Queen of My Heart

Queen of My Heart

By:  Dream_Catcher  Ongoing
Language: English
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The story is portrayed on the landscape of traditional India where family has another value in every individual's life but what happens when that family loathes you to utmost level? Join the journey of both the protagonists where we can get the very image of family but in different aspects. Swara, the female protagonist is from a nuclear family in which she lives with her mother and a younger brother. That family means whole world for her. Other hand Sanskar, the male protagonist - he has everything! Everything means health, wealth and a big family as the cherry on its top. He has a widow mother and three younger siblings as name of family with a huge number of maids. But still he is alone in this whole world. So join this unique journey to know how two different people from different world unite with each other in this big universe and become each other's heartbeat!

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6 Chapters
One big lavish hotel is found . It's obvious from the view that some party is going on for cracking any big business deal. But one girl is found who mixes something with someone's drink . Then the waiter takes it with himself and goes to give a man around early thirties. And this adds a smirk on that girl's face. After having that spiked drink, the man gets dizziness which is noticed by his civil P.A. and she takes him to a hotel room. But unknown to the greatest misery, she has done to herself. In order to lay the man properly on the bed, she also falls upon him and the man tightly drags  her towards himself.  Before her thinking, the man places his lips on her and it changes the equation of the situation. She struggles a lot to save herself but she is not stronger than this monster. And that night she loses her dignity to this man . The only thing she has been proud before some time else too has made her dirty now. And that night
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Character Sketch
Male Protagonist : Sanskar Maheswari- He is very arrogant and rude for outer world but very soft hearted and obedient for his family. He is the most successful business man in India and also recognised among the most richest persons in India. When he was seven years old, his mother died and his father married to another woman. And thus he has three step siblings whom he loves as his own children. He is very obedient to his step mother , unknown to her true intentions. He has a fiancé who is chosen by his step mother. He is the CEO of Maheswari Estates and the soul reason behind it's success. At the age of eighteen years, he has taken the responsibility of whole business after his father's death. Now he is 32 years old. Female Protagonist : Swara Bose - She has only mother and a younger brother in this world as her own. When she was ten years old, her father died due to an accident. After that her mother has taken care of them. Now she is 22 years old and
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Chapter - 1
A small storey house is found in a comparatively peaceful area standing amidst the high-reaching buildings of the all time busy city Mumbai . If you peak inside the house then you will obviously see three people are standing before the idol of God in the house temple. It is only 7.30 o'clock and according to the lady of the house, at first you should worship the God before starting a day as it would give us positivity for the whole day. And so it becomes their rule from then . Finishing the puja(worship), she turns to give aarti(worshipped lamp) and prasad(sweets) to her children. She ruffles the hairs of her son affectionately as he has joined the puja now only she knows. And then her gaze falls on her lovely daughter who is very fresh in the morning like a lily.    Soon the boy runs to his room to get a morning bath while both ladies go towards their little kitchen adjoining to the dining hall. They both start to make the breakfast . Suddenly the silence
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Chapter - 2
Today is the day of success party arranged by Maheswari Estates in Blue Moon Hotel. So Swara gets ready quickly to reach venue at the correct time or her arrogant boss will taunt her. Actually she doesn't know Sanskar behaves arrogant with her in order to conceal his feelings from her. And thus Swara takes it as his rudeness. However, she goes for the venue leaving all her thoughts aside.    Here Sanskar is as always prim and proper in his costly three-piece Armani suit. He stands before the mirror to correct his hair with the help of gel. Then his thought goes to Swara that how much he has to act to distance himself from her. He always behaves rude and arrogant before her to stop himself falling for her. As he knows it may feel good but it's too wrong for him when his mom has already chosen the girl for him. And he knows he has succeeded to  portray himself very bad before Swara's eyes. That gets proved when Swara mutters "monster" under her breath fo
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Chapter - 3
Kavita goes to bang the door and that time only a waiter comes there and asks for the money. Actually he is the waiter who has given Sanskar the spiked drink. Kavita murmurs some abuses under her breath seeing the man's impatience and pays him quickly to send him off from there. Then she turns towards the door and bangs it loudly but unknown to the cruel destiny, all the rooms of the hotel are sound proof so from inside they couldn't get any noise of outer world and vice versa . She thinks many dirty things and huffs in anger and goes from there. She goes to the manager of the hotel and asks for the key of the room. Then the manager too comes with her towards the room. But what he tells makes the whole scenario different.   Manager (seeing the room locked from inside):- Actually madam, we are sorry if you want to use the room but we couldn't give you the key of the room. Instead you have to go to other room as the room's door gets locked from inside sometimes as
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Chapter - 4
Sanskar comes and sits beside Swara and tries to awake her. He hesitates to touch her without her consent but then reminds himself that he has done more to her. Most importantly he has taken her virginity, her modesty. Thinking all this, he closes his eyes and then shakes her a little. But she is still unconscious. So he takes the glass from side table and sprinkles some water on her face. And that brings Swara's consciousness back. She looks around and finds Sanskar before her. And then she gets how he has raped her last night. Thinking it only, her blood boils. And she quickly gets up by holding the duvet around her delicate frame. But doing hurry she gets pain in her female part and hisses a little. And Sanskar closes his eyes in guilt and shame.    Swa( after sitting, shouts in rage ):- What are you doing till now? Haven't you quenched enough of your lust , the last night? I have respected you a lot but you are nowhere to get such respect. You are a bea
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