REJECTED: Hired to Breed

REJECTED: Hired to Breed

By:  Goodluck Charm  Ongoing
Language: English
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"Spread your legs, little omega slut," he said to me. "I am sorry, there are rules here, sir. We do not sleep with customers here." "Who made those rules?" he asked, whirling the wine in his glass. "The owner of this place," I replied, irritated by all the unnecessary questions. "Who is the owner of this place?" "Mr. Killian Cabello." He was arrogant and wanted to defile the rules to show me he could do whatever he wanted. He took out a card from his pocket and handed it to me. "I usually do not give out my card to the likes of you but look at it." I looked at the card and saw his name written boldly on it. He was the owner of this place. He made those rules and is willing to break them now? My eyes widened at the realization. I looked at him. "You are Killian Cabello?" He smirked devilishly. "Now, spread your legs, Omega."

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Usher Luke
more updates.hard to wait for more chapters of the story
2023-09-15 07:29:33
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I am making another review because I started reading the book from the beginning again. I will recommend this book because it has great potential. I love the flow and I am wishing the author a quick recovery to give us more updates.
2023-08-02 13:36:29
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Delinda Schumacher
24 chapters 7-4-23
2023-07-05 11:23:11
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I enjoyed the chapters I read. I can't wait to read more.
2023-06-16 16:57:45
user avatar
Mami Love
2023-07-19 05:32:04
43 Chapters
KILLIAN I turned off the car engine and got out of the car. My assistant, Colby stood beside the car with his hands clutched in front of him. I was dealing with a hangover and tossed him the car keys. "Tell them to postpone any meetings I have at the office. I need to rest today," I said to him while walking towards the front door. I was hungover from all the glasses of drinks I had the previous night from our drinking spree at the opening of my new club. All I needed was a cold shower and a long, long sleep and I was getting it for the whole of the day; work can wait. I removed my jacket and tossed it at him as well. "Er... Alpha..." Colby called following me. "Colby if it doesn't involve sexy women, don't tell me about it." "It's actually..." "No, no, I am not attending to anything today, my head needs to rest." "This is about..." "My signature on that document? I am sure it can wait till tomorrow." I put my hand on the
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KARLA "Karla!" I turned to see Nate glaring at me. I quickly went over to the counter where he stood to answer him. I knew what was coming. Despite my shift being over, Nate still ordered me around like it was my birthright to work extremely hard. A human was speaking to me at the table where I went to serve. He was giving me some compliments and I was blushing, but I guess it does not sit well with Nate. "You dumbos. Does it look like we are running a motel here?" he asked. I shook my head timidly. I never thought much of myself and was scared of everyone. It was my first year after high school, yet things did not change. I thought my life would improve after high school, but it did not. I had been a victim of caricature and bullying because I did not wolf out when others were wolfing out. I am twenty, but there was still no sign of my wolf. Sometimes, I question myself if I am the actual child of my parents. Apart from the DNA test, I have a striking res
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KARLA "What is wrong with her, doctor?" I inquired. Anastasia squeezed my hand gently. The doctor looked at me for a while. "Do you have a father or an elder I can talk to?" "I am twenty and the only one she got," I said, fighting the urge to roll my eyes. The doctor gave a long sigh. "I hope you take this well. We found out that your mother has so much alcohol and drugs in her system and needs to be clean. But the disheartening part is that she has stage 2 cancer of the lungs." "What?" Tears fell from my eyes. I know that my mom and I have not really been the best of friends, but she is still my mother, and I was not prepared to lose her. Anastasia put a hand on my shoulder as I sobbed in front of the doctor. A few minutes later, I was walking home with Anastasia to make some food. It was dark already when I got off work and we used a bushy track to get home faster. Nate did not care what happened at home. I will not get a complete salary at the
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KARLA Mrs. Anderson, I am writing to inform you about your husband's debt, which he failed to pay before his demise. I have been patient enough and have given you enough time to grieve him. It is time to pay up, or you will face the consequences. Your husband gambled and is owing $5 million, which I will only give you two weeks to start making payments on, or I will confiscate everything you have and take your daughter away to recover that money. With kind regards, Alpha Chase. I stared at the letter. I have read it for the hundredth time, but each time I read it, my heart sinks into my abdomen, and I feel a heaviness in my chest. I still could not believe my father was gambling all this time with money and telling us he had serious financial issues, which made me not go to college. A lone tear slid down my cheek, and I quickly wiped it off. Instead of my life getting better, it was getting worse. I was tired of it all. I could not even celebrate my wolf’s
