The next day I woke up. The sun's rays hit my face, because I am near the window. I moved my body, then I felt that there's a blanket on my body. I look and suddenly thought, ′′ Did he go inside?".

I went to the bathroom. I was entering the bathroom's door when I saw a note on the doorknob and read it.

"Goodmorning, I need to go to my work today. I'll be home at exactly 7pm. Go downstairs, eat your breakfast and bring the tupperware on your room. Just stay there after you finish your food and lastly, I have left you a one pair of clothes in your cabinet. Go take a bath."

Yay! Long sweet message huh? How sweet, I felt my tears flowing down to my cheeks. I remember the night I got kidnapped, I cried a lot on that night. I shooked my head and took the clothes. And went straight to the bathroom and took a bath. A sachet of shampoo and soap is placed here, in fairness, he's kind! hahaha.

After taking a bath, I washed my clothes that I wore last night and put it near to the aircon to get dry easily.

I went out of the house and think again, the house is big yet sad. You won't hear anything.

I'm on the dining when I saw the food that is already prepared. Wait, maybe there's a poison on it. But I still ate because I can't stop myself from drooling. He just heated the food I cooked last night, even the rice. He also put a milk beside it. Ohh how sweet.

"Wow, is that how he took care?" I suddenly smiled because of the unbelievable things that happened to my life. After eating, I wash the dishes.

After that, I shift my gaze outside. I checked if there are still lot of armed men. Even though their boss isn't around, the house is still guarded? Aish! I'm loosing my hope to get out of this house.

I just brought the Tupperware that he told me to bring to my room. It contains biscuits and chocolates. "Does he want me to have a tooth decay?" It's so many chocolates inside. What the heck? Psh. Maybe this is a snack. A snack? Chocolate? Duhhh! I lay down and fell asleep.

It's almost seven in the evening when I remembered that it's the time that Helix will go home. I moved my body again when I saw a blanket around my body. When my consciousness came back I saw Helix on the sofa looking at me.

"You didn't finish your food." He calmly said while looking on the tupperware.

"I already told my secretary to buy all the things that you'll be needing, just checked it. Go down and cook for me." He commanded.

I checked all the items on the grocery and it's all complete. And there's also clothes, a panty and brassier? He's rude ha! Wait secretary? That only means that he's not the one who bought this. Hmm finally I can change.

After I checked those, I went to the kitchen to prepare food for the boss. I can't do anything, I'm a slave! That's why I must obey what he'll say, because if not, he might threatened my life.

All of the ingredients are already on the table when suddenly I saw a note.

"Cook pork adobo for me."

I checked the plastic. All the ingredients that I need are there, good thing it's complete.

I open the refrigerator and took the tupperware that contains pork and cook what Helix wanted me to cook.


I went on his room to tell him that the food is ready

"I'm coming." He answered.

I went down and prepare the food on the table and waited for him.

"Sit and eat with me." Isn't he trust me? Why do I need to stay with him while he's eating? Does he think I'll poison him? Tsk.

"No sir, you first."

"Eat or else..." Here we go again for his threats. Annoying!

"Okay fine." I sat infront of him then eat.

"Can I ask you a question?" He started.

"Sure." I shortly answered. Why? If I refuse do you think he'll stop? Or else I'll be in trouble if I said no!

" What did you do there last time? Did you heard what Regan and I talked about? " He asked that made me remembered what happened last night. Ahh, so Regan is the name of that one animal, haha tsk.

"Honestly, I'm about to go home that time. I just bought something on the store when I saw something strange. I didn't want to intervene, but sorry I couldn't hold it. " I answered.

And we ate silently.

"Thank you." I said when he look at me.

"No, thanks." He said.

"If you're not here, I won't be able to eat. That's why, thankyou." He added.

That animal? He blackmailed me? In his or else or else? Aish! He stood up and went to his room. I wash our dishes and then went straight to my room. I'm honestly restless. Who really is Helix Fidalgo? Is this a beast or a human?

I can't sleep, I'm overthinking. I shook my head and stand up, I just put the clothes and groceries he bought for me properly.

After putting it in the right place, I took a bath and get rested.

I don't like blanket so I just wonder why when I wake up in the morning I'm wearing blanket.

It's 12am in the morning when I felt something

entangled in my body. It's just that I heard footsteps near the sofa. I didn't move and fake my sleep until I heard a phone ringin'.

And if I'm not mistaken, it's Helix. Only the two of us are in the house and he's the only one who has a phone.

Only the voice, I already know who. That voice belongs to Helix Fidalgo.


"Huh? We need a girl?"

"What? To be my wife?"

"Oh yeah. I understand."

"Okay bye." He answered on the second line from the cellphone.

He needs a woman to be his wife? Omayghad! I might be the one he use. I need to think a way to get out of this.

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