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“Dam, please. Please take my virginity.” Avery and Damian were best friends since high school, and Damian had a secret crush on her for years.Avery suffers from DID after her brother's death, and Damian will have to live with her in the college dorms to look after her. But them being roommates will change everything in their friendship, especially when Avery has to deal with three different personalities and her naive love for Nate Walker, Damian's worst rival.Can best friends become lovers?

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Louisa Little
Good read. Loved it.
2021-10-25 11:52:26
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funny and beautiful love story
2021-08-21 19:48:04
default avatar
Such a sweet love story! Nicely done author - beautiful ending too! 😊
2021-06-22 04:07:46
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so inspiring! feels great to be in love and loved 💚
2021-04-29 08:48:09
user avatar
Love the story!
2020-11-29 17:21:48
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Carri Wilcox
was a good quick read
2021-06-11 04:46:55
46 Chapters
“Fire! Evacuate the department! There is a fire! Go OUT!”My eyes could only see the flames. They advanced majestically toward us. As if they were dancing the waltz in the middle of the duke's palace.When people were screaming and running to save their lives, I couldn't move. I just stood in the middle of the auditorium, looking at the fire burning everything in its path.
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“Hey, Damian” Emma woke him up before going to college. “Damian, don't you have class at 9:30 am?”“Holy shit, yes,” Damian cursed and got up from the couch. “By the way, I'm sorry that I slept here. It was late yesterday night, and they closed the residence.” he nervously rubbed the back of his neck.Damian knew Emma for two years now thanks to Avery, but he never got close to her. Well, he never socialised with any
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Emma somehow managed to convince Avery, and she wore a light blue dress. Damian was busy being the centre of the party, and everyone was enjoying his music. There was no more place on the dance floor.
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Avery was arranging her big psychology books in her locker. The faculties were open even on Sundays during the exams period. She was humming the chorus of a song Damian started writing a year ago. She had to beg him for weeks to let her listen to it. Damian enjoyed being a DJ because people never recognise him on the radio, or in the dark. He wasn't comfortable about sharing his songs, especially the most personal one
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After twenty minutes, Damian arrived in front of the club and spotted Avery lying her head on the wall, while Nate was tracing his fingers on her neck.He mumbled cursed and slammed his car door behind him.
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After Emma left the loft, Damian cleaned everything as he cursed Avery every time he got the occasion. When he finished, he sat in the living room to check his mails on his laptop. He decided to look for his things the day after because it was already late and cold outside.After a while, he heard Avery talking to someone. He sighed and headed to his room, but stopped in front of the door when he heard her giggling snd talking to someone sweetly through the phone.
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“Someone's looking hot here!” Nate whistled when he spotted Avery approaching him.Scarlett doesn't like formalities, so she opened her white shirt, showing off her chest.She also messed up her dark hair to give it a sexy look.
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Damian dropped his phone on the floor the second she finished the sentence. His heartbeats went insane inside his chest.After a long moment of proceeding and analyzing what Avery said, he cleared his throat and burst out laughing. “You almost got me with this!”“Dam&helli
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The next morning, Avery woke up to find an angel sleeping next to her.  Light brown hair, red cheeks, thin lips, soft skin…She smiled and got out of the bed, feeling a little pain between her legs. She took a quick shower and went to prepare breakfast.After an hour, Damian woke up to chocolate waffles smell.  He widened his eyes and ran to the kitchen.
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“I feel much better.” Avery smiled. It was 1 pm and they were still watching a TV program. “Good, now let's sleep,” Damian said before turning down the lights and covering both of them.
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