Pregnant with a superstar!

Pregnant with a superstar!

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Camie has run away from his Amish community in search of freedom, and she will find him in the arms of Sky Tagger, a famous actor-singer whose scandals in his life follow each other at a hellish pace. But soon she will discover that the affection shown to her by Sky and which she naively believed to be love was just a bet.....she decides to run away...except that she discovered to be pregnant and to protect her reputation Sky was forced to marry her. How will these two, with different principles and lifestyles, manage to keep up appearances and get along? When only a baby and a mutual hatred united them? Between religion, tradition, the media, secrets and the opposition of their relatives... Sky and Camie get bogged down. But they agree on one thing. Everything would have been simpler if they weren't so scandalously attracted to each other...

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11 Chapters
My name is Camie. And I ran away from my community. I made this decision suddenly one summer morning, it was lunch time around 7 a.m. I think, Father had come home. Back from the week of annual inter-community conference to which he and his advisors were invited, and this morning at breakfast, mom prepared all these favorite little dishes to please him and soften these bad morning moods My big sister who was married and had already given birth to a pretty little girl, will come with her household for lunch.I strained my ears and could hear the baby's coos... and I saw that she was already there. I filled the tub with water and with a pot to rinse my body from time to time, I quickly took my bath, my gaze fixed in front of me, to avoid contemplating my body. Afterwards, I set about putting on my strictest dress, which did not reveal a millimeter of skin other than my face and my hands. Then I tied my hair with a large sail, going completely around my little head so that no rebelli
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-Sky?...ey! Sky! Get up we have arrived! I felt someone shaking me as I slowly woke up.I growled displeased: -Carlysle let go of me will you! - No, you have to get ready. The pilot made me tell you that we're landing in Los Angeles in 30 minutes. And I found out that a horde of journalists are waiting for you at the airport! -I do not care. I say, getting ready to go back to sleep. -SKY SHIT!!! He yelled in my ears. Which hit my brain like a hammer blow.With this damn hangover plus my agent screaming like a madman and my desire to sleep that is not ready to be satisfied!Is equal to a sure and certain freak out. - BUT FUCKING CARLYSLE! SHUT UP IF YOU DON'T WANT ME TO SEND YOU OVER THE WINDOW! I reply, straightening up suddenly, annoyed. But strangely I was not alone in the bed. There were 4 or 5 naked girls who were spread out pell-mell on this one. Girls I don't remember meeting. -At least you are more or less awake. Carlysle smiled ruefully. Without paying attention to w
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Dear God, It's been a month since I arrived in Los Angeles, and yet I feel like it's been an eternity, and this feeling of not being at home is getting worse day by day... My homesickness is hellish.I really want to return to my community, but I have embarked on a path where there is no going back, I know why I am here. I can't get used to these modern clothes, to these vulgar ways of speaking, to the scandalous flirting of these young people who smoke, full of piercings at the University where I study. To the shocking simpering of young girls... I do everything possible to stay away from these fishermen, although I am subject to incessant mockery, I believe that my cold gaze, my discretion and the precious tutelage of Reb allow me to be peaceful most of the time. At the start of the school year I was immediately classified as an insignificant person and I do everything to stay that way. By not going out outside of class, spending most of my time either in Reb and I's shared room,
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-Sky, we have arrived. Carlysle's voice pulled me out of the numbness I had fallen into and mechanically I looked out the window.The black Limousine parked in front of the driveway of the villa where I was staying....I hurriedly got out of the car to enter the house to find the cool air conditioning because the heat is scorching at the moment in Los Angeles and just now I broke the air conditioning in the limousine so I spent almost 20 minutes heating it up.....Carlysle, who was following me, already began to tell me the program for the day.I opened the door of the villa typed the alarm code on the dial then the second door opened I crossed the threshold to enter what I can call my official barracks because well I have several barracks around the world hut that I haven't seen for 6 months, due to lack of tour.He was silent and calm! However it is very unusual there is always a nice atmosphere at home but I have always had my little rule t
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- For next week you each had to make a presentation on the impact of certain illnesses on childhood psychology of your choice, don't forget also that you had to devote two pages to your own impression on the said subject. The presentation is worth 37% for your partials so impressed me!At the professor's words, the bell rang throughout the University and the students left the amphitheater at lightning speed. I suppressed a yawn while putting on my backpack. It was already 8 o'clock in the evening and I was dying of sleep, almost dozing while standing up. But nevertheless, I still remained excited for this assignment because becoming a teacher has always been my dream.I quickly take the path towards the dormitories, pushing through the crowd of students. Some planned to end the evening in a bar, or a park to relax.One of them said to me:-Eyy Virgin Mary, what do you think of a car ride? Unless God gives you a curfew!And his whole group of friends
