky room was making her was even more nauseous. Irtaza's life mattered more than her health at that moment. She just needed someone to tell her that everything's alright and he was not in danger. Her limbs felt powerless and heavy. With great struggle she dra
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