Taken by the Mafia King

Taken by the Mafia King

By:  Ali Parker  Ongoing
Language: English
8 ratings
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Sera I escaped a life plagued with death and destruction years ago. But it's come back to haunt me. Killian Ricci is no ordinary crime boss. He's the grim reaper. I belong to him. I don't know why he's keeping me locked up. All I know is he holds my life in his hands. And in the mafia world, his hands are bloody. They don't call him the Hand of Death for no reason. If I want to survive I have one option. Submit. Killian Mano Della Morte. That's what they call me. The Hand of Death.

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Andrea Armstrong
Very good story & plot twists! I like when my guesses are right, but I LOVE when I'm wrong! Well played. I'm just going to go looking for the actual book, so I don't have to wait for the end! ...️
2024-05-20 02:15:08
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Delinda Schumacher
399 chapters 5-9-24
2024-05-09 23:23:14
default avatar
When are the next chapters coming out?
2024-05-09 03:27:57
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cassidy Dunn
The transition from enemies to lovers was smooth and convincing- The author did an excellent job guiding their reader through from start to finish. And the romance!? HOT ...... This book deserves a lot more publicity.
2024-04-25 23:29:47
default avatar
Christine Hamrick
Really good book.. so good it has me waiting in anticipation for the next chapters to be released..
2024-03-27 07:03:13
default avatar
Emma Sellers
Loved this one!!
2024-03-20 11:32:14
user avatar
Azariah Henry
2024-02-23 09:58:47
user avatar
A top rates book for its goodness in writing mafia book, lol, I thought my mafia book.idea will be great but after reading this, it's a mess compared to this. I have a lot of work to do, but kudos to author, she tried.
2024-02-18 18:37:40
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Angel at the Auction
KillianIt’d been years since I last stepped foot in Sala delle Rose, the grotesquely enormous mansion situated on the Jersey coast. I avoided this place if I could help it. Grecian columns lined a long foyer as I walked toward the ballroom. Yes, a fucking ballroom. Riccardo Marino’s grandfather had built this place back in the early nineteen thirties and had apparently thought of everything when it came to what his descendants might get up to when he was six feet under and nothing but a mural on the wall.The Marinos were once the family—the ones calling the shots and ruling over practically the entire east coast. But Riccardo’s rise to power some thirty years ago saw the end of their reign. Now, the man threw his fancy parties and sat on his throne, which was exactly that: a big golden chair with red velvet cushions that overlooked the entire ballroom.I smirked as I entered and looked around.“Your mask?”I turned, looking Riccardo’s son Niccolò in the eyes. His pupils widened befo
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Less Risk, More Reward
Sera“Who are you?” I whispered to the man who’d just bought me for a million dollars.He was not handsome. He was not young. His eyes were bright and blue and cruel.“You know me, bella,” the old man crooned as he ran a finger down my cheek and along my jaw, pressing under my chin so I had to look up into his eyes. “Say my name.”“Gabriele de Luca,” I said, my voice a strained whisper as he smiled.“I do love the sound of that on your tongue.” He clucked, patting my cheek with his warm, clammy hand. He was my father’s age, maybe a little older. I didn’t know for sure.But what I did know was that they were enemies. Was this why I was taken? Was I kidnapped and sold so he could use me up and then kill me, returning what was left of my body to my father’s doorstep when he was done?I gagged at the thought, and gagged even harder as he slid his thumb into my mouth and over my tongue. I tasted copper, leather, and tobacco.“You better be worth the money I spent on you,” he warned, pressi
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I'm Not Interested in You
KillianThe petite, almost fragile-looking woman shivering like a wet cat in front of me was Delaney Lombardi. Her name rolled off my tongue as I tapped her shoulder to get her attention, but she was wide-eyed and in some kind of terrified trance.Tommaso sighed heavily, giving me an exasperated look as I snapped my fingers at her. “Raise your arms up,” my right-hand man told her. I glanced at Tommaso, shaking my head, as Delaney started sobbing between us. We were standing in a small alcove somewhere in the back of the mansion, three of my best guards forming a semi-circle around us to shield the girl from watchful eyes as Tommaso pulled a large sweatshirt over her head. It was his, and it swallowed her up so much that the length of it brushed against her knees.“Better?” Tommaso asked as Delaney glanced between us with wide hazel eyes filled with nothing but fear and confusion. That was a natural reaction, I supposed, but also a predictable one. Boring. “Pretty cold in here, huh?”S