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- Sky all I'm telling you is that you can't make decisions like that without even informing your agent..... "that's me!".. first! I didn't act professional at all last night by postponing the meeting with the producers until today, 15 minutes before it was due! just because Mr. Tagger decided to renovate his house! Like that! On a whim!My agent raised his arms to the sky in a way that was intended to be theatrical.- Carlysle, aren't you tired of it? I moan. Because I do!I got up from the couch where I was dozing after the producers left before he came to knock me out.I opened my phone and typed a message to Saskya."I'm coming to your house" then I went out, slamming the door after grabbing my glasses, my jacket and my wallet placed prominently on the table near the door.-Sky! Come back here all...And wham! I slammed the door after myself.-He looks like my father. I grumbled as I put on my leather jacket and my glasses. Everything must always be set to a Clock for him... And Go
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Usually, as soon as I had a mop, a bucket and some dishcloths in my hands, I was the happiest housewife. Yet this afternoon, I couldn't concentrate on the pedestal table whose columns I was scrubbing with my cloth soaked in vitrex.No, I was constantly on edge begging God, while glancing worriedly around the hallway, to finish my chores in the suite before he and his friends came to wake up from their drunkenness.All I long for is peace.And this afternoon I will argue with Lady Légarah to no longer be in charge of the top floor, may the lord be my witness!!Yesterday, after leaving the suite, I looked so out of sorts that the housekeeper gave me free rein to serve.I quickly jumped at the opportunity to go out and headed to a park where I could get some fresh air and find my place in nature.I sat on the slightly unkempt grass, not recovering from this masterstroke which was sent right in my face by destiny.I was so shocked by this chance encounter that I stood frozen, staring and
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- Yes hello?- Hello? Good evening Mr. Tagger, I am Mr. Wards, the former lawyer of your late mother Gabrielle Espina.At these words I stood up from my seatOn alert.- Why are you calling me?- Can you come to my office? Today if possible, it is very important...My heart speeds up,- It's about your mother, I'll send you the address.- I'm coming!An hour and a half later, I was in the waiting hall pacing, wondering why this lawyer needed me.- Mr. Tagger? The assistant gave me her best seductive look while calling out to me. The Master is waiting for you in his office.Without paying him a second's attention, I stormed into the room.A man in his fifties, with a big paunch and short stature, stood up at the same moment.- Good evening Mr. Tagger, Sorry for planning a meeting so quickly.He holds out his hand to me which I squeeze with all my strength, he holds back a grimace when I let go.- Sit down. He shows me one of the armchairs.I slumped there without any fuss and looked in
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I had been standing in front of the large mahogany door that hid behind the housekeeper's desk for quite a while. Going over in my head what I was going to say so I could get to what I really wanted. Because since this morning, after going to serve him and his friends in his room and feeling his gaze examining me closely at the slightest of my movements, I knew that I could not endure this attention without feeling ashamed. and flattered.This distracts me and takes me away from my goals and above all I have the impression that his dark gaze can pierce the slightest of my secrets, expose me and reveal my many secrets...this will not necessarily be a good idea .Finally, feeling a little ready, I took a deep breath Then knocked three discreet knocks on the door.- Yes, come in! A muffled voice responded.Delicately, I turned the door handle and slipped halfway through the opening.- Hello lady Légarah...She raised her head from the piles of documents she was consulting. A smile lit up
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Mom is so beautiful.I really liked her black eyes like mine... However, I found that her eyes were more special, more magical while mine were rather blah blah!But what I really loved most of all! Even over the nukachus I got for Christmas it's her hair...I really liked the touches or the feeling of it, it was like the sun... I really liked it when my fingers slipped through her hair which was so long... really.According to the competition, my mother is the prettiest of all my classmates' mothers. Evan is jealous.I'm super happy, I'm finally number 1 ahead of him...It must be said that he has rich parents and he is always well dressed and everyone wants to be his friend.Not me, he's what mom calls haughty, I don't really know how to define that word, but I know it's not pretty pretty, it's not nice either..Evan is always first and I always second.But thanks to my mom I'm finally first!Mom is my north star!Evan sulks while looking at me nastily, I give him a proud smile while
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