The next morning, in the hallway of Haya's apartment, the Professor has an announcement about their upcoming preliminary test; they listen to him and remain silent.

"A week from now we will have a Pre-Assessments Test, so each of you will audit what you understood as well as the previous semester. I hope no one misses a week from now and prepare for." the test, don." 't be excessively watchful and center around concentrating on first. This test is significant, due to this test we can check if you got the hang of something or not. In this way, good luck to each of you!" said Mr. Reyes.

When one of their classmates raised her hand and asked their teacher.

"Of course, Mr. Cruz!" Mr. Reyes, who is.

"Sir, are most subjects and the entire semester covered by the test?" he asked her.

"Of course, all the subjects and practically the entire semester, that you contemplated are on the test. That way, no one will miss and fail on Monday. Focus inwardly so you can answer the test! Alright, good luck to all!" said Mr. Reyes.

After their group Amy saw Tim again lifting out of their room, she just looked at him and walked away. Tim went with him for a walk.

"Hey Amy!" Tim hugged Amy warmly as he walked with her.

"Hello, what are you doing here once again?" Amy asked Tim.

"I just need to see you. Where are you going?" Tim asked the question.

"In the library. "Amy's short reply.

"Alright thumbs up, I'll go with you." Said Tim.

"Are you really sure? You have no negative influence on the library?" Amy teases Tim.

"All things considered, wherever you go, I'm happy to go with you." Tim said as he smiled.

"Alright, it's up to you."

Then they went to the library simultaneously despite the fact that Tim constrained himself to go with Amy, Tim went with Amy to see her and do a decent shot with her.

In the meantime, after Haya and Tora had eaten, they initially went to the tree in the chair they held firmly 100% of the time. They are kind of reliable when relaxing or hanging out after school.

The air was fresh there and it was practically in the center of the college, so they could almost see everyone and its developments.

While eating frozen yogurt, Tora noticed someone walking by them, Asher and Abraham. They were not given much thought because they also talked as they walked around.

"Pause, are they going to say they're Asher and Abraham?"

Tora asked Haya as she ate the frozen yogurt.

"Of course, they are." Haya replied.

"Stand aside, why is Asher so like it? Why are the bruises on his forehead?"

“What have you done to Asher?” Tora asked Haya. Tora asked him.

"Uhmm, I didn't do anything to him! Anyway, that Tony's brother did." said Haya

"What?! What happened?" Tora asked in shock.

"Last evening, Tony and his well-to-do brother caught me with two different men. They must have hurt me, it's good enough that Asher came, that's the way he punched them. "Haya was right . . . .

"Gracious, it's great that Asher came, imagine a scenario where he doesn't come. What's going to happen to you? I told you, stop bothering the understudies! That's all there is to it; many others are as of now impacted by you." deeds.Poor Asher!" appalled Tora said as she scolded Haya.

Haya bowed to the words of the Torah; he was right in view of the fact that he was worried again the last evening when he was trapped by these men. What is he dating three men and one woman? Even if he knows how to protect himself he cannot deal with its resources.

"Of course, you're right, I never believed that Tony would whine to his more experienced brother and even incorporate a partner. "Spoke Haya.

"How about now, maybe those people will trap you again?" Tora stresses about him.

"Gee, Asher said I should call him when I was kidnapped once again." said Haya excitedly.

"Also, you would make Asher safe and legendary once again, wouldn't you? If I were in your shoes, kindly apologize to Tony for causing the problem." said the Torah.

"Ha? For what reason would it be a good idea for me to apologize? She's the one who needs to show sympathy towards me. "Haya glared as she was irritated.

"Despite the fact that, assuming you really want to apologize for not being arrested, do so quickly! I'll accompany you to the event of your choice." Tora gives him orders.

"Either way, I really don't feel like saying sorry! On the off chance that they catch me once again, I'll let them know to Admin!" Haya dismisses the idea of ​​Torah.

"Haist, fare you well! Your obstinacy, you won't want to stand to hear what I'm saying! I just don't want to die!" disturbed Tora said

"No! I'll be careful!" Pride of Haya.

"Simply ensure! I trust that those individuals don't irritate you once again. "Spoke Tora.

"Haist!" aimaimamaki.

While Asher is viewed by the understudy as he and Abraham walk, for his injuries and bruises on the face.

"Brother, what happened there?" touching his forehead at once, Asher leaned away from.

"Chicks keep taking a gander at you!" Abraham despised him.


"Educate me as to what happened?" Abraham asked once more.

Either way, before Asher could answer him, Stevent arrived and welcomed them warmly!

"Hello! What's going on?!" welcomed him warmly with five greetings.

"Oopps, what's going to happen to your lovely face man?" Stevent asked Asher.

