By:  Muleba Makukula  Ongoing
Language: English
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TRIGGER WARNING!! Sexual content. Slavery. 18+. Violence at the beginning. Abuse. Read at own risk. ~ ALPHA IAN ~ I have a sexy wife who I let everyone f**k, I feel nothing for her, to me she's my means of release and pride. My pack not only shares everything, they share everyone. Conquering packs for fun is our hobby. To us there is no such thing as a mate, because of the curse that the moon goddess bestowed upon us. But ever since I conquered the blood moon pack, I'm beginning to wonder what I feel for the filthy runt of the pack. I want no one to touch her. And what's worse is that I want to spread her legs apart and thrust my c**k into her tight, sweet p***y violently just so I could satisfy my urge and desires.

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default avatar
Great book!
2023-12-14 07:37:30
user avatar
Muleba Makukula
Good news. the sequel has finally been released. title: IAN'S BLOODLINE: THE ALPHA QUEEN.
2023-07-18 01:50:26
default avatar
Great story!
2023-04-19 18:15:48
default avatar
Felicia Gordon
Good story!! My only issues are we were allowed to share in the twins, Lexi, Whitney, and Leo’s first time together after all that waiting and Austin and Logan didn’t find their mates. It would been complete if these things had happened.
2023-03-18 04:05:17
user avatar
I just loved this book
2023-02-26 02:29:12
user avatar
Millie Sonis Kojenlang Emmius
I love the story, I just hope Ian change his mind about Amelia, I hope he will love her not just use her for the full moon. I recommend this book to everyone
2023-01-13 08:18:24
user avatar
Nuran Mayfield
I have loved this book&eagerly await the sequel!!! please keep writing!!!
2023-01-07 03:26:58
user avatar
Yvonne Morales
recommend this book extremely good loved it
2022-12-28 18:23:27
default avatar
Really enjoyed reading it and can’t wait for the sequel!! Highly recommended read!!
2022-12-21 12:31:07
user avatar
Karen Schmitz
Interesting story!
2022-12-11 03:11:15
default avatar
Author, the book currently jumps from chapter 17 to chapter 67. Can you please fix this issue?
2022-12-03 07:38:04
user avatar
Cecil N Charly Caldera
great book
2022-11-30 20:06:55
user avatar
Jyotika Mewara
Loved the whole book.. it's amazing with fabulous twist and turns and mind blowing chemistry between couples loved it
2022-11-24 17:27:34
user avatar
Neng Teteh
Dear author, recently you are focussing to much on Lexi and the twin, I think other character deserve a spread, and because the conflict with the Alpha King end very quickly, is there no more story to explore for Ian & Amelia? (Like the treath from other pack) Even the story of Neo & Toni no more
2022-11-11 12:02:25
user avatar
Muleba Makukula
I want to apologize. This past week I have been struggling with my eyes. I broke my glasses so it's getting hard on me to update on time. that's why I missed Saturday. I have a bad sight.
2022-10-31 20:51:16
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315 Chapters
Chapter 1
Ian's p.o.v "Ahh, Al..pha, slower, pl..ease slower." The female rogue pleaded in a labored breath. Sweat was running on her thin back and her long brown hair was messy from my strong grip. I smirked then drove my cock into her with force as she cried out. Her back was towards me while my hands and body were being supported by the table below her. Her legs, which were spread apart, were badly quivering. My eyes trailed from her back to her firm ass. Just knowing that she would have the guts to try and seduce me when I had just ambushed her pack and killed most of her people was a turnoff. But then again I was very bored and needed to have some fun, what better way than to make use of her body. After all, she had a nice figure. "Please alpha it hurts!" She screamed out when my grip on her hair tightened. I sighed loudly then pulled out of her. I was no longer turned on or hard. I actually felt upset over her annoying voice and fake cries. She fell on the gro
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Chapter 2
Amelia's p.o.v "But I am your mate." I whispered with tears rolling on my cheeks as his expression turned cold. My mate...was already mated. I couldn't believe his words. They hurt so bad and my wolf was whimpering in pain. He slowly knelt and faced me. At that very moment, I feared for my life and my heart picked up. His eyes were slowly turning into a shade of red. He looked very upset with me and his expression was deadly. I quickly lowered my gaze to the ground. "I have heard that sentence quite a lot, so if I ever hear those words again from your dirty lips, I promise to rip you into shreds. Am I clear?" He asked huskily. His voice held a binding dominance. I moved back slightly and bit my lower lip hard. There was no way I was agreeing to such a command no matter how much my wolf wanted to submit. Why was I not allowed to say that when it was the truth. "I said, am I clear?" He asked again but this time emitting his strong pheromones that forced any lower ra
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Chapter 3
Amelia's p.o.v The men stepped away from Merbal with smirks and approached me slowly. I was about to stand up and run to the door when I was grabbed by the leg and pushed down on the ground. I winced in pain as one of the men hovered on top of me, while two of his friends grabbed each side of my hand to stop me from fighting back. I was screaming and calling out to my mate who was standing still, looking down at me unaffected, his expression was colder than it was a few minutes ago. I couldn't believe that he really was the man I had been waiting for all my life. Something was terribly wrong with him. What happened to male mate's hating other men looking at their females?. What happened to mates being possessive and loving. The fucking bastard in front of me was neither of those things. "Let's toy with her a bit before diving in." The man on top of me said seriously then leaned in and kissed my neck roughly, his tongue making me nauseous. I was disgus
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Chapter 4
Ian's p.o.v I kept quiet, staring at the lady coldly because I could only think of two things and that was. One, I was either relatively exhausted that I was seeing things that weren't real or my hearing wasn't at its best peak "Axel, did she growl at us, and is she glaring at us right now?" I asked silently to be certain that I wasn't the only one seeing shit. He huffed then retreated into our subconscious without a word. His actions were rather old than pleasing ever since meeting the girl who claimed to be our mate. If it was any other girl doing the very same thing, he could have taken over and ripped her into pieces for her fucked up disrespect. But here he was, retreating and acting deaf. What was his fucking problem. Was he growing soft towards the slut because she looked innocent and pitiful?. Either way, I wasn't having that. I pulled up my trousers and my zip without taking my eyes off of her. She had a glare across her face that was directed towards the trash
