Sold to a Ruthless Lord

Sold to a Ruthless Lord

By:  Tarana  Ongoing
Language: English
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In the uncompromising tough game of life. Valerie's half-brother betrays her for a token. Desperate to save his own head, after signing a ridiculously dangerous and risky deal at the expense of the only family he has left, selling her into the hive of the merciless Mafia lord, El Macho. The same one every being feared. Her impurity is crushed and bruised and her existence crashing in Shackles with the twinkle of an eye condemning her to a life of unbearable torture and torment. Pinned down in a painful world, she endures the tortures of a cruel man. Valarie soon finds rest and warmth in the arms of Macho's only brother, Carlos but their forbidden affair and attraction sets ablaze a once blooming relationship between two brothers. Now, they are on the run, a plan must be made to escape wrath, war and death.

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5 Chapters
Chapter One
VALARIE'S POVMy heart pounded hard against my chest as I took in the sight of my brother running into the house"Damn! What the hell are you running hard for..." I scowled and cursed under my breath, my mind racing with fear and panic. I stole a quick glance at him from his head down, trying to comprehend why he was sweating profusely."!" I heard one of them say to me without turning back. cars reeving and numerous hunks could be heard from the other part of the street. Without thinking, I dropped the bag he was carrying out the window. He jumped over the window and picked up the bag."What's the matter Alejandro?" I asked as panic and fear gripped me. My legs trembled uncontrollably."Are you coming or not?" He asked. His eyes are red and dangerous.I stared at him and went back to the house taking a quick glance before I grabbed my stuff and jumped out the window.The cars were already parked in front of our house and from the back of the building I could hear heavy b
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Chapter Two
I still cannot believe that I relocated from my little town to a big city in less than 24hrs with absolutely nothing. My brother was just one weirdo who has soaked himself so much in gambling. He never cared about me especially after our parents died and the fact that he managed to protect me after selling me out to those monsters was something I could still not understand.Here I am facing my new life at 20.He never called to know how I am fairing here but that didn't bother me because I was used to it.The sun poured through my window. A fresh day has begun, carrying with it new hope, experiences, and lessons. The beam of the first light encapsulated the whole room. I rubbed my blurry eyes and strolled to the window. There was a little silvery sparkle overhead.The main rays of daylight brighten up the room in its tiny shackles. The morning tune of melodic birdsong flew in as the rising sun cast a yellow tint across the morning sky. Brilliant patches of daylight brightened the scen
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Chapter Three
Valarie's POV"You are late," Mr. Danzul said in a husky voice as I approached the dressing room."I'm sorry sir” I responded as I put out my hand to key the keys he stretched at me. The expression on his face wasn't good and I couldn't place if he was upset with me coming late or something else had hit him before my arrival."There are a ton of customers to be served and look at the time you resume" he said angrily. His tone had changed quickly."I'm —I'm sorry sir. I managed to say it again. My mind was still stuck in the message I had read at the boss stop.I launched my bag on the only desk and ruffled the keys. Then pushed it into the lock. It opened with ease. I took out my uniform and dressed quickly in it."This shouldn't be a bad day for me" I prayed silently with my eyes shot.I quickly picked up the phone and scrolled to the last message I received.My eyes landed on the heavy words in capital letters."YOU CAN'T HIDE"My heart suddenly began to race again. Hit hard on the
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Chapter Four
VALARIE'S POVI don't know how long I have slept but when I woke up I found myself in a dark room. Or may8i thought the room was dark because there was a dark cloth tied across my eyes. I could make out the silent noises from the other rooms in the building. They were faint but I could hear them.I didn't know which of my family enemies had me in captivity but I prayed it wasn't El Macho.I sat on the ground, my heart kicking loudly that I bet it could jump out any moment.Soon the blind fold was taken off. I saw the images burr and huge. All three of them. I recognized his hand, the same one who had trapped me in my apartment.He had to be the boss. "Such a sweet girl" he said as he moved his hand over my face and down to my neck. I bit his hand angrily."She's a fighter," he said in a deep croaky voice. The other two roared in laughter.They were huge men, with tattooed skin. The one who touched me has a monster tattoo up to his neck. A deep cut ran across his cheek and down his
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Chapter Five
Valerie's POVThe monster finally unchained me after he was done. He kicked and pulled me on the ground like a criminal. I cried, face buried on my lap. I cursed him under my breath, I cursed my half-brother for putting me into this mess."Please let me go" I begged as I made to cover my bare body with my arms. He flashed a wicked sneer at me. A growl formed at the corner of his lip as though he was to consider my plea and soon he got up from his seat which stood behind the large table in the room. The hooting sound from his massive leather boots crushed against the marble tiles.I recoiled into my skin, folding my legs against each other as he approached me. I trembled with fear, a type that made my heart fall out."Not again" I prayed in my heart.He stopped a few inches away from my face and then he bent down to meet me."You are mine, I own you" he yelled angrily into my face and walked away.Streams of tears began to roll down my cheeks. My eyes were swollen due to long hours of
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