Contract Marriage

Contract Marriage

By:  ugemuge2002  Completed
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When Aurora and Andrea Bentley are born their parents Jake and Laura sign a contract with their business partners Alex and Anne Walter. A contract that states that when Aurora and Andrea come of age they will be married to Alex and Anne's two sons Nate who was four at the time and Ryan who was two in order to keep the BW group of hotels in the family.But the only problem is that Aurora and Nate don't want to get married at least not to each other.

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86 Chapters
Prologue * Babies
Pacing up and down the hospital corridors with his brows furrowed and etched in deep thoughts, not noticing the hustle and bustle of nurses and doctors rushing to save lives, not even noticing the harsh smell of antiseptic lingering in the air. Jake couldn't help but feel scared for his wife Laura.He was feeling utterly useless that he couldn't help her, especially when she was fighting for her life and that of his twins. It was her first time giving birth, and she was having twins at that. He was so deep in thought that he did not notice the sound of footsteps approaching him those of his very close friend and business partner Alex Walters walking up to him.Alex shared an uncanny resemblance with Jake and they were most often mistaken for brothers and that spurred their relationship more. Both of them were Black Americans, they were both dark skinned with brown eyes about 6'1 in height, lean and well muscled with hair shaved close to
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Chapter One * The Reluctant Wedding
"Arrgh would you close the damn blinds," Aurora groaned. Her head pounding as a result of a hangover.She was starting to really regret her decision to get drunk last night, although it was really needed."Would you sit up young lady, it's nearly eight o'clock and for goodness sake, it's your wedding day," Laura Bentley said.Hearing the dreaded W word she suddenly remembered why she and her two friends had to get drunk last night, she wanted to enjoy her last night as a single lady.Aurora Bentley was getting married, no not love, but the marriage was arranged. Not that any one except her father still arranged marriages in the bloody 21st century.And if that wasn't enough she was getting married to the most pompous ass Nate Walters, just thinking about him made her want to pull at her hair. He was arrogant, irritating and rude to her as she grew up, he would tug her p
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Chapter Two * The Wedding Night
The quiet in the car made the drive seem to last forever, and not knowing were they were going to made Aurora want to pull her hair out, she tried asking him aka her pigheaded husband where they were headed and how long it will take them to arrive but was blatantly ignored each time.After what seemed like forever they entered into a gated estate with big beautiful houses, the size of the houses didn't faze her, since she grew up in wealth but when she saw beauty she appreciated it, he went ahead and drove into a garage where he parked his car, as soon as he stopped she jumped out of the car as well as any one in a wedding dress could, climbing the stairs as fast as she could in order to avoid him, on getting to the door she head smacked herself realizing she didn't have they keys, so she waited.To her greatest joy and annoyance he didn't as much as acknowledge her, opening the door and stepping in as if she wasn't there
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Chapter Three * Honeymoon
Groaning, Aurora stretched and sat on her bed, an headache forming, she rubbed her temples and blinked her eyes trying to adjust to the light, looking around she was confused, then everything came to her like a bucket of ice water, increasing her already forming head ache, she remembered the wedding, remembered feeling jealous of her sister, remembered how Nate dragged her out of their reception, checking him out when they got to the house and him doing the same thing to her, remembered him seeing her almost naked, teasing her like they were kids again.   "I am married," she said. And I need some aspirin, she thought to herself. Getting up from bed slowly testing her footing before standing, she put on the fuzzy slippers she found laying around last night, she walked out of the room half asleep in search of some aspirin and coffee. Walking into the kitchen she began familiarizing herself with th
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Chapter Four * Not a Honeymoon
 "We're not on a honeymoon," she told the driver with a smile, not giving him a chance to say anything as she stepped out of  the car. The first thing she noticed as she stepped out of the car was the heat, it was bad and it worsened because she just came out of an air conditioned car, she didn't even notice the heat when they were at the airport, but again it was June in Florence. Looking around the familiar surroundings they were parked in front her father's hotel Hotel BW Famiglia, their branch in Italy.  She had been here several times for family vacations but couldn't seem to get over the beauty of the city, she couldn't wait to explore and revisit all the sites again. "Shall we." she was brought out of her thoughts by her new husband, it felt odd calling him her husband even in her thoughts. He held out his hand for her and she eyed it suspiciously and even before she cou
