Privacy Boundaries

Privacy Boundaries

By:  Nhelle Joy Dan  Completed
Language: English
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Kaley Bryce McClave and Nia Balaquire meet at unexpected day and unexpected time. They see each other's strengths, weaknesses and hidden attitudes. Nia had a trauma when her father died in an airplane crash. Bryce had his own shares of pain when his ex-girlfriend killed herself in their own apartment. Will they cure each other's pain if Bryce has set his own boundaries not to love again or will Nia raise the white flag to give up her painful memories to experience her own happiness with him?

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35 Chapters
Kaler Bryce's plan wants to stay in his condo for his planned leave but his desired peace for the first time in two years was disturbed by his mother's call at five in the morning.He rubbed his eyes before he got the phone on his side table."What's up, ma? If its not an emergency, just let me sleep, okay?""Bryce, son, I had been compromised to get someone from the airport and I had an early meeting with the board of directors today. I can't contact my friend's number which is her mother to tell her that. Can you do me a favor and fetch her from the airport at eight this morning?""What? Eight? Ma! Its three and half hours from here before I can make it on the airport! You should call me earlier to say that! I couldn't make it even I go at this moment!""That's why I called you! I cannot face her mom if I didn't do anything right now! Come on, what is the use of you being a race car driver?"
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On the next morning, Nia got out off the bed at ten in the morning. She was sound asleep last night and didn't bother to check if she had a housemate.At eighteen years old, she became independent by living on her own and having three part time jobs at Bronx, New York while studying in an open university for college.She was an assistant chef in an Italian restaurant, a cashier until three in the afternoon and an online doctor since she is a Psychology Major. All in all, every week, she got a total salary of $4,550, enough for her to spend on foods, clothes and her college tuition.Her mom often give her an allowance of $5,000 a week even if she refused it, it will be transferred to her bank account. She just got used to it and let the remaining money in her account.Until recently, she withdraw half of her money for her vacation.Maybe she can cook a meal for her housemate for a commemoration of he
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Nia quickly put the towel around her body as she heard the man chuckled loudly. She imagined the man scanning her buttocks from behind and it made her cringed.It's the first time that a man was not attracted to her slender body figure. In her previous work in an Italian Restaurant in New York, she was pretty popular that all the men drool over her even though she wears a chef's uniform. The women told her she has a body to die for like a model's figure.Some magazines also called her to be their new face including the Vogue which is based in France, New York magazine, Harper's Bazaar and GQ so she was insulted by that man's respond when he saw her body silhouette from behind.Is it only a silhouette? Or is she afraid that the man saw her round buttocks and will saw motive to seduce her? Ah! I don't know and I don't care! I only came here to have a peaceful vacation but it looks like she will not have one.She had a habit of pleasing people with her cooking s
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Half an hour passed by and Nia started to calm down. She started to hear the birds chirping from afar and she saw her reflection in the mirror with the man earlier hugging her from behind.He look funny and nervous while he hugged her. His eyes were tightly shut while he bit his lower lips that is starting to get bloody.Her breathing is still heavy to the point that she needs to gasp for air but she can tolerate it until her heart beats back to normal.After several years of having physical and psychological therapy, she still have panic attacks that was caused by stressed. Her mother knew it.She still tried to smile but it turns out a grimace in her face.The man's right eye opened and when he saw her scanning his reflection in the mirror, he quickly release her from his arms that made him bounce as he sit near her bed. He looked electrified.Now it's her turn to chuckle nonstop.
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The aroma of delicious food soothes Bryce's nose and make his stomach growls.Usually, he wouldn't have anything in the morning aside from having his expresso coffee because he's afraid to lose his muscles in place. He didn't want to be called 'fat' instead of having a 'fit' body.That is also the reason why he usually go to gym at night after having a heavy meal in the afternoon.It looks like his diet will be altered because of this woman!Nia showed up as of on cue and tap his left shoulder to get his attention. He faked typing something before turning around."Aren't you hungry? I'm waiting on the dinning table for five minutes now. I thought if you would smell the food, you will get up and went to the table by yourself.", Her lips in a pout like a child."I told you to call me, right? When I work, I won't notice the time until I finished it."He got up and walk
