176- Anticlimactic and assistance

Nothing happens. Well that was anticlimactic. “So… is something meant to happen?” Harry asks. I shrug.

“I don’t know. I’m not a Witch.” I point out.

“Well… can you let go of the bottle now?” Bellamy asks. Without hesitation, Harry opens his fingers and the GLASS bottle goes tumbling towards the floor. I gasp in horror. Bellamy’s hand snaps out and catches it at the last second.

“Oops. Talk about cat-like reflexes though.” He holds up his now free hand to Bellamy for a high-five. Bellamy just glares at him and hands me the potion bottle.

“Thanks. Good catch, Bels. Harry… I’m starting to see why Cam spelled the bottle onto your hand. Why would you just DROP the potion?” I demand.

“You said to let go. I let go.” He says unrepentantly.

“I didn’t mean- Ugh. Why am I even bothering? This is a waste of time.” A thought occurs to me and I smirk at Harry. He looks at me suspiciously.

“What? What did you just think of?” He demands. I shrug.

“Oh, nothing mu
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