14. Cassian's Heartache


My head is still hazy from my interaction with all three Alphas and thankfully they’ve given me a few minutes alone. To be honest, everything in me is telling me to not hold back with them because they’re my mates, but there’s still an apprehensive voice in the back of my head.

The voice that tells me these Alphas will hurt me if given the chance.

Granted, I don’t know them that well yet and there must be secrets they’re hiding from me like Malachi’s fiancee. But I feel like falling headfirst into this without thinking could be a bad idea.

I’ll be giving these men everything in me. How do I know they’ll do the same? A mate bond isn’t absolute, look at what Aiden did to me after I gave myself to him.

Breathing out a sigh, I get to my feet and slowly pace Malachi’s bedroom. He had a few things to deal with, Rune had to give orders to his men and Cassian needed to inform his mother of what was happening.

How Malachi is searching for an island for me so the three of us could stay
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Karina Vazquez
Maybe his first love was murdered. That seemed very suspicious ...
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Hahaha I was thinking the same exact thing!
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Can I be Reyna?
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