"They even asked me before what happened, she said no." Abraham said.

"Pause, is that from the viewpoint of the young woman who was in the neighborhood with you for an evening?" showed Stevent when he saw a woman enter Asher's room.

"Stand aside, what are you talking about?" Asher asked him.

"I saw a woman come into your room one evening." said Abraham.

"Maybe you're just on a mental trip!" Abraham said as he smiled, not quite believing what Stevent said.

Asher thought, maybe he saw Haya entering the neighborhood.

"Of course, you may well be having a fantasy! It's beyond the realm of possibility for me to have a woman in the bedroom." Asher said with a smile, while at the same time lying.

"Ahh, maybe. For what reason did your face hurt?" Stevent asked once more.

Asher didn’t lie again and came clean to them, as they didn’t want to hinder the investigation

"I got into a fight last evening, on the grounds that Marco kidnapped Haya the previous evening. "Said Asher.

"What? For what purpose was Haya trapped?" Abraham asked in surprise.

"About her sister, she griped about Haya bothering her that's the reason." Asher answered.

"Tssk! You should have called us; should we fight back? I'm getting ready!" Stevent asked as he prepared to punch.

"Don't bother! It won't happen again." said Asher.

"All things considered, imagine a scenario where Haya is captured once again?" Abraham asked him.

"I told Haya, she'll call me as soon as that happens. Asher replied."

"Right? Of course, we're still here, I haven't been in a fight in a very long time!" said Stevent.

"Huh! I'm confident its OK, simply don't drink excessively, in light of the fact that your punch doesn't hit when you're intoxicated! "Abraham teased Stevent.

"You're the best man to run!!!" Stevent replied to Abraham.

"Tssk, stop it! Where's Tim, see? For whatever reason he's not here yet, school's about to start." According to Asher.

''I saw Tim earlier, with Amy, it looks like he's taking his turn! So I didn't go to them." Stevent laughed.

"Really? He said, "Amy wouldn't date him."Said Abraham.

"Of course, he's probably making an arrangement b, hahaha."

Then, at that point, they laughed right away.

Not long after class started, Tim followed the class and sat near them.


After class Haya and Tora went straight back to the library to survey and complete assignments.

"Ahh, my brain ache." Haya griped as she took a gander at the wireless to actually look at that time.

"Eighty-three, aren't we home yet?" Haya asked Tora simply.

"Have you finished our work?" Tora asked him.

"I do have two unanswered questions. ”said Haya.

Tora handed Haya her newspaper.

"Here, double it, so we can go home." said the Torah.

"In fact?!" Haya said happily and Haya was empowered by what she heard.

"Of course, feel free to do both." The Torah said so.

Much obliged by you companion.

Suddenly he took Tora's hand.

Welcome. "Tora expressed for a moment as she smiled."

Also, he checked his notes again, while Haya kept at it.

Sooner or later, Haya also finished composing, stretching her body and arm before standing up and taking care of the books. After cleaning up, they left the library.

They found the reception area lax and were ready to walk alone.

"Is this what it is, the reason they turned the lights out here so early, did they have any idea there were still understudies in the library?" Haya sighed.

"Tssk, just pick up your phone and turn on that bright light." The demands of the Torah.

"Eh why, shouldn't something be said about your phone?" Haya asked.

"Low bat, so we have to use your phone. Said Tora."

"That's all right." then he took the phone out of his jeans pocket.

As they walked through the darkness they heard something murmuring.


They both stopped and took a gander at each other.

"Did you hear that?" Tora asked Haya.

Haya made her mark. "In fact."

They glanced around and there were no more people there, the homerooms had stopped and the lights were on.

Haya noticed that someone seemed to be running behind them.

He quickly took a gander at it and turned on the cell phone light. In any case, no one sees.

"Why?" Tora asked him.

"Nothing, similar to I saw someone passing towards the back. "expressed Haya while befuddled.

"'Haist, come on we must go!" The Torah said so.

Then, at that point, they chose to continue walking on the hairless walkway.

Then they heard relief once more from inside the room they were passing through. They realized that no one was there, so they asked why they heard the chair grow.

They clasped hands, as they could feel the viral air nearby. They took a gander at each other once more and flagged, and instantly ran.

They ran until they reached the middle of the field. They were both breathing heavily.

"What the hell! What's that?!" Haya asked.

"I have no idea either! Maybe there's an apparition here at the school!" Tora sighed.

"Tssk! Did you feel the same way about that chair development?" Haya asked.

"Of course, there aren't any people there, of course? My hair let go on end, as if there was cold air in the room before. "Tora replied.

 They take a gander at each other and are still confused about what they experienced.

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