Tattooed Luna

Tattooed Luna

By:  Mrs. Smith  Completed
Language: English
130 ratings
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*There are three books in one! Since they need to be read in order, they are one right after another! * With a genius IQ and her own tattoo shop, Kristen is about to become 18. After years of being abused by her stepmother, Kristen has decided to leave her pack with the money her tattoo shop has made. Regardless of who her mate is, Kristen will be on her own adventure. Unfortunately, more than one male has a problem with her independence. Kristen's fiery personality has placed her into a situation that is forcing her to face everything she has escaped. How much can one person endure before they give up?

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Book 2 starts at chapter 293
2024-06-19 01:01:53
user avatar
Patricia Keller
I think this is a lot of money to pay for chapters that the grammer and spelling keep getting worse and worse.
2024-06-17 06:00:21
default avatar
Are you from the panhandle of Florida? Or just used that random location?
2024-06-04 22:40:58
user avatar
Lisa DeMond
Love reading it. But don't know if I will continue. That's a lot of money to be paying out for one book.
2024-05-28 08:14:18
default avatar
Jenna Templeton
This has been an amazing book so far! Wish the chapter’s where longer to.
2024-05-26 12:47:31
default avatar
This NEEDS to be on kindle!! So good
2024-05-18 12:34:20
default avatar
Great story!!
2024-05-14 04:55:12
user avatar
This book is so good I was hooked after reading a few chapters ...
2024-05-13 15:30:16
user avatar
Roseanna Keiser
will this be published on kindle as I would love to buy it, or even as a trade paperback book.
2024-05-13 10:22:43
default avatar
Great story so far, I’m hooked!
2024-05-13 05:12:07
user avatar
This is a really interesting book I can’t get enough of it.
2024-05-12 07:27:13
default avatar
Daphne Erhardt
Loved it. Had many errors in typing, but as long as you can understand what is being said, you get past it quickly. Another thing is book 3 had a Luna ceremony that supposedly took place already in book 2. I also would have loved a mini update on after.
2024-05-11 11:46:41
default avatar
Started reading the book and it went from chapter 3 to chapter 552. What happened to the 549 chapters?
2024-05-10 14:52:50
default avatar
Raven Writer
I have to read this!!!!
2024-05-09 01:08:32
default avatar
Holly Nelson
Very good so far
2024-05-07 12:02:53
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615 Chapters
Chapter 0001
“Kristen, are you ready?” Jacob asked. He was being very impatient with me. His shaggy black hair was getting into his crystal clear blue eyes. Looking over, I watched him run his hands through his hair. Jacob was hot, I’ve give him that. Very muscular and tall at 6’1” but not exactly my type. Fun t
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Chapter 0002
“Where have you girls been?” As soon as our bikes pulled up to the pack house, my mother was already jumping down my throat. For a Luna, she was especially over bearing and always nagging on me about something I did wrong. I was never good enough in her eyes. She was a tiny thing a just under 5’5”
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Chapter 0003
I chose to ignore that comment. “What can I do for you?” “Angela can be a hot head but she is transferring too and I don’t want there to be problems at school.” I almost felt disappointed...almost. “As long as she knows her place. If not, I’m sure she will find it soon enough.” It wasnt a threat
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Chapter 0004
The line wasn’t long so I was able to get my tray and find a seat rather quickly. The cafeteria was like all the rest. Each pack sat in their own corner and humans filled in the rest. “Ice!” Jacob called out and waved me over. “Girl, you don’t look too bad.” Emmy said looking at my lip. “I’ve h
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Chapter 0005
“I’m ready!” Emmy came out of the bathroom. She was a knockout in her dress. It has strings scrunching the sides and it was tightened enough her ass was almost sticking out. “Damn.” Jasper’s mouth dropped. Alec and I looked at him and laughed. It felt so easy to be around them. “Eat your heart o
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Chapter 0006
“Hell yeah!” Emmy yelled before grabbing Jacob’s hand. Colt and Kara followed us. His arm was around her shoulders. As soon as we hit the dance floor, Ace had his hands firmly on my hips, as he was pressed against me. “Damn, woman. I want a bite.” Ace said in the mind-link. Resting my head agai
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Chapter 0007
“What is Emmy short for?” Jasper asked “Emily.” “What a beautiful name.” Jasper ran his finger down her cheek. I leaned over to Alec, “is he always like this?” “No, he is being weird.” “Do you think they are mates?” “We will find out here soon.” Alec showed me his watch. Fifteen minutes. “
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Chapter 0008
“No, I am going to take her to her brother. You are going to go be with your friends.” “What? You’re choosing her over me?” Angela looked at me like she was disgusted. “I’m not choosing anyone. I am doing what I told her brother I would do. This is why we will never be a couple.” I saw the hurt f
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Chapter 0009
Jasper wasn’t the same man I saw earlier. He made me want to hide with his demeanor. He walked out of the bathroom. “Come to Alpha Brians office tomorrow with Alpha Marc. We will settle details then.” Colt answered. “We will be there.” Alec looked at Angela. “Your cells or mine?” “Mine.” I answe
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Chapter 0010
“Alpha Brian.” Alpha Marc said as he walked in. I tried to stand but he put a hand on my shoulder. “Dont try to get up. How are you feeling?” “She’s fine.” Ann spoke for me. Everyone looked over, confused as to why she was answering. The three girls walked in with Alec, Jasper and Emmy. Emmy came r
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