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Boma Hart, a twenty-five year old lady,a wedding planner, thus since her previous relationship, she has always gone against any new ones, but when destiny, brings in two guys into her life, Boma will choose to either get a new shot at happiness with the sexy Brandon or Scott, a mouth watering ex of hers, neither did she know that both guys share a bloodline. Read to find out ( A forbidden love story)

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Zainab Ajike
No e story, babe
2023-05-19 16:22:30
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check this out guys ❤️❤️❤️❤️
2021-04-11 19:50:42
102 Chapters
PART ONE: The hookupI have invariably loved planning weddings ever since I was a child, I adore the idea of people coming together in celebration of two beautiful souls, and for that to result, you need me" boma hart" the wedding planner. I make people's dreams come true and at the end gets paid for it, if only grandma could see me now, "evil laugh". Today is the wedding of my best friend Tina and her high school sweetheart," Derek". Vastly times I visualize myself and say "will I ever have my happy ending?" till now that question is still pending, and do not know if it ever will happen!!. "Ma'am, the bride needs you!!" Jude, my assistant notifies me, "Thank you, Jude!!" I ran to her without wasting much time. "Hey, you!! What's going on, are you planning to run away from your wedding because you found out that Derek isn't the one!!" My lips weave out these words as she turns with an odd face. "What the hell are you saying? Of cause not, I
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PART TWO: The new clientRecap:/ hi! I am boma hart, and there are a few things you know or  probably just forgot; abruptly David turned out to be a phony, and even before we started anything, he kind of dumped me, I know I sound crazy but that's the truth, oops before I forget, after the whole procession, tina left for her honeymoon/. The following MorningMy alarm beeps at the side of my bed, "urgh!!" I got up reluctantly, strolling into the bathroom. I put on the shower, rolled down my cloth, and stepped under it, wearing my shower cap of cause. " La la la" that's the sound of me singing a song I only just made up in my head.Minutes later I strolled back out hurling my towel, when Jude called me on the phone, " Hello Jude, what's up?" I fix the phone on loudspeaker, "good morning ma'am, please I called to tell you that a client is waiting for you at the office, right now as we speak" he notifies me th
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PART THREE: No other choice No other choice Recap:/ hi! I am boma hart and there are a few things you know or probably just forgot; the following week I returned to the office, after my assistant, called to inform me that a client was waiting, neither did I know that the client was no other person but my ex, "Scott Lakewood"/. "Am I fibbing miss Boma Hart?" He nudged for a response, "no, on the contrary, your right sir, I have been booked throughout the remaining year and can't take any more weddings", I weaved out a lie because I will do anything, to get Scott out of my way. "No, no, no, you can't do this please!!" The lady strolled to me, "I am sorry, there's nothing I can do?" I retreated my words to her in a gloomy expression, " don't say that please, have always loved your work and I know how professional you are, please help us plan our wedding!!" She folds her hands, "I don't know, miss!!" I kept thinking if it wi
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PART FOUR: The callRecap/ hi! I am boma hart, and there are a few things you know or probably forgot; somehow I was emotionally blackmailed to plan Scott's wedding, even though I never wanted to, and on reaching home, he called just to taunt me the more and to add it all up, he paid a visit to me the following morning, at my office/."Jeez, chill out okay, It's only a harmless visit, is it a crime?" He raised a question, "yes! It is, I don't want to see you here anymore okay!!" I fixed my eyes to the door, "wait! Are you asking me to leave your office?" He surfed for answers, "yes Scott leave my office and the next time you come here, it should be with an appointment, okay?"  I nudged my eyes to the door, "fine, I will be leaving now?" He( Scott) walks out of the office in an angry state, heaving Jude in " what is it, Jude!!" I let out the moment my eyes fall on him, " sorry ma'am, but a client is waiting for you at the lounge" he informs me,
