In the room, Irtaza's grey eyes were struck on his laptop screen as he was working on something. To his left laid Zahra whose small snorts were echoing in the room followed by the tick-tock of the clock.

He had been trying to focus but his wife's snorts weren't letting him. It's been half an hour already. Her snorts were too heavy that first he had awaken up from his sleep and despite trying to focus on his work, he couldn't.

Sighing, he atlast closed the lid of his laptop and placed it aside before laying down and bringing her closer to him. He scooped her in his arms and it was not long before he nuzzled into her neck. He couldn't resist inhaling her fragrance.

It provided him calm.

Whenever he would be upset, the only thing that could calm his nerves was her scent.

"Senorita," he whispered in her ears, trying to wake her up.

She gave no response and continued snorting.

"Senorita," her name again released from his mouth as his fingers caressed her earlobe.

", Irtaza?"
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hey author , looking forward to all ur books to get finish n more books too...️
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such a good start for new book of Dua and Haseeb, but dear author please complete attraction as well, story of moosa and noor

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