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"I'm very sure I'm allowed to fuck who so ever I want to fuck" I yelled at him, unaware of how close we were"No Cara, you only get to fuck me, I own you and this sweet pussy of yours" he said, sliding his fingers into my pussy.All this started because of that stupid threesome I agreed to.Sewa has been alone for most of her life, not because she couldn't have friends, no, she just enjoyed her own company and she loved peace and quiet. It lasted for a while until she came across the greatest disturbance Antonio Rivera, an Italian womanizer who took to liking her and her body.She can't seem to get him out of her mind after their first meeting and likewise.The man started to grow a strong sexual desire towards her until it became something more, something he dreaded.

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100 Chapters
1. Sinful
I adjusted my very tiny bikini against my rather large tits, wondering what monstrosity had led me to think that going to this new club opening would be fun. I looked at the e-flier on my iPhone X one more time to be sure it's the right place I'm oh-so-sultry dressed for. 
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2. Sinful
I didn't need to feel the sun on my face to know it was morning, my body knew when it was time to wake up even without an alarm. As I opened my eyes, the dark long curtains that covered the windows, made it look like it was still dark out but I knew better, as I made a move to stand up, the hand on my waist stopped me, how can one have so much weight on their arms? I turned to look at the owner of this arm, and my eyes almost came out of their sockets. If I thought this man was gorgeous at night, he was definitely gorgeous-er in the little light seeping from the curtains.
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3. Sinful
"Cara"Of course I knew who it was but, I feigned ignorance. "Hello?" I answered softly "who's this?" I asked, looking straight at Aliya so she'd know who was on the phone, she laughed when she figured it out, I'm going to kill this lady.
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4. Sinful
Throughout the rest of the day, I worked with a smile on my face, the sex was just what I needed to get me through it all, just what the doctor ordered. Memories of Antonio pounding into me  while at work was carved in my mind and even as I got home, I craved more, my insides tingling for more so, I went straight to my room, opened my drawer and grabbed my vibrator, it wasn't Antonio but I guess it will suffice for now.
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5. Sinful
After work, I took a warm bath to cool my nerves, Anabeth was extra bitchy after this mornings exchange and work was never ending, Thank God for Melissa. After my bath, I picked out an outfit for dinner with Antonio which was a long burgundy dinner gown with a high slit starting from the thigh. I know I was looking for trouble by picking this dress but, who's to blame? Certainly not me. Dinner was scheduled for 8:00 and it was 6:30 so, I just decided to watch tv for a while since I wasn't going to wear much makeup on.
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6. Sinful
"Morning Cara" a very husky, sexy voice said beside me as I struggled to keep my eyes open due to the bright light seeping through the curtains. It looked to bright, bright like the sun had settled in the sky; I got out of the bed quickly hoping that wasn't the case because if it was, it meant I had overslept and I was late.
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7. Sinful
It's been a while since I spoke to, heard from or saw Antonio. My body missed him, I missed him, I felt like calling him sometimes but, my pride got the best of me and I never did. Thankfully though, it was a Frid
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8. Sinful
I woke up to the strangest knock on my door, it was deafening; like the person wanted to break down my door, it was so loud that I heard it in my sleep. I grabbed my phone and checked the time, it was 4:30am.What the fuck! This better be good.I lazily got up from my bed and straight to the living room, I said a short prayer and grabbed an umbrella just incase it'll be needed.        
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9. Sinful
Honestly, I don't know how I managed to get to work on time after this mornings episode and even as I worked, my mind kept slipping to Antonio. I knew he was sex crazed but, I didn't know it was this bad. Even though I hate thinking about it, he's fucking me and a whole others, two of which I know; I'm no different from all those women but the truth is that he has a great way of making you feel like a queen under the sheets and above the sheets, like shit! I mean, good dick or not, I don't think I can keep up with him and al
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10. Sinful
"Thank you for last night" Aliyah said and grabbed her purse, ready to leave. "You don't have to thank me, I didn't do anything" I told her, I really didn't, she just talked and I listened, nothing serious there. 
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