Ready or Not

Ready or Not

By:  bricrojamx  Ongoing
Language: English
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Language used: ENGLISH • • • • Don't Let Go Trilogy #1 • • • • When I was just 5 years old, I used to love grandma's stories. Like, having an arranged marriage and being in love. It was magical but now that I really think about it, it's a bit silly. Why? It's simple. Less freedom. Girlfriends. Boyfriends. Sleep-overs. Parties. Journeys. You can't possibly do all of those things when your hands are tied. Besides, what if you don't love that person? And that you'll never, ever, learn to love that person? Can't you choose the person that your heart wants instead? Seriously, love is complicated. • • • • • Kira Castelle is an amiable, easy-to-talk-to, and a laid-back 17 year old lady that has sworn to put love aside and continue reaching for her dreams. Not until a perfect storm happened. When females turn 18 and males turn 21, they are assigned a marriage partner by the government. With this, they just have to wait for the country to find their compatible partner and become happy. When Kira Castelle finally turned 18, she has to meet her partner. Neal Valastro. A drop-dead gorgeous man of stone. He's the epitome of perfection and Kira's polar opposite. The problem is, will this work out just fine for Kira? Will she ever be Ready? or Not? • • • • •

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Jewellery Diamonds
This book is awesome do us a favor and don't lock this book can't wait to read more
2020-11-06 04:59:59
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Wow! this is a unique plot. Can't wait to read this story once it was completed. Keep up the good work author. ?
2020-09-22 16:17:53
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This is a work of fiction. All of the characters, names, places, incidents and dialogues are product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously and are not to be construed as real.Any resemblance to actual events, locales, organizations, or persons, either living or dead, is entirely coincidental and not intended by the author.Note: The plot, wherein the government chooses someone's partner is inspired by an anime (Love and Lies).Ps. I translate my own story to English (which isn't my first language) so expect a lot of mistakes. Please
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Chapter 1: The Government Notice
The Government Notice• • • •??? ?? ????? ???? ????????? ??? ?????????? ??????"And post!" ??? ???'? ??? ??? ???????'?...?????'? ?? ???...????? ???? ?? ???????????...???? ?????? ??...Ugh. The results are all the same!I tried posting the same question every day using several fake accounts on different websites but it's no use.I'm doomed.I just turned 18 last week and I'm really thankful that until now, I haven't received the government notice yet.But I know for sure that I can't celebrate yet because anytime, the government officials will come and they'll hand me the papers where information about me and my partner will be written.
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Chapter 2: The Government Notice 2
The Government Notice 2• • • •"Gosh, gurl. I have been asking here nonstop about how you have been doing, dreaming about all that weird stuff and you are just going to smile at me? Are you thinking about someone? Your crush, perhaps?" Josh asked while raising his eyebrows at me. I smiled at him and teasingly said, "What a great question that was, gurl! I was just thinking about you." He rolled his eyes unbelievably at me, probably thinking that it was just a joke but we all know that it isn't. Telling him that it's true would just make him think of me as weird and laugh so, I'll let him be. I just laughed at him in response at his silly behavior and started telling him about my nightmare. He chortled, his breathy laugh echoing in the air.Minutes have passed until he decided to stop laughing and wiped off the tears in his eyes. "You watch too much Coraline, gurl."
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Chapter 3: Visitor
Visitor• • • •"What are talking about? Of course not.""Ehhh, then tell me!""Mrs. principal herself told me that it's a secret. Gets?" He whispered the 'ahh' 'I-get-it-now' sound while nodding his head. "Ughhh.""Oh? What's wrong?""It's so unfair. I have already received mine but you haven't yet. How's that possible?""Duhh. They just couldn't find the right one for me." He flips his imaginary hair. Josh already turned 21 months ago but he still hasn't received any. He stopped going to school when he was in kinder so he's older than me. He doesn't want to tell me what really happened. He's a secretive person. All he said was that he has family problems at that time and that's it.But you know what? I'm really curious about Josh. He's gay. Will he ever receiv
