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The truth has revealed its cards now.

Everything was open and visible to everyone.

They knew what happened with Jaha Ara.

What Shabbir did.

What Agha did.

Who was the culprit. And who was the victim.

Agha was dead.

Haider was dead.

Nayab was dead.

A month has passed since the demise of Haider. The last time he was found conscious was at the grave of Jaha Ara. They did not know what his last words were but only that woman who rested six feet down the ground.

Haider has died of a weak heart. His heart became further weak when he had come to know about the truth of Jaha Ara and when he had realized that Jaha Ara had loved him.

At the hospital, near his deathbed had stood there Nayab who had disconnected the ventilator, depriving his unconscious state from oxygen.

Nayab was a nurse at the hospital where Haider was admitted. She had always considered Irtaza the reason for what has happened with her family and to avenge on her dead family, she decided to take Ha
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hey finish other books too
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dsk 1605
My Fav.. Thank you for publishing more chapters
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yes, story of Irtiza was more interesting than obsession. but dear author please complete attraction too

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