Remarriage: His Billionaire Ex-wife

Remarriage: His Billionaire Ex-wife

By:  Lana Mora  Completed
Language: English
7 ratings
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Jessica left her parents, left New York, and came to LA alone only to marry Lucas. Yet when she faces a crisis, Lucas saves another woman rather than her, as his wife. She then understands that it's time to leave.When Jessica reappears, she is no longer the country girl he thought she was, but a billionaire CEO.

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Delinda Schumacher
271 chapters 2-23-24 I'm so happy she is going to marry Lucas!
2024-02-24 01:50:31
user avatar
Karmia Malakhi
why would Jessica marry Lucas again? she should get with Terry
2024-02-23 11:33:29
user avatar
Karmia Malakhi
WTG author! you are doing a fabulous job on this book!
2024-01-20 11:02:04
user avatar
Karmia Malakhi
I love this story! I can't wait for it to come out that Terry was the one that saved Jessica when you fainted in her youth!
2024-01-20 11:01:32
default avatar
Guille C
I feel cheated. As the author is writing 5 books or more concurrently. It will cost and take a lot.
2024-02-20 16:32:14
user avatar
Joan Ralston
Never ending.. Reading this is going to cost as much as my mortgage. The story is good, but enough.
2024-02-05 23:37:12
default avatar
Jacalyn Marquart
Poorly written from the start. Seems auto generated.
2024-02-04 07:49:33
271 Chapters
Chapter 1
  "Trissy, please don't send any messages to Lucas late at night. He's my husband."  Trissy was Lucas' first love, but she had married Lucas' elder brother, Max. Since Max died, Trissy had been pestering Lucas all the time.  That troubled Jessica a lot, so she had to talk to Trissy in person.  "Only legally. He is in love with ME. But you don't have to worry. I will make him leave you." Trissy sneered, not taking what Jessica said seriously.  Today was the dinner for the announcement of the new CEO of the Thomas Group, the most famous enterprise in LA, to take over the affairs of the group.  Justin Thomas, the original CEO, Lucas' grandfather, announced that the new CEO is Lucas in front of the entire upper—class circle in LA.  Suddenly, the banquet was interrupted by some servants out in the garden.  "Help! Help! Jessica and Trissy fell down the stairs!"  People hurried to the garden. Before everyone else could react, Lucas had already picked up Trissy, who was unconscious on
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Chapter 2
  "Jessica, get up now. The shards are all over you." After Justin left, Rebecca, Lucas' mother, hurried over, trying to help Jessica up.  "Mom, wait." Lucas reached out to stop Rebecca. He then looked down at Jessica and asked, "Did you hear what Grandpa just said? Do you know what you have done wrong now?"  "Lucas, I think I've made it very clear. I didn't push Trissy. I did nothing wrong."  Although Jessica was trembling with cold, she looked at Lucas firmly. She wouldn't give in.  "Then from today you don't live in Thomas house, people like you don't deserve to be in the same house as us!" Lucas nodded at the butler, beckoning him to come over and take Jessica away.  Rebecca shook her head in disagreement and said to Lucas, "Jessica is your wife. How can you treat her like that?"  "Such a vicious woman can't be my wife," Lucas replied coldly.  Jessica suddenly felt a shooting pain in her heart. Originally, she planned to show Lucas the evidence so that Lucas would know he h
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Chapter 3
 When Jessica woke up, it was already the next morning. She had a French feast with Hannah yesterday evening, and then had some drinks and danced the whole night. They got home early in the morning.  Jessica felt as if she had been crushed by a car after a hangover. She felt weak and sore.  Hanna walked into Jessica's room with a glass of milk and handed it to her. "The news on the Internet spreads fast."  "Really? Where is my phone?" Jessica took a sip of milk and took over her phone, handed over by Hannah. Jessica logged in to Twitter and started swiping.  The top of the trending topics was about Jessica pushing Trissy downstairs at Justin's annoucement banquet. Jessica swiped her phone and read the comments casually. Almost all were scolding Jessica for being vicious. And some people exposed Jessica's ordinary background, saying Jessica was not worthy of a rich person like Lucas. Some even assumed that Jessica might have played some tricks to marry into such a wealthy family. 
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Chapter 4
  Jessica suddenly cried, making Hannah, who was beside her, feel sad. They had been friends since they were little.  For so many years, Jessica had always been a smart and noble young princess. Hannah had never seen Jessica being ill—treated like now.  It was all Lucas Thomas' fault!  A few minutes later, Jessica gradually calmed down. She took the tissue and wiped her tears. She took out a mirror to fix her makeup. Jessica quickly adjusted her mood and turned to look at Hannah. She asked, "Hannah, I heard that your cousin knows reporters from the Los Angeles Times? Is he interested in an exclusive report?"  "No problem, I will call my cousin Eden right now." Hannah froze for a moment and then figured out what Jessica planned to do. Hannah then took out her phone.  Jessica nodded and looked out through the window.  After three years, Jessica finally accepted the fact that she could not replace Trissy in Lucas' heart. She lost.  However, Jessica would not let the Thomas family
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Chapter 5
