Can I Come In?


My body thanked me for finally eating something and not totally giving up on myself. It spurred me into desperate action. I chipped at the seams on the windows with my fingernails until they cracked and bled. I went through every drawer in the room looking for something to pick the locks with, going as far as to pull a corner of the carpet up to search for nails. Nothing worked.

Eventually I crumpled to the floor and hung my head in my hands, letting the tears fall again, sniffling pathetically as I thought of Emma and Killian’s warning about how stupid I’d been to risk her. The same could be said for Jim, I realized. Emma would tell him, no doubt about it.

I could only hope that Fred would be willing to protect him. He’d always been like a father to me when my own Dad was incapable of doing so. He’d worked for my dad for a long time as a caporegime, tough and powerful and loyal to a T. He was one of the rare few that ever retired from the mafia, and even after I’d left, cut ties
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Lourdes So
more episodes pls.
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Lourdes So
hope to read more.. getting more interesting.
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Janey Harrison Bodle
great book!!

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