Refusing my ex 99 times

Refusing my ex 99 times

By:  Zoria  Ongoing
Language: English
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Zoe was framed, forced to marry with Mociya. Married him for three years, she was very loyal to love him for three years, but still couldn't compete his first love. This leads to the death of Zoe's father and child died one after another... Mociya thinks he is hating Zoe, until Zoe turns to leave, Mociya then finally knows that he had already fallen in love with this woman long time ago. "Let's be together again! I'll spend the rest of my life making it up to you." Zoe sneers, "Mociya, why do you think I will wait for you in the same place as long as you look back? The rest of my life is very long, but without you!

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56 Chapters
“Miss Hayward, Mr Keltch said that if you want to save your father, you should be good and serve Mr Martino for whatever he wants.”Zoe Hayward lays in bed with those words in her head.A day earlier, the Hayward Company had been suddenly shut down and her father had been taken away, and when she went to Mociya Keltch for help, all she got was, "He deserved it. He hurt my woman."Zoe has long thought that this shut down matter is deliberately done by someone, but she did not think that all this is on Mociya.Mociya, the most love and dearest person of her life.While she is thinking this, the door suddenly be opened.Zoe suddenly comes back to her senses. When she sees Mr Martino standing at the door, she suddenly jumps up from the bed and says, "Don't come to me!"But before she could get out of bed, Mr Martino suddenly pounces on her, the stench coming out of his mouth, "They say Miss Hayward is very good-looking. I've been wanting to fuck you for a long time!"With that, he immedia
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After the auction begins, everyone is very interesting to her, as Miss Hayward once she was, and they bid one after another.Zoe slowly raises her head and sees the quiet Mociya in the restless crowd. The corners of his lips are up, and his dark eyes are full of sarcasm.She did not know that he hates her so much that she should be humiliated in such a way as Mrs Mociya.Zoe's eyes aches with astringent pain, an unspeakable pain tightly binds her heart.Just as she is about to give up and accept it all, a voice suddenly sounds, "Fifty million!"Zoe looks ahead, and the moment she sees Nathaniel Evans, her eyes wide opens, her hands clenches against the bars of her cage, she mutters, "Nate..."All her movements fall into Mociya's eyes, and a sudden, little by little, unexplained irritation opens up in his heart.As the hammer was about to strike its third blow on the stage, Mociya holds up the sign. "300 million!"As his voice drops, the others marvels at Mociya's wealth, but also look
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Mociya hangs up the phone, his face looks very cold. In the face of Zoe's questioning, he don't say anything, but tells the driver to take the car to the hospital asap.Soon these two people arrives at the hospital, Zoe does not change clothes but directly to the hospital. Mociya frowns, grabs a coat and hurries after her."Where is my father, please? My father's name is David Hayward. Do you know where David Hayward is?" Zoe goes crazy asking everyone.Mociya runs after her, and he wraps his coat around Zoe's body and leads her straight to the morgue.When David Hayward's body is pulled out, Zoe throws Mociya away, "What do you bring me here for? Go away! I'm going to find my dad!"With that, Zoe is about to run away, but Mociya's big palm has reached out, hard clamp on her shoulder, pulling her back.'You can't hide the fact that your father is dead, even if you don't want to admit it!” Mociya's voice is monotonous and cold, like an ice rib inserts into the bottom of Zoe's heart.Zo
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By the time Mociya returns to the morgue, Zoe has taken her father's body to the crematorium.As Mociya was driving there, someone called him.'Hello, Mr Keltch, I'm Miss Hayward's lawyer. What time are you free today? I'll send you your divorce papers."With the lawyer's voice, Mociya put her foot on the brake, which screeched through her eardrums."Mr Keltch, are you there?"Mociya Keltch paused for two seconds before she said, "Where's Zoe Hayward?""Sorry, Mr Keltch, I can't tell you that..."Mociya Keltch hung up the phone before the lawyer finished speaking. He called his staff and snapped, "Zoe Hayward must be found in half an hour."'Yes!” His man answered, and just as he was about to cut the line, he called out, "Mr Keltch... Mrs Has gone home."When Mociya Keltch heard what his men were saying, she quickly turned the wheel and sped straight toward the villa.Mociya Keltch arrived in ten minutes of his usual half-hour drive, opened the door and got out to find Zoe Hayward wit
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Mociya Keltch leads Zoe Hayward straight to the room. As soon as he gets inside, he backhands her against the door, locks it behind him, and leans over her. The two are close enough to kiss with one step."Zoe Hayward," she said. "Zoe Hayward, you've got a lot of skill. Not only do you know how to find a lawyer, but you also want to learn how to elope with others."In the past, Zoe Hayward would have explained this, but now she clenched the corner of her lips, without saying a word, just clenched the hidden knife in her hand.Mociya Keltch looked at her in silence and felt his anger rise. He squeezed her jaw and muttered, "You think you're going to marry into the Evans family if you marry Nathaniel Evans? Come on, do you think the Evans family will accept you?"Mociya Keltch then seals Zoe Hayward's lips. He kisses her hard and fast, as if punishing her, and then pulls her collar."Well..." Zoe Hayward struggled with all her strength, but she couldn't open a crack.In desperation, Zoe
