12. What Happens Now?


As we sit together in his living room, Malachi embraces me tightly, and I try to feel at ease as I listen to the gentle and calming beat of his heart.

But it doesn’t work… I can still hear the moment the high priestess’ heart stopped.

“She died because of me,” I whisper, clutching onto the lapel of Malachi’s coat. “Why did she die? What did I do?”

“Shh, beautiful, it wasn’t your fault,” he says in a soothing voice as he runs his fingers through my hair. “She did what the Goddess called on her to do; nothing was your fault.”

It doesn’t make me feel any better, none of it does. I groan as I settle deeper into his embrace and choose to ignore everything else. Cassian has gone off somewhere to call on someone, and Rune is on the opposite side of the room, brewing something.

Right now I know I am being forward by sitting in Malachi’s lap and being this intimate with him, but being this close to my mate seems to be the only thing keeping me calm right now. He doesn’t mind either
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Bella Jersey
Hello ex #2
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Karina Vazquez
Could the beast be her beast? Doesn’t she have purple eyes? Is she a dragon now? This is getting very mysterious and interesting ...
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ooh I hope an unaliving of a disrespecter is coming l!

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