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Bryce carefully stretched his left arm towards the other side of the bed, afraid that Nia will woke up if he will touch her without opening his eyes.He silently turn around to face the side table and open his left eye to see the time on the clock. It's quarter to six in the evening!He quickly jump out of the bed and his butt bounced on the carpeted floor."Ouch!", he rub his aching butt with his right hand before he continue to stand up and glance on the bed but he only saw some hair strands on the other pillow.Why didn't I wake up with the fire alam sound of the clock? It didn't happen before to him! He will usually woke up with the sound of it, thinking there will be a fire in the house!Or maybe Nia woke up because of its sound and didn't bother to wake him up? Or is it because the woman didn't notice him sleeping beside her on her own bed?Argh! I don't know what to think now! Where did she go without even checking her housemate? Did she le
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Nia didn't know how long she's staring at the bright, perfectly shaped moon with a couple of stars in the sky.Her heart beats faster than normal--indicating that she's very nervous. The trauma she had experienced made her comfortable in the dark before the therapy. But after the psychologist confirmed that she can handle it without the therapy, her doctor also explained that there will be an instance that she may have an attack due to her own actions and emotions.In short, she needs to manage her emotions to stay calm all the time. In that way, she won't have an attack anymore.She sigh deeply, shrugged and closed her eyes.This is the situation that she need to conquer by herself without any help of others. She doesn't need to be dependent on someone since all the things, people and place she's currently in will only be temporary.How about Bryce, will he be just a man she met a few mon
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In Bryce's eyes, having a man as your best friend is not suitable if you were a woman--he always tell that to his girlfriend Maristal Chavez.He actually dislikes seeing her best friend Dylan around them during their outdoor dates. Maristal always argue that its better for them to have her best friend accompany in exchange of having a good public image. And he disapproved of it but she is always the one who wins the argument in the end.Why? Because he loves her so much. She was his world. She accept him wholeheartedly when he needs someone beside him. She made her feel loved and let him believe that they will be the one for each other forever.Bryce is a field journalist and he has his own office in the publication company--even though he's mostly out for field reports--where he met Maristal being the Editor-in-Chief's secretary.Maristal is very defensive, always rude when he talks to her but when he got into her submissive side, they unexpectedly clicked.
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Nia felt like she was in a deep slumber for a long time and she just woke up with ease.She tried to remember what had happen but she can't. She had no memory but she's happy.Without thinking anything, she get up from the bed only to be surprised. Her body remains on the bed but when she double checked, she's also standing straight next to her body!When her eyes roam around, there are other patients lying on the beds nearby and her bed is near the glass window.The room has a light coming from the fluorescent light on the ceiling and there are two doctors and three nurses around her bed. One of the doctors is currently pumping her heart, the two nurses are checking her vital signs and putting some liquid medicine from the vials to her dextrose using a long syringe.She cringed. If she's conscious right now, she won't let them stung her with that.She's the type of pers
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Surprisingly, Nia noticed that Bryce do all the things to make her comfortable on her stay in the hospital. Bryce didn't say anything after she woke up the following day. He volunteered to help her get up, to guide her in going to the bathroom and even feed her. Nia is very touched by his gestures and realized he's a warm, loving and caring person although he say otherwise. It's her third day in the hospital and still waiting for other examination test results. Bryce did all the walking and talking with the doctors the whole day and at night, he will stay awake until the last doctor's visit to check if her vital signs are stable. Nia smiled at the thought of having him as her boyfriend. She can imagine his pale lips twitching when he will talk back at her every whims but he will give up on the end and he will still give what she wants. She sigh and silently pray that she can stay
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