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Zoe Hayward ran to the bathroom and saw a blood stain spread.At first, she thought that period had come, but counting the days, it seemed that it had not come for two months since last time.Wouldn't she...Zoe Hayward's heart suddenly clicks that two months ago, Mociya Keltch got drunk and thought she was the Tee Edquil. The two have been having sex again since their wedding three years ago.Perhaps if her father had not died she would have been glad of the child, but now...Zoe Hayward shook her head and stopped thinking. She couldn't tell she was pregnant until she knew for sure.Zoe Hayward rushed out of the bathroom, found her phone and ordered a takeaway directly, and made notes directly under the side window, texting without alarming anyone.After an hour of anxious waiting, Zoe Hayward received a text message. She hurried to the window and slowly lowered the package tied to the rope.The delivery guy put the package into the bag and then hurried off. Zoe Hayward took the preg
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The veins on Mociya Keltch's forehead burst, and the hand around Zoe Hayward's neck got worse.Zoe Hayward struggled at first, but by the end, she was able to relax and let Mociya Keltch strangle her.Just as Zoe Hayward was feeling out of breath, a bell rang. Mociya Keltch frowned and looked unhappy. She didn't want to listen, but the bell stopped ringing again soon after.Mociya Keltch finally answered the phone, but no sooner had he spoken than a frost descended on his handsome face, his thin, cool lip corners parted and he uttered, "I know. Watch out for Miss Edquil."The phone hung up. Mociya Keltch's cold, clear eyes glared at Zoe Hayward. "I don't care whose baby you're carrying."In your dreams! "Shouted Zoe Hayward with all her strength, her hair disheveled, a loose strand of hair hanging in front of her forehead, her red eyes glaring at Mociya Keltch." I will not give birth to the child of the man who killed my father!"Mociya Keltch snorted. "It's not up to you."Leaving Zo
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"What did you say? Tee Edquil She...gets Ovarian cancer?" Zoe Hayward thought of a thousand possibilities, but she never expected this.Nathaniel Evans nodded. "It came in a week ago, and the doctor said cord blood is more likely to cure it, plus you and Tee Edquil are all RH-negative, so..."He doesn't say any more, but Zoe Hayward already understands that Mociya Keltch is trying to save Tee Edquil with her baby's cord blood.Zoe Hayward was not surprised by Mociya Keltch's decision, but found out that she and Tee Edquil have the same Rh-negative blood."Zoe, believe me, I've arranged things. The girl is a bodyguard and she's a very good fighter, so when we get away, she'll jump out the window and get away." As Nathaniel Evans spoke, the door of the room opened again.Nathaniel Evans straightened up and asked Zoe Hayward about her health.'Mr Evans, it's all done outside. The servant won't come in for some time. Let's make haste.' Nathaniel Evans breathed a sigh of relief when the fe
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After what happened, Zoe Hayward decided that she would never love again, and that Nathaniel Evans was too good for her.She was about to speak, but Nathaniel Evans beat her to it. "Don't say no to me yet. This is my promise to you.As we speak, Nathaniel Evans arrives at the airport and asks Zoe Hayward to buy her own plane ticket. They wave goodbye.Zoe Hayward was about to change her boarding pass and go through security when someone grabbed her arm and asked her, "Where are you going?"Nathaniel Evans stumbles to the ground. As he tries to fight back, Mociya Keltch kicks him in the chest. Nathaniel Evans coughed violently and a mouthful of blood came out of his mouth.'No! Zoe Hayward let out a loud roar, then ran to Mociya Keltch and hugged him tightly as he continued to wave. "Mociya Keltch, I beg you, no more!"Zoe Hayward frowned at Nathaniel Evans, who was lying on the floor in a state of distress. "Nathaniel Evans! Just go away and leave me alone... Ah!!"As Mociya Keltch's
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Zoe Hayward widened her eyes in surprise. In three years, Mociya Keltch had never spoken to her in such a soft voice.Mociya Keltch looked uncomfortable. "After all, you are my wife in name. I will send someone to look after you for the time being."Zoe Hayward lowered her eyes and smiled sarcastically. "No, my dad's dead and my kids are gone. I'm of no use to you.""You let me go, and I will help you."Mociya Keltch impatiently raised her head, her anger already repressed, and seized Zoe Hayward's shoulder."You can't wait to divorce me so you can marry Nathaniel Evans!""Zoe Hayward! I tell you! It's impossible! I'm not divorcing you!"Mociya Keltch dropped the words and slammed the door.In the empty room, Zoe Hayward slowly stroked her flat stomach. There had been life here, and there had been expectations and aspirations, but now her heart was only despair.Zoe Hayward pulled a paring knife from under her pillow and slashed it at her wrist.The loss of blood and physical pain cau
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