His Dark Obsession

His Dark Obsession

By:  Moonlight Muse  Completed
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Evangeline Rose is an omega with no memories of her past. Orphaned at a young age she was taken in by the Alpha of the Silver Mountain pack. Grateful for her life and all she has; she keeps her wishes and desires a secret. But what happens when she comes of age and her life is destroyed by those that she holds dear? When heart-breaking truths come to light, she is forced into the grasp of a beast; an Alpha Prince known to be ruthless, dangerous, and cruel. A fate she tries to escape but finds herself trapped with no solution in sight. With recurring nightmares that haunt her nights begin to increase, foreshadowing a terrifying truth, Evangeline needs to get to the bottom of whatever it is that is plaguing her life before it catches up to her. A prince of darkness and an omega orphan, they are worlds apart yet destined to collide. When secrets, lies, and a forgotten curse come into play, they are forced to embark upon a journey filled with passion, hatred, and temptation. Mixed in with a forced union, old flames, and manipulation, Evangeline is plunged into a game larger than her. Will she be able to make it through, or will she succumb to those around her? Follow me on IG at author.muse and FB author muse

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The novel is a dark fantasy romance about werewolves with exhilarating events. Prince Zedkiel could strangle everyone with his savageness. But Evangeline is the only woman who can equate with the beast within him which can make him arouse and feel more high-spirited. But came a time when Evangeline couldn't cope with his darkness anymore. Zedkiel decided to let her go. But this decision is a big sacrifice for him. He can't be the beast that he should be without her. As Evangeline also has a mission to portray Zedkiel as the Omega, would she stay again with him?

