Sheep in Wolf Clothing

Sheep in Wolf Clothing

By:  JENNIFER REGINALD  Updated just now
Language: English
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"I can smell your arousal, Omega. Now quit being stubborn, spread those legs wide, and welcome me with gratitude." I stared at him quietly. I was dripping wet, but I wasn't letting any other Alpha use me like that. "I am sorry, Alpha, but I would have to reject your offer." He froze and stared blankly at me for a while. He looked stunned more by the fact that he did not believe anyone could reject him. Future Alphas and some selected warriors are taken away from the Titan pack to undergo serious training until the present Alpha dies. They are devoid of all forms of pleasure and denied mates until they return when they are allowed to have sex with any female and release sexual tension until they are blessed with mates. I was one of the slaves dragged away from my pack after a raid. I was there to scrub floors and clean dishes while staying invisible until I bumped into the Alpha who was said to be ruthless, and he asked to ride me. I rejected politely. It baffled him so much. Every female will die to ride him, but I, a slave from the lowest rank of Omegas had the backbone to reject him.

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189 Chapters
LAIKA I woke from the noise outside. People were running, pushing things in their way. Screams, shrieks, and cries of children filled the air. I stood up from the ground, confused, and my whole body ached like it had been pierced with pins. This was from the torture my mate Alpha Khalid gave me earlier. He had whipped me for refusing to please him. I cried until I slept off on the cold floor. I walked out of the room and saw people running in different directions, and Alpha Khalid was nowhere to be found. I was so confused, and no one cared to tell me what was happening. They all hated me anyway. But when I listened clearly. I heard what they were saying. "The Titans are here!" My heart sank into my abdomen. The Titan pack was the most feared in the whole of the wolf kingdom. They were Lycans and powerful warriors, enhanced in all ways and brutal. They usually raid other packs and take slaves for themselves. I had heard so much about them, but I had never experi
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LAIKA Five years later... "Scrub the floor! You lazy mutt!" Madam Theresa, my supervisor yelled and threw the towel at me. It hit my face and fell to the floor. "I need the floor sparkling; you have done nothing, and The Alpha and his cohort would return to the pack any moment from now. Get your lazy ass back to work." She stepped on the floor I had mopped already, leaving stains as she stomped out. I took up the mop and went back to work. Five years ago, I would have cried as she hauled the towel at me and called me those awful names. But I had lived through it. It does not hurt as much anymore. Nothing really hurts. My supervisor had never liked me one bit from the first day. She did not see me as a competitor but as someone not worthy enough to appear before her. I was nothing but a weak Omega. She always told me I was ugly and that her daughter was prettier than I was and would mate to the returning Alpha. The Alpha and his cohort were coming back to the p
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LAIKA The pack was festive as The Alpha and his cohort arrived and were settling into their tents. Tables were set around the pack center and meals were displayed. Werewolves and she-wolves gathered around all looking cheerful. Madam Theresa forbade me from going to the ceremony because I was not fit to be there. I helped dress Erika, her daughter and made her up. I was left with a heap of clothes to wash and finally go to my new master's tent to find out what he would need for the night. The festival went on without me and I did not care. I was not worthy of any of those masters. I mopped the floor of Madam Theresa's tent. I could do the mopping in the morning, but Madam Theresa had asked me to mop the floor to keep me away from the festival of the arrival of The Alpha and his cohort. By the time I was done working at Madam Theresa's tent, the night had gone far. The welcome ceremony was almost ending, and I rushed over to my new master's tent to do my last checks before he gets in
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LAIKA Madam finally removed me from working for Alpha Karim. I was not assigned to another warrior, rather I was asked to serve at the bar where men gather and drink away their sorrows. The people at the bar were kinder than Madam Theresa and Erika and I preferred to stay all day in the bar than move back to my guardian's tent. But it was unfortunate for me because Madam Lena, the bar owner closed it at night, and I had no option but to return to my hell. I was glad that I no longer see Alpha Karim, at least, I do not encounter him face to face, although he was everywhere. It has been a few days since I was removed and Erika took over my job, but when I see Alpha Karim, he does not look like he noticed I was gone. The other day, I even saw him speaking with Erika. He did not smile at her, but at least he was speaking to her, and it was a start. He does not even care about me. Knowing Erika and her obsession with The Alpha, she would readily oblige if he asked her to sprea
