She is the Villain

She is the Villain

By:  Aubrey Pepper  Ongoing
Language: English
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Vivian Cunningham's marriage to her childhood friend Nathan Sadoc was expected to be blissful. Nathan had been her first crush, the handsome and charming stud that every girl desired. However, there was a problem: Nathan never liked her, nor did he want her as his wife. He was in love with a girl, Annika Summers, who had disappeared a year ago, a Cinderella who had run away when the midnight bell rang. He had kept her glass slipper and waited for her return with unwavering love. The only reason he had married Vivian was that he wanted to punish her. He wanted to trap her in this loveless marriage for what she had done to Annika. Or at least, that's what Vivian believed. She thought she would suffer in this marriage and eventually die alone, filled with grievance. However, as the days passed, something began to change between them. She was baffled by his growing possessiveness and desire for her. Everything improved until Annika returned.

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5 Chapters
Chapter 1 Loveless marriage
VIVIAN “Thank you for driving me home, Bree.” I hugged Aubrey before stepping out of her shiny red Porsche. “You know Nathan, he’s a... workaholic,” I explained. I was trying to justify why my husband hadn’t attended my birthday party and why he hadn’t even come to pick me up so late at night. “Never mind.” Aubrey gave me an understanding smile. “Sweet dreams.” She tried to cheer me up with a grin. I forced a smile onto my face. “You too. Drive safely.” “I will.” She blinked before shifting gears. I stood on the veranda to watch her drive away. The engine roared as the fashionable car dashed down the empty street. The noise quickly faded, leaving me with a silent sense of loneliness. I opened the front door of our mansion. I kicked off my high heels and stumbled through the hallway, switching on the lights. No one was there. The doormat was as clean as my face. My husband, Nathan, hadn’t returned. I tossed my handbag onto the floor and walked barefoot into the kitchen. I pour
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Chapter 2 A big mistake
VIVIAN I sprawled myself on the couch as drowsiness gradually overtook me. When the clock struck 4, I decided not to wait any longer. I dragged myself toward the bathroom and took a quick shower. The cool water running down my body helped refresh me a bit. I walked out of the bathroom with a towel. As I searched for a robe in the closet, I was stunned to find a bag of embroidered black lingerie hidden behind a mountain of nightdresses. I remembered buying it from a lingerie store with Jessica a few years ago after our high school graduation. Back then, I was still that naive girl who believed Nathan was interested in me. Jess had suggested that I wear this sexy lingerie to seduce him, saying that no man could resist me in it. But I never had the chance because not long after, Annika appeared, and Nathan hopelessly fell in love with that girl. I looked at the lingerie. It must have been packed away in my bags when I moved here. For once, I was curious about how I might look in it.
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Chapter 3 Cliché villain in romance
VIVIAN The story was rather cliché, but if you'd love to hear me out, here it goes. Everything started to change four years ago with Annika's appearance. It was our first day in college, and Nathan and I had chosen the same program, finance. Well, I wasn't interested in finance at all; I just followed him. After a long and tedious enrollment process, I was on my way to check the student accommodation building. Back then, I was eager to escape my father's control, and not living at home was the first step to independence. I accidentally bumped into a girl while I was fascinated by the quaint buildings around me. She collapsed onto the ground. "Oh god. I'm sorry!" I apologized hastily and offered her a hand. She got up and said, "It's okay." Her head was lowered, and she looked timid. "My name is Vivian Cunningham, a freshman here," I gave her a broad smile, "what's your name?" She nervously clutched the books against her chest and forced a nerdy smile, "My name is Annika Summers.
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A Life-Saving Idea
VivianI pulled up my silver Audi at the parking lot, took a few deep breaths, and checked my make-up in the rear mirror. Thank heavens, I didn’t put mascaras on, otherwise my face would be mottled. I got off the car and blend in the sea of business men and women in formal attire or trendy designer dress. DanLes was located in Barnet, one of the tallest buildings downtown, occupying ten floors from the sixtieth to the top. I wiggled my way through the crowd and slipped through the turnstile with my pass. People in the lobby were piling themselves into the elevators like sardines in a can; no one wanted to be late. The carriages full of human odor promised no pleasant ride, but I dove onto one of the elevators at the last second nonetheless. Marley would surely be riled up if I was late again. As the door slid shut, I squeezed my hand over to press the button for the sixty-fifth floor. “Excuse me,” I uttered. Everyone in the elevator moved by tiny increments to make room for me. The
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Gossip Girl
Vivian I looked through the glasses while Patricia and Julia were ecstatic, rambling around inside this special meeting room on the forty-eighth floor and admiring the glossy chandelier hanging above our heads. Marley booked the whole afternoon of this meeting room for us to brainstorm. She wanted the meeting with Nathan Sadoc to be perfect. The walls were all soundproof with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the center of this city. Patricia gasped, standing at the wooden fence beside the windows, “Gosh, that’s gorgeous.” “I think we should start the discussion.” Julia pushed up the bridge of her spectacles and suggested. Patricia turned around, her arms crossed. “Discuss what?” she frowned. “None of us know anything about Nathan Sadoc. He’s a mysterious man, married with a mysterious wife, that’s all.” Patricia rolled her eyes, “What do you think, Vivian? Is it possible for us to get his exclusive interview?” I shook my head. Patricia sighed. “Marley is just over-optimis
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