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KILLIAN         “I cannot believe Mom went on another meeting again. She said I should meet her at the family house this Thursday, and now she is out of town,” I scoffed. Me and my Beta, Angelo, were walking out of my mother’s house and approaching the car. It was the day my mom asked me to meet her so that she could convince me to change my mind about finding my mate. Angelo trailed slowly behind me without talking. “Do you happen to know what she wanted to say?” I asked once we were by the car. No answer came from him, and I turned to see him flipping through his phone and smiling. I grabbed the phone from him. “Did you listen to one thing I just said?” Angelo was my childhood friend, and we had practically grown up together. His father was my father’s beta and was as rich as my father was. Our families were pretty close when we were younger. His parents were dead, and he was running his family company. Like me, he has not found his mate and is unbothered by it. He
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KARLA "Focus, Karla, focus," I said to myself in the restroom mirror. But how will I focus? I freaking saw my mate tonight. He was there; he stared at me with... I did not want to think of the look on his face right now. Is this what it feels like to find your mate? My nameless mate was still excited about the event. She kept yelling 'mate' and "mate," making me lose focus, and that scent— that sweet cedar aroma—hit me and concealed every other scent in the room. It was all so surreal. But the disappointment on his face made me almost breakdown. "Karla, are you alright in there?" Cole asked. I was not alright; my hands were quivering, and I did not want to go out there anymore. But I have no choice. I needed to make the money for this establishment and get some of it for myself so I could pay off the debts I was wallowing in. "Yes, I am fine," I called back, making sure to keep my voice as firm as ever. "Alright, honey, get your a*s back to the stage and do y
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KILLIAN I walked into my mother's living room with Angelo trailing behind me. Her attorney was there; Saxon was not there, but he was on a screen. My brows furrowed in confusion as I stared at him. "Why is he here?" I asked, looking at my mother. "He is in your father's will," replied my mother. "You are kidding, right?" My father had always threatened me with Saxon. He said he would give everything to Saxon if I did not live up to my responsibilities or get an heir to succeed me sooner. He pressured me to get married to Bella since I could not find a mate. All he wanted was for me to start a family, but I was not husband material and was not ready to make any marital vows now. "Shall we proceed?" Mr. Wallace, the family attorney, said I sat across from my mother, glaring at her while she ignored me like I was not even there. Something told me that this was not going to end well today. Mr. Wallace cleared his throat, opened his briefcase, and took out a file. "Your f
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KARLA His voice was so raspy that I almost came. I have never had this tingling feeling before. That aching between my thighs at the mere thought of straddling him. His scent was so intoxicating, but I did not know how to get started, and there were rules here. I thought he never liked me. I was overwhelmed when he asked that I give him a lap dance. "Spread your legs, little Omega sl*t," he said to me when I did not move. I was not a sl*t. Why was he asking me to spread my legs in public? The other girls told me that some of them bypass the rules and sleep with some of the patrons after the night to make more money, but I was not here to sleep with men. I mean, I was still a virgin, and no man would want me anyway. "I am sorry; there are rules here, sir. We do not sleep with customers here." "Who made those rules?" he asked, leaning back, and whirling the wine in his glass. "The owner of this place," I replied, irritated by all the unnecessary quest
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KARLA He pinned me to the wall of a penthouse elevator and took my lips with his. My breath was knocked out of me. He was a pro, and every part of me itched for him. He raised my hands and pinned them above my head, still kissing me, and I kept moaning without restriction this time because we were alone. I was about to lose my virginity, yet I was not nervous or having second thoughts. All I wanted was his touch. I wanted him to touch every part of me and fill me up to every inch. The elevator door dinged open, and he lifted me, wrapped my legs around his waist, and carried me into the penthouse, which was a wonder to behold. I could see the city stretched out from the floor-to-ceiling window and a thousand tiny scores of light from different households. The sight made it even more romantic. My mate might be arrogant and rude, but he accepted me, and with time, I know he will stop being so rude to me. He threw me on the bed, and that was when I got the chance to see the
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KARLA I hated myself. I did not want to exist anymore. I just wanted to end everything. I got out of the taxi, paid the driver, and walked down the alley that led to our apartment. I was ashamed of myself and felt everyone knew what I just did. How can he call me a slut over and over again? How can he say I seduced him to sleep with him? How can he be so callous? I would resign from that club and get another job. I could wait tables and pay Alpha Chase the money little by little, but if he decides the money is not much, then he can take me in as one of his slaves because I am tired. I checked the mailbox and took out the new mails. 'What about your mom in the hospital?' my wolf asked.I sighed and took out my keys from my bag. I went back to Deluxe to retrieve my belongings, and I would go there this evening and tender my resignation letter. I unlocked the door, went inside, and flopped on the sofa in the living room. My phone beeped, and I looked at it to see a message
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