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LAIKA I began to run through the woods. If I would die, I would not die without a fight. As I ran, the rustling of leaves turned to pounding footsteps behind me. Tears streamed down my cheeks now, and I panted as I ran. I looked back occasionally to see if I would catch sight of whatever it was, but it was dark, and I could not. My wolf vision was not as clear because of all the torture I undergo. Joy, my wolf, was exhausted and locked herself away from me most of the time. I clutched the letter tightly in my palm as I ran. Even if I were to die, I should not lose this letter. As I turned back again to see my chaser, my left foot caught a twig and got entangled, throwing me off balance. I toppled, unable to catch myself, I banged my head on a tree trunk. The impact was so hard that I saw stars. I fell back into my death. This is the part where I died because it seemed my head was ripped apart and once I crashed to the floor, I will be torn by the rogue chasing after me.
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LAIKA "Where have you been, mutt?!" Madam Theresa barked. "Where did you sleep?" Erika asked.It looked like they did not know about The Alpha carrying me back to his tent yet, but I did not know where to tell them I went. "I—" Madam Theresa grabbed my ear and twisted it. It hurt but I endured it. "Have you been spreading your legs for the warriors?" "No, no, I swear, I have not," I whimpered. "So, where did you spend your night? It's clearly not in Madam Lena's bar. I heard that The Lycan Alpha and his cohort were there last night, and you must have followed one warrior home," Erika asked. They did not want me, yet they wanted me. Madam Theresa always made me feel I was too ugly to be a threat to her daughter, but she always did not want me to be seen or appreciated by the men of the pack. She wanted me to remain invisible, which I was glad to be but always torturing me for nothing was too much. My whole body still ached from all the torture, and
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LAIKA I waited for The Alpha to leave his tent before I left my hiding place and ran over to his tent. It was like he fought the war in there, as usual. His pants were scattered all over the floor and his bedroll was almost turned upside down. How does he live like this? I quickly set to work, hoping to finish and sneak away before he gets back from training. He is our mate, Laika, you are not supposed to fear him, Joy reminded me. I dragged the bedroll, straightening the fur on it. Alpha Khalid was our mate too and he showed us hell. I replied. Joy was always elated whenever we were with Alpha Karim or whenever she heard his name. I want to be as quick as possible so that I will be out before he comes. I told Joy. My whole body felt like I was pierced by thousands of needles. I had not been able to change my dress, so it had dirt and bloodstains on it. I backed the entrance, picked up his scattered pants, and contemplated sniffing them. They were strong with his scent and drew
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LAIKA As I walked through the pack running my errands, I heard whispers from the other girls and caught some of their eyes as they watched me, but I kept my head low. I had suddenly become popular among the pack members, even werewolves stared at me when I passed. Erika's drama allowed me to escape Alpha Karim that day and I was thankful that I did not see him in his tent for the next two days as I went to clean up, but my curious part wanted to know where he was and what he was doing. I wondered if he was with Erika. Madam Theresa and Erika had not spoken to me after The Alpha's order, and I could not help but wonder what they were planning next. The Alpha was putting me in more harm than he knew. I was only a weak Omega whose birth killed my mother, and my existence killed my father. I was not worthy of being treated any kinder. Not by anyone in the Titan pack, not by Alpha Karim. I hated I was the center of attraction and open discussion for both young and old. Ma
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LAIKA I mopped the floor of the tent as Madam Theresa got Erika dressed up for the evening. I had only one dress now. It was drenched, but I could not remove it unless I wanted to go around the pack naked. I squeezed out dirty water from the rag into the bucket and eavesdropped on Madam Theresa and Erika's discussion. Madam Theresa encouraged Erika to show herself as a hardworking and responsible she-wolf who could bear The Alpha's burdens. It made me wonder where I would be when he comes. "Laika, you must be fast with that and get up from there. The Alpha would be here soon, and you need to set the table." "Yes, Madam Theresa," I said and squeezed at the rag again; my heart squeezed with it. I do not know what I feel for Alpha Karim. I was grateful that he saved my life from that rogue and cleaned up my wounds and all those things he did for me, but I do not know if I was ready to be with him and worst of all, I do not know what he feels for me. I know he f
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LAIKA The walk to the stream was short. I did not care if I was hurt by a wild animal or a rogue. My life was better off dead than alive and going through the torture It went through. My boots got stuck in the mud as I went, but I stomped on. It had rained earlier, making the pack muddy, especially in the areas around the stream. The night was dark as thick clouds blanketed the sky, making it pitch black. It was eerie since everything was quiet and dark, it was only the sound of the running stream that was heard, but I kept going. I knew Madam Theresa had left no shawl by the stream, but I was still grateful that I was sent away from my nemesis. Staying away from the tent meant The Alpha would not see me again and not seeing me meant he would not do something weird and that meant Madam Theresa and her daughter would not torture me. I had not had a bath since morning and my skin itched. I stripped when I got to the stream. I would have my bath now. I hung my dress and m
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