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Chapter Five * A Holiday Perhaps
On getting to the hotel Simon and Aurora were faced with a very angry Nate he looked so pissed that Aurora half expected steam to come out of his ears.Nate was standing outside the hotel obviously waiting for the duo and as soon as they exited the car, Nate started walking towards them, although to any bystander it seemed more like a march, Nate stopped when he got to Simon.He looked like a raging bull before Aurora could even foresee what was going to happen, Nate raised his fist and swung and it abruptly landed on Simon's nose breaking bone, the contact making a scrunching sound and before she could say anything about the punch, Nate unceremoniously dragged her into the hotel, he looked very pissed.His fingers were digging into her hand but she chose not to comment because the last thing she wanted was for him to start screaming at her in the middle of the hotel lobby.The atmosphere in the elevator
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Chapter Six * What Happens In Italy In Italy
Nate and Aurora were due at Simon's place for dinner at 8pm and she was honestly nervous as fuck, she really want Bernice to like her  but she could only hope owning to the fact that a picture of her kissing Bernice's  husband was plastered all over the internet and then there was Nate and Simon, Aurora could only imagine the tension that will be there especially because the last time Nate was with Simon he punched his fucking nose."Arrgh!" she groaned to her self frustrated."At least I look good," she thought to herself studying her reflection in the mirror, she was wearing an off shouldered chiffon dress with floral designs and she had put her  hair in a simple French plait, making her appear a bit innocent, she put on a thin layer of make up and she was good to go.Nate as usual was looking effortlessly good and casual, with his army green T-shirt stretched over his frame accentuating his very masculine
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Chapter Seven * Home Sweet Home
Aurora woke up in a room, alone for the second time in a row and sleeping with someone felt so much better, she didn't even know what was wrong with her, she had slept alone all her life and then her egoistical pighead of a husband comes and spoils sleeping alone for her, the nerve of him insulting me, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, she thought to her self remembering the events that occurred last night.She dragged herself out of bed mentally thinking about the things she needed to do today while taking a bath, she put on a pink crop top and a pair of grey stretchy leggings she managed though with great effort to comb her hair and held it with a band.She came out of her room, she heard voices and it seemed to her that her husband was up. Walking into the kitchen she was met with the vision of a very slim and graceful looking brunette with big doe eyes and a run way body talking to and touching her husband, she suddenly felt a wave
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Chapter Eight * The In-laws
The week has passed for Aurora in a blur and her marriage was almost two weeks old and she was clearly not happy about itAnd Nate as you probably guessed was still ignoring her, leaving in the morning and coming in very late at night and she was just imagining that was what he was doing and he actually still lives in their house and he has not moved half way across the continent or something.Throughout the week, she has been sending applications to various schools, and she has an interview on Monday, she was very excited for it and she wouldn't have been able to even dream about putting out the applications, not to talk of going for an interview if not for RM's new job and Nate encouraging her.In between sending out applications, she has been redecorating her room, well it is safe to say it looks nothing like it used to.It looks more... What's the word, alive yes that's the one.Not pl
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Chapter Nine * A New Beginning
Aurora woke up feeling a strong hand around her waist pinning her to the bed, it didn't take a rocket scientist to guess that the hand belonged to Nate, she blinked her eyes trying to adjust to the light while she tried to remove Nate's hand from her waist but he wasn't budging, Aurora had gone to bed alone and she had warned Nate not to sleep with her but he probably climbed in when she was asleep.After a lot of pushing she managed to pry Nate's hand off her body and sat on the bed, stretching her hand to the bedside table she picked her phone up and was surprised to see 14missed calls and 10 text messages some from Rhea others from RM."Shit," she muttered to herself as she goes through the messages.Where are you??? From Rhea.We are on our way to the airport  this time from RM.I can't believe you aren't here, you promised RM is so mad at you and I'm so disa
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