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PART FIVE: A COMPLETE STRANGER Recap:/ hi! I am boma hart and there are a few things you know or probably forgot, Scott's visit to my office, didn't go well as planned, and also a client wants me to attend her wedding anniversary with my supposed boyfriend, whereas mom decides to give me a surprise call/. "Okay dear, let me delude that's what truly happened," mom says smacking her tongue at me, "yes ma, what's going on, why did you call? Is father okay" In an anxious mood I asked, " yes, he is fine okay, don't worry! I only called just to inform you that I'll be coming to town today!" She says all of a sudden my head began to spin, " urgh!!" I let out a weak moan, "honey! Are you okay? Do you not want your sweet mother to stay with you"  she sounded sweet through the phone, and anytime mom begin altering sweetly to us, just be prepared because you're in for a big treat, "holy shit! Am in trouble" I couldn't help but imagine how much pai
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 PART SIX: TROUBLERecap: Hello, I am boma hart and there are a few things you know or probably just forgot; so mom decided to give me a surprise visit and it's not been even a day, she has started playing Cupid with a stranger inside the shopping mall. "Wait, are you fucking with me?" I withdrew my eyes from her reinstating it to him ( Brandon), "hello, nice to meet you!" He pulls out his hands to shake me but I was more concerned with the new mom had just given to me, "hmm!" I returned my eyes to her (mom) hurling her to the side. "Mom, what the fuck are you doing, how can you invite a common stranger to the house?" I took a side glance as he patiently waited for us. "What do you mean a stranger, didn't I tell you his name, and besides, you're getting old my dear, so it's best to have a date now, or do you wanna old without a man in your life?" She says,  I had two options, it was either I go a
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PART SEVEN: NOT SURERecap: hello I am boma hart, there are a few things you might know of Maybe forgotten, it seems Scott's presence in my life might end up being a disaster, mom brings home a stranger to dinner, and come to think of it, he's kinda cute, and lastly, he wishes to speak with me, alone, let's hope no one gets to commit murder". ( Stories continues) "Sure, we can talk outside," I said and walked my way towards the front porch, mom poked her head from the kitchen and met us talking. "Okay, miss Boma, I'll like to say thank you for inviting me to your home for a lovely dinner and your mom, she's a handful". He smiles lovingly, and proceeds further with his word)  "I don't know how to say this but, I believe you should know before it's too late".   Brandon tries to explain but gets cut shut by my words, "I know what you want to say?". I said.
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PART EIGHT: DINNER DATEDINNER DATE Recap/ hi!! I am boma hart, there are a few things you know or maybe forgot, mom stranger sets to be a charm of good luck to me, Brandon actually, and now, it seems he wants something more, I think it's time to forget my past and move on/ ( smiles) ( The following morning) Initially, the sound of my alarm clock gets me up from bed, but this time, a call from a just made friend, Brandon, got me donning a wide smile. "Hello, Brandon" I answered through the phone. "How are you, good morning!! Hope I didn't wake up?".  He says at the other end. Mins the fact he did wake me up, I figured acting all shy and happy, would end this conversation into a good morning start."No, you didn't, I was actually up from bed before your call came through". ( A white lie) "Oh that's good and please, I'll
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CHAPTER NINE:  A quarter past seven Recap/ hi!! I am boma hart and there is you know or maybe forgot, Brandon surprised me with a dinner date and on reaching the office, Scott was seated waiting for my arrival and an odd reason, reminisced/ ( strange) ( The same day) Scott left the office after turning him down, I knew he wasn't going to back down so easily, and yes!!! No matter how hard he tries to make me call my engagement with Brandon, I refused to give him the satisfaction. "Jude" I called my assistant and saw him running in. While Scott sat down at the lounge, glaring puppy dog eyes to me as Jude swiftly closed the door from behind. (Two hours passed)I kept myself busy with the ongoing planning of Scott's wedding I thought he must have left, but the second I walked out of the office to check, I met him sleeping on a wooden chair. 
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CHAPTER TEN: Underneath the stars Recap/ hi, I am Boma Hart, there is a few things you know or maybe forgot, Scott seemed to be adamant about wanting me to go with him to the music fest and my dinner date with Brandon ended on a good note/. ( The same evening) Brandon walked me to my car packed outside, "well, goodnight Miss Boma, I had a nice time with you". He says and swiftly filled up space between us. I closed up my eyes and felt his hand past mine as he opens up my car door and withdrew back. " Get in" he signaled, I looked back and smiled at him, " thank you, Brandon". I said and drove off without hesitation. ( Back home) Brandon phoned the minute I returned home, "hello stranger". I wandered in and count my step up to my room. "You must be back home right?. Inquired through the phone and met him r
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