Chapter 9

Rachel pulled her white sweater over her head, casting a quick glance at the clock. Just before eight and the night was already pitch dark. She really didn't feel like going up to the asylum, not after the way Galen called her out earlier, but for the sake of the little boy, she knew she had no choice. 

This was what she did, what she had been doing for most of her life. Helping those in need to find peace and that little boy was definitely due for some. Whoever this Sister Evangeline was, she had to find a way to stop her, before she hurt her or anyone else. And to do that, she would have to risk running into her wolf. 

My wolf, what a joke, she chided herself. As if he'd declared his undying love and not merely flirted with her. 

It was jarring, the way he crawled under her skin. It wasn't just that he was so damned sexy, but also the gentle way he had about him. A quiet strength, the outcome of a fragile and perhap

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