  When Jessica returned to Hannah's place, Hannah had already cleaned up the house. Hannah was putting the fried steak onto a plate, and the red wine was on the table as well.  "Welcome back!" Hannah looked at Jessica excitedly. "Let's have a lavish meal today and hang out tonight."  Jessica sat down in front of the table and smiled at Hannah. "No, I'm leaving LA tonight."  Three years ago, for the sake of Lucas, Jessica had left New York, where her parents lived.  Now that Lucas and Jessica were done, she didn't want to stay in LA anymore.  However, before leaving, she had to send the divorce gift she had prepared, so she said to Hannah, "You can get someone to send out the audios I sent you."  Hannah said excitedly, "No problem, I've been waiting for you to say that. Wait for me, I'll make a call now. Let's go back to New York together tonight!"  "Aren't you having fun here with Mona?" Jessica asked, surprised to hear her say that.  "I haven't been back to New York in years,
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Chapter 6
  Lucas stared at his phone. His face turned grim when he saw who was calling him. Lucas paused a bit before he pressed the answer button and said, "Grandpa."  "Did Jessica post that video online? Where is she now? Tell her to delete the video and take her home!" Justin's deep voice was filled with anger.  "I see, Grandpa." Lucas hung up the phone and dialed Jessica's number. A cold system message came from the phone. "Please leave your message after the beep."  Thomas Group's stock price had been falling ever since the scandal of Trissy and Thomas family was posted online. Justin's blood pressure rose out of anger, but Lucas could not reach Jessica at all. Lucas could only go home by himself to face Justin's fury.  "Where's Jessica Thomas?" Justin asked loudly when he saw Lucas coming alone.  "Grandpa, I divorced Jessica already, so she's not Jessica Thomas anymore," Lucas said with a frown.  "I don't care if you've divorced or not. The company's stock price is dropping rapidly
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Chapter 7
  Three months later, in Sheraton Los Angeles San Gabriel Hotel.  Jessica and her secretary Wendy had just taken their seats when they heard someone call out behind them, "Mr. Thomas."  There were not many Mr. Thomases who were qualified to attend this business banquet in Los Angeles. Jessica subconsciously looked back.  As expected, the person who came was Jessica's ex—husband, Lucas Thomas.  What an unsurprising acquaintance!  Wendy, sitting next to Jessica, stood up and greeted Lucas politely, "Mr. Thomas, this is Jessica Hall, general manager of the Hall Group."  "Mr. Thomas, I've long been looking forward to meeting you." Jessica smiled and extended her hand toward Lucas.  Lucas fixed his eyes on Jessica. She seemed to have become someone else. She looked vibrant. Her wavy chestnut hair, which used to be blond, was worn down on her shoulders.  With a faint smile and a pleasant voice, Jessica looked polite and decent. She looked at Lucas as if she didn't know him at all. 
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Chapter 8
  This is the first time that Olivia suffered a loss. It was she who bullied Jessica all the time.  Today Jessica actually slapped, so she ran to Justin as soon as she returned to the Thomas family's villa to complain.  But Olivia was slapped by Jessica this time. So, as soon as Olivia returned to Thomas villa, she ran to Justin and complained.  When Justin heard that Jessica had come back to LA, he was filled with fury again.  Justin immediately called Lucas and asked him to bring Jessica over the next day so that she could kneel and apologize.  "Grandpa, we are divorced." Lucas said calmly.  "So what? She released the video. If we call the police, she will be thrown into prison!" Justin coughed as he spoke.  "The police won't arrest her, because what she posted was exactly what had happened." Lucas was a little impatient.  Justin froze for a moment. When Justin came to his senses, Lucas had already hung up.  Lucas threw his phone on the sofa and lit a cigar.  Three months
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Chapter 9
 "Jessica, do you think we should have a concert? We didn't have enough fun yesterday!" Hannah called Jessica in the morning and told her the big news.  "The whole upper—class social circle is going to be shocked when you do that. We'd better stay low—key," Jessica said smilingly, and then walked into the bathroom to wash up.  "I am the queen! Why should I stay low—key!" Hannah snorted and said, "I'll leave you be. Time for breakfast now."  Jessica hung up the phone. She was somewhat distracted when she looked into the mirror.  Jessica recalled how she and Lucas got married. Their first night together was an accident. After that, Lucas offered to marry Jessica. Jessica knew that Lucas felt sorry and his offer only served as a remedy.  After that, Jessica tried to tell Lucas about her family background more than once, but Lucas always said he didn't care. He just wanted to get back to work.  Later, Jessica accidentally heard Olivia complain to Rebecca about how low—born Jessica w
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Chapter 10
  Jessica attended the banquet, mainly hoping to get familiar with the upper—class society of Los Angeles. After all, she was now the general manager of the Hall Group rather than Lucas' wife.  Unlike the ladies, the businessmen were more concerned about whether Jessica had a say in their cooperation with the Hall Group.  For that reason, a lot of people went to greet Jessica. Too many business chats made Jessica tired.  Thus, Jessica found an excuse to end the conversation with a man and made her way to the dining area.  Jessica put down her red wine and took a glass of juice. When she looked up, she saw Olivia and her girl friends storming over.  "Jessica, you are far from qualified to be here. Did you manage to come in by hooking up with a playboy?"  Looking at Olivia, Jessica smiled. "If you don't know what's the right thing to say, you should just go back to school. Learn harder this time so that you won't disgrace your family's fame again."  "How dare you insult me! Just
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