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Chapter 5
Amelia's p.o.v I stumbled a bit and tried my best to keep up with a small group of ladies that were around me. I saw how some warriors behind us beat some she-wolves who were very tired to walk and that gave me motivation to move no matter how much pain I was in. Two of the she-wolves were brutally raped and killed for trying to escape. After seeing that, we all were afraid of attempting such a thing. The alpha looked calm as he walked ahead. On his left side was a tall man who I could tell was a beta by his aura and on his other side was a delta that had tried to have his way with me in the woods. I couldn't understand why they were all walking in their human form rather than tuning into their wolves. Either way, I was grateful that the alpha had not given such an order because I couldn't shift into my wolf. Yes, I could hear her clearly and feel her emotions through me, but I couldn't shift. It was one of the reasons I was abused and mistreated. A few times th
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Chapter 6
Amelia's p.o.v I couldn't stop crying as we walked past the border of the pack. The two ladies were left dead and used like they were breeding machines and no one seemed to care. The bastards even hit them just to exercise their dominance and power. I had no idea what lay ahead of us but I could guess that it was hell. A few cheers came from the warriors when a huge mansion came into view and soon after a few houses too. "Home sweet home." The Beta Said then rushed ahead of everyone. "The beta sure has balls. He can't even put his cock in check when it comes to our Luna. I will pay you $10,000 if I'm wrong, but my guess is that he's rushing to fuck her." The Delta who was behind the alpha whispered, shocking me. I looked at the Alpha expecting him to turn and rip him to pieces for saying that. But when he continued walking without a care I was stunned. How could he be calm and not even care?. Was it because she wasn't his mate?. Or was it because he had heard no
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Chapter 7
Amelia's p.o.v "I don't like her." The Luna said lazily while she sat upright and faced me coldly. I slowly lowered my eyes to the ground and clenched my hands in fists. I was furious with her, so damn much, and the only thing I could think about was grabbing her hair and dragging her out of the damn room and to the freakin stairs. "You and I share the same feelings, Luna. I actually don't fucking get why the alpha would gift such a slut to you. If he wanted to hand you a trophy, the slaughtered alpha's daughter would have been....." "Blade, know your place." The beta said loudly. "Neo..." "Ian would kill you without hesitation upon hearing your stupid words. Everything he has ever done for you and our pack has always been wise and the best decision no one could ever come up with. Choosing this she-wolf as a slave for the Luna isn't a bad idea and deep down we all know that Ian has his reason which we should never question." The Beta said with emphasis
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Chapter 8
Amelia's p.o.v "Ouch," I murmured under my breath while I walked to a huge mansion ahead. A few women were outside chatting and laughing. By their clothes and how they looked, I understood they were split into four groups. The first group which was near the entrance were dressed in high-quality clothes. I remember hearing Merbal obsessing over the same clothing line. She went on ranting about how expensive the clothes and products were. The ladies all had their hair and make-up done. They looked very healthy too and cheerful. Right on their left was another group of ladies. Unlike those, they looked horrible. Their clothes were dirty and torn, they had raccoon eyes, and bruises were fixed on their bodies. They were all quiet and kept looking from side to side, it's like they were in fear of something. A few meters away from them was another group. The ladies in that group wore simple clothes. One was reading a book, while another was moving back and forth with headsets plu
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Chapter 9
Amelia's p.o.v I sighed in relief once the warriors were completely out of my sight. My heart was rapidly beating and the pain was still there that it was making me sick to my stomach. I looked at the lady beside me and forced a smile on my face. It was horrible to be noticed by any man who wasn't my mate, but then again, how was I to hide from all of them without being noticed?. My mate didn't want anything to do with me and he made that clear a lot of times. The only time he gave me his full attention was when I was attacked and that's only because I was his wife's personal slave. "Thank you." The lady whispered, confusing me. Why was she saying that to me when I was the one who was supposed to say that? If not for her, I couldn't have sat down or known that the warriors were behind me, who knew what they could have done to me?. "For what?" I asked in a low tone. "For helping me out back then. Remember, I was about to go back when the beta granted us freedom?" She ask
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Chapter 10
Amelia's p.o.v Not only were we taken by force from our pack, all that we knew and grew up cherishing was destroyed, despite having no one to love and to protect me, she probably did, and seeing them being killed and slaughtered was a horrible feeling. What's even worse was that we were supposed to please the same pack that killed our pack members. "I don't know when my owner will be back." She said in a cracked voice. "Owner?" I asked to try and understand what she was talking about. "Yes, my owner." She answered then pulled out her hands from mine. "When we reached the pack, you were taken away while we were ordered to stand there. A warrior went ahead to call the other males that had remained behind." She said then swallowed hard and put her hand together on her lap. "Then the warriors came running happily towards us..." She trailed off as her voice broke and tears continued to fall. "You don't have to tell me anything. So don't." I whispered sadly as tears filled my
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