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155 Chapters
1. Just an Omega
EVANGELINE. My eighteenth birthday. A night that should be memorable, one that every werewolf waits for. For me last night was meant to be so important. Being that I am the weakest of the pack, my options are already limited, but after last night things just got worse. I am Omega. I am the lowest on the food chain, prey. A nobody. An omega is only good for two things; to serve as a pup carrier or a plaything for a wolf who wanted me. That’s what’s expected anyway. As an omega we are meant to be meek and submissive, and most of all, compliant. "Happy birthday dear." Grandmother Philomena says, placing the beautiful cake in front of me. The cake is covered in black fondant with red roses of edible icing. The glowing candles on the cake dance before my eyes, blurring into glimmering spots as I look at the cake. Something that is meant to be a happy moment for me really isn't… Last night I didn't shift, although I should have… Of everything, I didn't expect this. When I stood under
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2. My Birthday
EVANGELINE. Entering the bathroom, I feel disappointed. He said he’d be here… I look in the mirror. Staring back at me is a woman who looks beautiful in a red gown, with black hair, tawny grey eyes, and pale skin, with a dusting of freckles over my slender nose and cheeks. I have more meat on me than the average woman. I prod the top of my arm, very consciously aware of the curve of fat there. Even my cheeks aren't refined… I am of age now but… I don't have a wolf; will it make a difference to him? Is that why he isn't here? I grew up around Sinclair, and over the years, the admiration I felt for him soon changed to something more… I had even dressed up in the dress he purchased for me without complaint. Even put makeup on tonight too, hoping he’d realise I wasn’t just the little omega girl he had saved. I fix my hair, smoothing my dress, about to leave the bathroom when my nemesis, Celia Huntington, the daughter of an Alpha of the Wolf Arrow pack, walks in with her two sidekicks
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3. A Heart Breaking Reality
EVANGELINE. "Yes, so I assume you have potential women lined up for him?" Alpha Aeron asks. "Yes, ones that will make ideal Lunas." Grandmother Philomena replies.My stomach sinks further and my eyes burn viciously. My heart is thundering as I silently back away from the slightly ajar door. Why is she so hateful towards me? Didn’t she like me? But it makes no sense, she has never let on anything of the sort, that she isn't happy with me… Unless she saw how Sinclair cares for me. I want love… But who am I kidding? Sinclair, the man I love, is out of my league. After all, he is the future Alpha of the Silver Mountain Pack. Sinclair is the one who found me in that town that fateful night, one dark, snowy night. He had been out hunting with his father, Alpha Aeron when they had stumbled upon the blood-ridden town. Sinclair had caught sight of me when they had tried to look for survivors, walking along with no memories of what happened or where I was.I only knew one thing, and that
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4. Grandmother's Orders
EVANGELINE. How could I be so stupid? How could I let myself believe he could truly love me? I felt foolish, I am what everyone says, what Celia said. I am a nobody, and I will never be anything to Sinclair other than someone to fill his bed on request. I take a step back from him, needing some distance so I can think clearly. “B-but do you mean as yours, on the side?” I whisper. His gaze softens, and he sighs, stepping closer and grabbing me by my waist, he pulls me close. “Of course. I care for you, but we both know you can't be a Luna, or even bear pups. So, you should consider yourself lucky that I will still keep you. No one else will want you, but I still do.” He says softly. “I’m sorry if I scared you tonight, Evangeline, I just… you look beautiful. You’re my little omega.” His words stung, and somehow, I feel like the man I admired was vanishing, but then why is his gaze so soft? Maybe I am overreacting… Deep down I don't believe that though, I am hurt. The sound of foo
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5. The Vilkas Lycans
Three hours had passed and I was ready for the ball in a black gown. Despite everything seeming to be normal, I felt uneasy. Why do I feel like something big was going to happen tonight? The ball is in full swing when we arrived at the castle of the Alpha of Alphas. My heart is in my mouth when I set sight on that dark stone castle. Even with the lights and the music, it still holds an ominous feeling. Like a predator trying to lure its prey…. “Evangeline. Focus.” Grandmother Philomena hisses, swatting my wrist. I blink and put a small smile on my face as we walk through the entrance. Yet the more I see of this castle and the people here, the more out of place I feel. “Alpha Aeron, Lady Philomena, Alpha Sinclair, welcome.” The Supreme Alphas Gamma says, bowing his head to the three. “Hello, Wallace.” Grandmother Philomena replies. “I have brought… a guest with me.” She motioned to me and the Gamma looks at me curiously, his eyes instantly trailing over me. “Ah… of course.” He
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6. A Clash
EVANGELINE. “Evangeline!” Grandmother Philomena hisses, as she stomps my foot, yanking me from my thoughts. I blink, and stare at her for a second, before I look around the room fearfully, and at the broad back of Zedkiel Vilkas. No one talks to him, each one lowers their heads to him as he passes by, he doesn't even bother paying respect to his father. He takes a glass of alcohol from a tray as he passes, downing it in one gulp. “Did you forget your manners, child!” Grandmother mutters, her grip on my arm painfully tight, bringing tears to my eyes as she digs her nails in. “Y-you’re… it hurts.” I whimper. Her hard gaze is filled with obvious irritation before she lets go. I resist the urge to rub my arm. “I’m sorry. I just…” I give up trying to explain through the stutter I seemed to develop. I can't express how, or what he makes me feel, it would be an insult to the royal family and everyone nearby would hear it if I told her here. “No excuses. Are you trying to embarrass us?”
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7. A Brave Attempt
EVANGELINE. “Prince Zedkiel.” I turn when grandmother Philomena steps forward. No grandmother! He might hurt her too! I quickly get up, wanting to pull her away. He needs someone strong to save him, not her! “G-grandmo-” She raises her hand, her eyes flashing as she looks at me warningly. “Enough.” She growls at me, a noise I had never heard her make towards me before. I felt a pang of hurt but say nothing, she is disappointed in me… I have messed up again. “Prince Zedkiel, if I may?” Grandmother Philomena speaks clearly, no ounce of fear in her voice or even a stutter. Zedkiel stops in his tracks. “My grandson has foolishly insulted you, and on his behalf I apologise to you.” She says clearly. He turns to her and raises one of his brows. “And how will one apology fix his insult?” Insult? What did Sinclair do? “Not an apology… a compensation.” Grandmother continues as I pray someone comes to her side, I don’t want Zedkiel to hurt her. “A prized possession of the Welhave
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8. A Crash
EVANGELINE. Three hours have passed, and I am lost. I don’t know where I am and without my phone, I have nothing to guide me, they will know I am missing by now. Will someone come after me? Tears burn at the thought of the monster I was given to. Like I was nothing more than a piece of property. I won’t go, I won’t let him take me. Betrayal washes through me; how can they do this to me? My knuckles are white, my nails digging into my hand, threatening to break through my tender skin as I grip the steering wheel with all my might. My hands are clammy and a bead of sweat rolls down the back of my neck as fear perfumes from my pores while I try to navigate the roads. Rain batters down on the windshield, making visibility extremely difficult, and I am straining to see past the hood of the car. The wipers are moving as fast as they can, but it does nothing to help see the road ahead. “Please come on…” I whisper, peering out at the darkness. The road is narrow, winding around the bend
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9. His
ZEDKIEL. I gazed down at the woman who had tried to disobey me… "What’s wrong with her?" I asked the healer coldly, as he finished tending to her as she lay in my bed, "She needs time to heal, that's all, my prince." She had actually tried to escape me, yet she was foolish to think she could. A naïve fool, one I should have killed by now for her disobedience… but somehow, I hadn’t. Not yet anyway… She was pleasing to the eye, as an omega should be… From the curves of her body to those eyes full of an innocence I wished to destroy, but there was something else that set her apart from all I had seen before… I ran my knuckles down her smooth cheek, the dusting of freckles on her nose and cheeks only adding to her allure. I wasn’t lying when I said I wanted her begging for my cock. This feeling… When I had touched her out there, I had felt it, almost as if something were pulling me to her, and her scent only made my sense of smell heightened. A fool might question if it was perhaps t
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10. Foolish Ideals
ZEDKIEL. Her eyes widened with horror as she shook her head, her heart pounding violently. "Please no! I'm sorry! I won’t run, don’t h-hurt th-them!" She seemed to care far more for those who discarded her than they had for her. I was done with this conversation. Turning away, I stormed out of the room and headed out of my quarters for a little air that was not clouded with her scent. Her rejection was only adding to the burning furnace within me. The truth was, there was something about her that intrigued me from the moment she was unable to look away from me, unlike everyone there at the ball she didn’t even lower her head in respect. But her eyes had held fear just like the rest of them. Fools. I walked through the dark stone walls of the castle, my footsteps echoing in the silence. Sinclair Welhaven… His arrogance from dinner flashed through my mind, making my anger only rise. I wouldn’t mind tearing him to shreds for his disrespect. (FLASHBACK – EARLIER AT DINNER) "It’s a
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