Shadows of the past

Shadows of the past

By:  Theara  Ongoing
Language: English
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"Shadows of the Past" is a story about *Natasha Fernandez* (26),the daughter of a billionaire who never enjoyed her childhood due to the loss of her mother and her father's busy schedule. She struggles with health issues and finding true love until she meets *Jamal smith* (29) who rescues her from a robber and becomes her friend, and eventually her husband. Years later, Natasha hires her childhood friend *Imade Martins*(25) a home tutor for her adopted daughter *Tessa* (3). However, Natasha is heartbroken when she discovers Jamal's affair with Imade, and she uses her power to frustrate Imade's business life. Unbeknownst to them all, Jamal is the biological father of Imade's daughter, whom she lost in the hands of a matron to an orphanage some years back. Imade leaves for another city where she falls in love with her boss, Mr. *George Henry,*(34) an influential business tycoon and a single father. Twenty years later, *Roy Henry,* George's son, falls in love with Tessa, Natasha's daughter. However, their love is jeopardized after a family introduction takes place, and complicated truths unravel, putting Tessa's life at stake. The story explores the drama and chaos that ensue as the characters confront their past and navigate their present relationships.

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3 Chapters
**CHAPTER1** The TV presenter resumes her show with Natasha Fernandez as her guest after a commercial break. "Welcome back, viewers. It's still your host, Valerie Ronald, and if you're just joining us now, you've missed quite a lot. But don't worry, because I still have with me Natasha, our distinguished guest, CEO of Waterfield Company and an award-winning brand ambassador. It's great to have you on the show." "My pleasure," Natasha replied with a smile. "Quick question, Natasha. How do you manage your business schedules, trips, deal closures, business shows, advertisements, and everything else, while also balancing your personal life on a daily basis?" "Well, I have to admit that I don't take time lightly. Time is precious to me, so I prioritize it accordingly. I create a to-do list and identify the tasks that are urgent and important, which helps me prioritize my time and still maintain focus on my personal life." "That's impressive! I'm sure self-discipl
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**CHAPTER 2**It was never wrong when they said there's no place like home. Natasha finally returned home,and arising from her bed feeling so jiggy in the wee hours of the morning. Her bedroom was quite an extravagant space designed to reflect her luxurious lifestyle and personal tastes. The color scheme leans towards girly and elegant tones. The walls is adorned with textured wallpaper, featuring delicate patterns and floral motifs, adding a touch of sophistication.The interior of the room is lavish, showcasing the finest materials and exquisite craftsmanship. A large, plush canopy bed takes center stage, dressed in sumptuous silk and satin bedding with intricate detailing. The headboard is tufted and embellished with crystals, exuding glamour and elegance. The room boasts an array of custom-made furniture, including a vanity area complete with a mirrored dressing table, adorned with an array of high-end beauty products and accessories. A cozy seating area provides
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3Natasha's eyes gently fluttered open, casting their gaze upon the familiar surroundings of her room. She found herself in a state of bewilderment, wondering what had transpired prior to her awakening. Just then, Mr. P entered the room, holding a steaming cup of coffee, which he carefully placed on the nearby stool."Wah, wah... what happened, Mr. P?" she inquired, her voice tinged with curiosity and confusion."What happened? You don't remember?" he responded, his tone filled with concern.In that moment, Natasha's mind swiftly traveled back to the night when she had been attacked. She vividly recalled how her vision had cleared from the haze of alcohol, as she witnessed a brave young man valiantly fighting off the robbers. His courageous act had compelled him to snatch the pistol from their grasp, forcing them to flee. But what remained etched in her memory was the profound impact of his captivating eyes, which had instantly bewitched her, giving birth t
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