TLS #1: Taming The Bad Boy

TLS #1: Taming The Bad Boy

By:  beyondlocks  Ongoing
Language: English
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TLS #1 Ethan Vecton Handsome, smart as hell, manly body and a playboy. He only look at beautiful and hot girls. He hates and always get cold to nerdy, stupid and ugly girl. Kimberly Medilton She's one of the Vallon's kids but she lives in Seattle with her grandparents. Her grandparents always teach her how to live ordinary before she will go to London for university. She's plain, not smart and dress up like she has no money. Her only beauty is her heart to be exact.

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Taming the Bad Boy is a billionaire boss romance novel with comedy elements. The book follows two main characters, Ethan Vecton and Kimberly Medilton. Ethan is smart, rich, hot as hell, and a horrible playboy. He will only give the time of day to the most beautiful women. He can't be bothered by nerdy, poor girls like Kimberly who refuse to dress up and look pretty for him. However, Kimberly may just have something special that Ethan can't see from the outside - her heart. Experience the romance between this unlikely match firsthand in this romance novel.

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31 Chapters
Chapter 1
Kimberly MediltonIf you have an option to pick 'Love someone' or 'Being love by someone'?Well I pick 'Being love by someone' because if you pick 'Love someone' it will take you a lot of effort to get that person's attention. You will get hurt a lot along the way and there's 99% that the person that you like won't like you back for girls case not boysWell I've been completely in love with a guy named Ethan Vecton. He's the second son of Maxwell Vecton. Ethan Vecton is a complete opposite of me. He's a smart ass , handsome , basketball player and lastly a playboy. He never stays with one girl more than a week. That's how crazy he is with girls and he only like beautiful and hot girlsI liked Ethan since my freshmen days and it was love at first sight for me. It's almost 3
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Chapter 2
Kimberly Medilton"Are you fucking kidding me? You're the stupidest person ever and I'm going to tutor you?" Ethan asked in a really cold tone, he glared at me."Sorry.""You're a curse to me you stupid girl." He bursted and I just stayed silent."Go study for yourself, I don't fucking care." He bursted angrily and walked out from the empty class. I sighed and walked to my table to take my bag. I walked out from the class and saw Joy already looking at me with sad eyes."What?""He's going to tutor you right?""Yeah, but he's not happy about it.""You can take this opportunity to get close to him." She said a
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Chapter 3
Ethan Vecton"Fuck" I bursted and threw my phone to the sofa"Wow easy there Ethan, what's with you?" Crystal a.k.a my sister in law asked. She's married to my big brother Lucas"Maybe a girl" My brother entered the living room"Did you buy it?" Crystal asked Lucas"Nope" Lucas smirked and Crystal pouted"I'm kidding love. I bought it and I already put it inside the fridge" Lucas kissed Crystal's cheek"Can you both don't do that in front of me?" I was so pissed"What's with you? Who dumped you?" Lucas asked raising his eyebrows and I threw my body to the sofa"A stup
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Chapter 4
Kimberly Medilton"Hey Ethan" I greeted him at his locker and he ignored me like usual"Have you eaten?" I asked and of course he ignored me. Suddenly he shut his locker loudly and turned to me coldly"I want to make an agreement with you stupid girl" He looked at me with that cold hazelnut eyes"W-wha-what agreement?" I stuttered because we never had this eye contact before. My heart was going to burst any second"I don't want to tutor you, I'm going to pay a tutor for you instead" He said and my eyes widen"What? What do you me-""I'm going to pay a tutor for you , give me your house addre-""I suggest that
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Chapter 5
Kimberly Medilton"How's my princess doing?" My dad suddenly sneak to the kitchen"Dad!" I squealed and ran to him hugging him tightly"I miss you , when are you going to New York?" He asked"Soon dad , I'm busy with school" I said and he looked at me suspiciously"Kimmy" My mom said and I hugged her too"How are you mom and why are you so beautiful?" I asked and she chuckled"Really?""Kimberlyyyyyyyyy!!!" I heard my sister shout from the living room and I ran to her"Give me a hug lil sis" She opened her arms widely and I chuckled. I hugged her tightly
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Chapter 6
Kimberly Medilton"When are we going to have the tutor?" I asked Ethan and he turned to me"After school, at the cafeteria" It's weird to see him giving in like this and I nodded"Happy?" He asked and walked past me"Hey Kim," I turned to see Jaden greet me. His friends looked at him weirdly and I felt weird too because he greeted me with his friend around"Hey" I said and he walked to me. He gestured his friends to walk to class first"So what's up?" He asked"Uhmm Jaden , people are looking at us" I said looking around uncomfortably"So what? So what's your first class?" He asked and I felt uncomfortable wi
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Chapter 7
Kimberly Medilton"Are you kidding me stupid? I already explained this 4 times in a row and you still don't get it?" He bursted angrily and I gulped nervously. He glared at me and took a really deep breath"Sorry""Stop apologizing!" That made my mouth shut"Let's be done for today" He closed his book and put it into his bag. I swore to myself that I need to study this part again tonight until it cling to my head"Thankyou and sorry Ethan," I said and he looked at me annoyed. He left me alone and I sighed. Instead of leaving school, I started to repeat what Ethan told me earlier.I repeat and repeat and repeat again.."The stupid girl is still here"
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Chapter 8
Ethan Vecton"Why do you hangout with a girl like that stupid girl?" Dean asked Jaden and that got me curious too because a guy like Jaden is hard to make friends that easily with someone yet he picked that girl"She has a name, not a stupid girl""Dude.. This is not you. Why are you after a girl like that when you have a lot of hot girls lining up?" Tony laughed at it and I let out a small chuckle too"Never judge a book by it's cover. She might not that attractive when you look at her from her appearance but when you know her.. everything will be different" Jaden said as he threw a shot"Since when did you become this serious?""She understands me when nobody of you not" Jaden shot a cold
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Chapter 9
Kimberly Medilton"Done?" Jaden asked as he sat beside me"Go take her quickly, my head hurts" Ethan said and I sighed. I put my books inside my bag"Next time let me tutor you" Jaden said and I turned to him"You're as dumb as her" Ethan mocked"Let's just go" I said"Let's go" We both stood up and I turned to Ethan"Thanks" I said and he shrugged. Jaden pulled my arm and we walked out from the cafeteria"So where are you taking me?" I asked and he turned to me giving me a teasing look"You'll see" He said"You're not plannin
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Chapter 10
Ethan Vecton"Why are you here?" I asked coldly"Just want to see you practice" She said and she walked in while no one was here except us two"Don't you have anything else to do?" I asked annoy"I just want to see you practicing for a few minutes then I'm out. I just miss seeing you" Miss me? She literally see me everyday and almost every recessI decided to ignore her presence and started to play basketball. I focused on the ring and kept practicing."Drink first" She said suddenly, making my head turn to her. She raised a water bottle and walked to me. I took it from her and drank it quickly"Do you see Jaden?" She suddenly asked and that made me
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