Shouldn't Have Kissed You

Shouldn't Have Kissed You

By:  Cynthia Mulela  Ongoing
Language: English
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When he kissed her on his stage he loved it. T him she was an angel and she felt right in his arms. Little did he know whose daughter he was messing with and before he did, it was too late for any saving. Now that he blames her for his misfortune, she must pay no what what the cost is and he will stop at nothing till she does. Worse now that they live under the same roof or rather yet, same room. Will his thirsty for revenge cloud his judgement or will love conquer everything?

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Sabina Kunwor
love the story ❤❤
2021-06-23 01:14:07
5 Chapters
Chapter 1
Dedicated to @yu-tanit. "By the power invested in me," the minister began as he looked at the couple standing before him and all the people whom had come to witness and celebrate this day with them, "I announce you man and wife," he smiled at them, "you may now kiss the bride." Everyone got on their feet to cheer them. "Kiss her, kiss her, kiss her..." everybody cheered bringing Chris back to reality. This was it. He was finished as long as he lived. During the whole wedding, all he did was to zone in and out and most of the time he zoned out. The only thing he could remember that took place was him being asked if he did take her to be his lovely wife and even that question was asked like five times before he could answer. And now, they were already announced husband and wife and he heard nothing. The cheering was the only thing that shook him back again. Kiss her? I
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Chapter 2
Maya looked through the crowd that danced around them. Everyone was happy for them but none saw that there was no love lost between them. She admired the couple that laughed and talked joyfully behind her husband's back.If anything, she would say that it was the happiest couple she had ever set her eyes on. They weren't bothered about what people would think about them. And the way the man whispered sweet nothings to the wife and watched her blush, she knew that, since she could see the woman's ears turn scarlet from her distance.That was the kinda love she deserved. The one that she would be able to shout to the whole world. The one that even her parents didn't share because of her father. The one that only happened in fantasy only.Was that too much to ask? She wanted more yet she got none. It wasn't fair at all but again the world itself wasn't fair. That's why you find one owns millions in bank while another lacks fo
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Chapter 3
Maya got up with her body shaking the next morning. She was an early riser and that wasn't about to change any time soon. Her body hurt everywhere and she couldn't do anything to ease the pain.She rubbed her cold palms on her arms to get some heat for her body but it was of no use. This was her fate and the sooner her body adapted to the cold floor, the better for her.She was about to sneeze when she got on her feet but held it back. She didn't want to wake him up. No more pain for now. She had paid more in one day. She moved her gaze to the bed but it was empty.She wondered when he got up and where he was. It wasn't her business anyway but under different circumstances it would have been. She could be cuddling in bed with him at that very moment.Maya pushed herself to the bathroom and ran herself a bath. It was cold but she didn't care, anyway the only way to get warm when you're cold is to bath with
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Chapter 4
"Don't I look good in there?"Chris looked up from his laptop, his eyes moving to where the voice came from.It was true. She looked beautiful in those photos and he couldn't help but stare at them when they were being taken and even after the shoots and now in his office he was still staring.He so loved the beauty before him and he even loved the real one now. He smiled at her and pulled her to sit on his lap. She felt good. She was the only one who could take his stress away.He was tired as far as he was concerned. Tired of his marriage. Tired of his new wife. Tired of fake life that he began to live as from yesterday. Tired of the never ending day today. Tired of his whole life.She began to rub his shoulder which helped him relax. That's what he wanted. To feel stress free."To me," he looked at her, "you'll always be the most beautiful thing in the world."She smiled at him and stopped what she was doing. He was cute when he was stressed out
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Chapter 5
Maya walked in her office after a three hour operation. To say she was tired would be understatement for her. She took off her coat and placed it on the seat that was only separated by her table from hers.She walked to the mini fridge in her office and picked up a bottle of cold water. She needed it after all. Maya sat on her seat think of the operation.She had saved a life today. No, it wasn't her, it was the God whom she worshiped. He was always guiding her hands when she went to do what she knows the best.6That's why before they do anything, she always made sure that she has prayed to her Heavenly Father. He was the one in control, always and He never ashamed her. Never.That's why when she saw a family member or a friend thanking her for saving their loved ones life, she would tell them to thank the Almighty for He was the healer and not her.Maya took the glass she had poured herself water to her lips when she heard her door being knocked. She gave h
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