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Follow the pilgrimage of Motiesha, a natural yet complicated dark-skinned woman whose life is about to change as she's drawn into places she can't escape. This fascinating book unveils a lot of action, drama, plot twists, and betrayals. Trusts are broken. Friends are made. But most importantly, family sticks together. WARNING: A lot of swear words and mature content.

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JGayle Bobo
it's okay so far
2021-07-14 01:39:03
24 Chapters
★SYNOPSIS★She's a waitress.He's the biggest King Pin.She got mixed up with him and wants to get out but he won't let her.Ky'Mon thinks MoTiesha is the one for him and he ain't letting her go.This is the story of Motiesha, a natural yet complicated dark skinned woman who's life is about to change as she's drawn into places she can't escape with unfolding drama, action and comedic relief. ★★★★★DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. Unless otherwise indicated, all the names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents in this book are either the product of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.★Ple
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1: Tiesha And The Family
Motiesha Hope Kona-Reys.A twenty one year old waitress.Her parents were thugs. Her father and his brother carried the family's name. The Kona-Reys.They both hustled hard until they made it after whuch she lost her parents to the game at a very young age.Motiesha was brought up by her uncle who also later died in the game.All the companies went to Lowe, her twenty-four year old cousin.Motiesha wasn't cheated.She just decided to not be in the streets to protect herself and her seventeen year old sister
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2: Tiesha And The Meet
The car came to a stop and Motiesha was ushered out.Her bag was thrown at her which she caught effortlessly.She was led into a very big mansion that was painted in caramel and gold.When they entered, the smell of all kinds of drugs struck her nose.Some were counting money, others were rolling weed and others were filling guns with bullets.They were on the floor, couch, dining chairs and even some stood against the walls.Most of the girls were walking around naked, the ones with dignity had underwear on.Motiesha sneezed hard.
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3: Tiesha And The Bitch
It has been a while since Motiesha stopped working.Lowe took that as an opportunity to give her money every day.If she refused to collect it, he would leave it on the table or sometimes, the drawer beside her bed.So it was a surprise when Kiesha came home all bloodied.She had a swollen cheek, a busted lip and cracked knuckles.Tiesha stood up from the couch in her biker tights and Lowe's shirt."What the fuck happened to you?. Who did this?"."Monika's sister and her gang".
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4: Tiesha And The Stalker
"Ha!, I win again", Koko yelled in Tiesha's face."Yes!", she continued screaming."How did I end up with a goat-like person?", Tiesha mumbled."Cos goats and sheep flock together", she replied."Did you just call me sheep?", Tiesha looked at her. "Bitch you called me goat".Tiesha rolled her eyes as she dropped the game console."Time for nails", Koko squealed."Me first", Tiesha said."Why do you hate Ky'mon?", Koko asked as she filed her friend's nails."Ion hate him".
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5: Tiesha And The Visit I
"We gon be late, girlfriend", Koko said. "Almost done", Tiesha replied.  "Don't know why we dressing so bad", Tiesha whined.  "Cos i need to impress him and i didn't wanna dress alone", Koko pouted. "Fine, let's go". They got to the sitting room and Lowe whistled.  "Ya dripping mamas". "I wanna come", Kiesha whined. Koko gave Lowe a look but he didn't notice because he was busy licking his lips and rubbing his hands together.
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6: Tiesha And The Visit II
"King, we done countin'". They were almost done with dinner when a guy came in. Ky'mon nodded his head. "How much?", Ky'Mon asked. "8.4 Mil". "Keep 5, Share the rest", everyone carried on with their food and conversations as he spoke to the guy. "Dreads delivered X". "Bring me a sample". The guy left and came back soon with a blue substance in a small transparent sachet. He opened it and took a tiny bit with a small spoon. He sw
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7: Tiesha And The Rookies
"Baby, wake up", someone nudged Tiesha. "Few more minutes, Koko", she whined.  "It's already past eleven and your nigga said i should wake you up for breakfast". Tiesha groaned as she opened her eyes. Koko was already in towel and she helped Tiesha get out of bed. Tiesha stood up and Koko undressed her, wrapped a towel around her and pushed her into the bathroom. Koko smacked Tiesha's back and gave her a toothbrush after adding the paste.  Tiesha groggily brushed her teeth then got under the sh
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8: Tiesha And The Emotions
Motiesha had been avoiding Ky'Mon for two weeks.  She couldn't deal with it. She knew he killed but she had never thought she'd see it happen. It was just dark. She was home alone with Koko at work and Kiesha in school.  Kiesha was currently staying with Lowe.  She knew he could handle her well. Tiesha decided she had to get a job real soon whether Lowe liked it or not. Tiesha was twenty-one but she was not interested in going b
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9: Tiesha And The Hormones
Is it wrong?.To cheat on someone you're not dating?, was the question running through Tiesha's head.Koko came over to help her dress and lecture her.Which she, Tiesha really didn't mind."Fly, baby eagle", Koko said smiling. Tiesha rolled her eyes waiting for Kareem's call.He called few minutes later and she went out to meet him.He whistled when he saw her.She had on a glossy red and tight fit mini gown.  Her chocolate thighs were on display and Kareem couldn't help but appreciate her beauty.  His eyes raked her body shamelessly as she stared at him.She walked up to him and he licked his lips before opening the door of his car for her.He got in
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