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Chapter 4: Opposites
Opposites• • • •"It's this simple law, which every writer knows, of taking two opposites and putting them in a room together." ~ Trey Parker• • • •"Mmm! This is sooo good, grandma." Ate July said while stuffing her mouth with the chocolate chip cookies that nana baked for her just a while ago. "I have baked a lot for you, iha so, slow down or you'll choke." Nana laughed at Ate July's silly behavior.
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Chapter 5: Opposites 2
Opposites 2• • • • •There are also some people who were heedless enough to disobey the law so they were punished. No one really knows what the consequences are. Punished people would not say it to anyone. All I know is that you will suffer severe penalties if you don't follow.I didn't notice that I was already mumbling to myself when Nana tapped my hand. With a raised brow, I turned to look at Nana who was sitting not so far away from me. "Huh? What is it, Nana?""Kira? Are you alright?" Nana asked me worriedly. Ate July was also staring at me and at the government notice that I was holding tightly in my hands. I know that she knows about the notice right from the start so she already knew what my problem is. Instead of answering my Nana, I stayed silent in my seat and sighed. Ate July sat beside me and patted my back as she cheered me on, "Dearie, it's a big challenge for the both of you!
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Chapter 6: Who are you?
Who are you?• • • •"He'll go somewhere, dearie. He'll just drop us at our destination. And also, we'll do some girl stuff, remember?" She said between her giggles."I could become a girl and join you two. It'll be fun." He teased."Heck, no. You'll ruin the fun." "What a killjoy." I laughed at the both of them. They argue like dogs and cats and it's cute to look at. Kuya Truce went silent as Ate July widens her eyes at him. It didn't stop him from teasing though and shrugged. "I suppose that it'll be more fun picking out the best place to have a honeymoon." "Oh, shut up." Kuya and I laughed. Ate July is once again in a bad mood as she averted her gaze away from Kuya but it's evident that deep-inside, she's feeling the 'kilig' feeling. You know, the weird feeling where your whole body just bursts to flames and your stomach twisting to
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Chapter 7: Babysitter
Babysitter My whole body froze in shock while my eyes were still glued on the man. It's dark and I can't clearly see his face especially when he's very tall. All I could see with all the darkness was his green emerald eyes. It was glowing beautifully in the shadows. Mysterious. Empty. And Dead.I was taken aback when he suddenly lowered his face, leveling mine. "Who. Are. You?" He asked again, giving emphasis to each word. His deep green orbs was bewitching while it was glaring at me, observing my every move. I stayed silent while staring at him, fascinated by the alluring beauty he possessed. I could even clearly see now that his face was only inches away from mine. He has a strong and a chiseled jawline. Flawlessly thick eyebrows and kissable lip
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Chapter 8: Babysitter 2
Babysitter 2I inhaled sharply. What should I do? Fuuuuckkk! Keep thinking Kira! ???? ???????. I thought to myself. Relax and think. Think.Think..In the end, I couldn't think of words to say so I looked away, feeling my face continuously pouring off sweat--if that's even possible. I glanced up at him but he is still looking down on me with his unreadable expression. "You should go. I don't need babysitters." He started walking past me. He was about to go up the stairs when I shouted at him. "Wait!" I held the tip of his V-neck T-shirt, stopping him from walking."What?" He said softly this time as he glanced over his shoulder. Oh wow. Now he's kind? Anyways.Should I tell him? About the government notice? That, I'm his partner? But...
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Chapter 9: Confrontation
Confrontation I quickly looked at the right side of the bed and saw no one. I also scanned around and sighed in relief when I saw no signs of that man in the room. Was that real? T-the things that he did to me? Can he do such thing? But...Maybe that was all just a dream? A nightmare? He's not the kind of person to do such things, right? Besides, if it was really just a nightmare, why did it...disappear? Then, suddenly, it was replaced by a wonderful dream?This is the first time that it happened. Ever since I've been having nightmares, I would stay awake or be awaken because of it. Even in the middle of the night. But today, it's different.I don't want to conclude something that I'm not sure of so I'll just ask him.Where is he, anyway?I stood up and went inside the comfort room. I'll
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