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I'm Your Daddy Now
SeraThey were speaking loudly in Italian. I was sure Gabriele and his men thought I didn’t know what they were saying, but I was fluent. My mom had seen to that, putting me and my brother Leonardo—Leo—into private catholic schools and bringing us up in what she lovingly called “the old way.”We’d spent summers in Italy with my maternal grandparents. I’d picked oranges from my Nonna’s tree, and she’d sliced them up and served them with olives, Coppa, and fresh bread.Tears streamed down my face as I shifted my focus back to their conversation and away from the beautiful memories of what was sometimes a loving, happy childhood before my mother died. My neck felt bare and cold without the weight of my rosary. I ached to reach up and rub it between my thumb and forefinger, but even the slightest movement of my arms sent a rush of searing pain through my hands as the handcuffs shredded my skin.Gabriele had me in his lap. I could smell cigar smoke and sweat even through the bag. I could d
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Please Help Me
SeraI’m dying.Gabriele was killing me, his arm pressed into my neck and cutting off my air supply. My fingernails clawed at his arm, but he didn’t move. I felt myself slipping into calm, cool darkness and it was a welcome relief.But then I heard shouting, and suddenly he released me. I took a deep, desperate breath even though I’d been reaching toward that bright light at the end of the tunnel that turned out to be the grime-covered lightbulb hanging from the ceiling instead. As soon as the humid, putrid air filled my lungs I started coughing and couldn’t stop.“What?” Gabriele shouted as he pulled on his pants and threw open the door. I couldn’t hear what the guard said, but Gabriele cursed under his breath as I brought my shaking hands up and clutched my neck where a bruise was surely forming. More coughs came, and Gabriel shoved me aside, cursing at me to be quiet.“Get her some different clothes,” he growled. “And make her eat. Force her if need be. I don’t want her losing any
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Gabriele's Girl
SeraI clutched the sheet to my chest as a young woman entered the room. She was dressed in a pale blue uniform of some kind, her mousy brown hair pulled away from her face. I knew as soon as I laid eyes on her that my hopes of a rescue were foolish.She held a tray of food in one hand and a plastic bag in the other.“Hi.” She didn’t look me in the eyes when she spoke. Instead, she kept her gaze fixed on the tray of food. “I brought you something to eat and change into.”“I need out of here,” I said, “not food and clothes.”A guard moved into place outside the door as she closed it behind her. My heart fell into my stomach as a crushing weight settled there. What lengths would he go to in order to make sure I didn’t set one toe out of this prison? Was he waiting for his turn with me, like Gabriele had promised him? How patient a man could he be? Would he wait? Or if he saw an opportunity… I shook my head, scattering my thoughts. I couldn’t focus on every little threat right now. There
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Don't Waste Your Breath
SeraGabriele moved toward me wearing nothing but a robe—a nice one. Something made of soft, cool fabric so unlike the tattered robe wrapped around me. I had no idea what time it was, but he looked like he’d slept and showered.At least he’d be clean when he forced himself on me, not that that even mattered.“Take off the robe,” he commanded in an emotionless voice that sent a chill skittering up my spine. I hesitated a second too long and anger flashed through his eyes as he stalked forward and yanked me into a seated position.I yelped as he slapped me hard across the face. I tasted blood but fought the urge to burst into tears as I remembered what I’d promised myself before I fell asleep.Let him touch you. Let him have his way. Live, for the love of God, live as long as you can and get out of here! Live, so you can kill this man with your bare hands. Live, so you can stop this madness from continuing.“What did I say about obeying me, bella?” He fisted my hair and forced me to loo
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