My Forbidden Sin

My Forbidden Sin

By:  Taevya  Completed
Language: English
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“So all this time, you have been fucking dreaming about taking her place in my life?” he uttered and those words of his were enough to turn her pain into a wrath. “No, I have never dared to dream about taking her place in your life,” she breathed out, restraining herself from breaking down into tears. “I wear your Noelle's clothes, not because I know you can never love anyone more than her but because I wanted to get loved by you, Rican Alfanso,” she finally dared to reveal her feelings to him which she had been trying to hide from him all this time but not anymore. “So you want me to fucking love you?” his jaw clenched, barbarically. “Fine, you will get what you want, Nina Halzen but in my fucking way,” he glowered and her body froze when she felt him gripping her dress's zip. “I will love you the way I fucking want,”ripping her dress apart, he revealed her naked body and then forcefully shoved her against the bed. “Now I will tell you my fucking definition of love,” pressing their naked bodies together, he aggressively clutched her wrists, making her petrified because she was aware of how far his sadistic madness could go when it came to hurt someone. “And you will understand it tonight that why your love is a fucking sin for me, mi reina....” glowering, he smashed his mouth against hers, numbing her soul. . . . . The only mistake Nina made was to fall for a man who was made to love someone else but now how much this mistake of Nina's was going to cost her and how fatally? That she dared to love a man who was always going to consider her love as a forbidden sin. Read To Find Out….....

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Indira Koley
This book is one of my favorite books......
2024-05-30 15:02:50
user avatar
I love this book and it's amazing
2024-05-29 14:33:53
user avatar
love this book
2024-05-29 12:08:47
user avatar
I loved this book! You did an excellent job of creating an epic love story. From start to finish, the book captivated my attention.
2024-05-26 16:41:24
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love this book🤍🤍
2024-05-26 15:55:18
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Aamira Fathima
Thank you for this amazing story author can't wait for your other works I am sure as hell they are going to be as mind-blowing as this love you
2024-05-26 15:37:00
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Purvi Singh
What’s with the single update?... We want double update dear author plz
2024-05-20 12:31:08
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took me two days to read , it was captivating, those ups and down , i need more updates <3
2024-05-17 19:53:50
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i really want author to write a love triangle book
2024-05-14 14:29:14
user avatar
2024-05-09 23:20:45
user avatar
hi author love ur books but i hv a sincere request can u do nxt book where female lead will be a dancer please please ...
2024-05-02 19:16:51
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Aamira Fathima
The last chapter was so hot and steamy author but at the same time I am scared of what's coming ahead in their life's
2024-05-01 17:51:58
user avatar
I want to kiss your hands soo bad ......... you are soo damn perfect ......
2024-04-30 23:06:48
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Taehyung Kim
Taevya taevya taevya love for you is inceasing everyday .....why are you so perfect have become like a regular routine to me .....without your writing my day is useless....your writings literally take me out of this cruel reality ....i love you ..please be safe and take care of yours
2024-04-29 22:30:17
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Jung Hoseok
I'm checking every 1 hour for your update please update fate
2024-04-29 01:03:47
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132 Chapters
The darkness inside that room finally lightened up, revealing her frame to those dusky brown eyes but as soon as his gaze fell on her body, the calmness in his demeanour completely vanished. Within a second, his eyes turned bloodshed, whereas his palms clenched vigorously by finding her wearing that dress which belonged to his deceased wife.Her smile started fading, seeing that rage engulfing in his eyes. She had not expected him to come back home so early this evening and somehow, she wore those clothes, just to make him smile, just to see him happy but the opposite of her expectations happened. Her heart shuddered when she saw him walking in her direction. The darkness in his eyes continued to turn more and more vicious with every passing second. His feet paused, just right in front of her.“Why did you wear this?” His voice felt extremely calm but she knew he was on the edge of bursting out at her because she could clearly see that ruinous animal inside his gaze whom she was terr
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Her Forbidden Fate
Tears of pleasure were shimmering in her cerulean eyes, making them look more gleaming and endearing. She dug her nails against his huge bare back as she felt her pleasure intensifying. Her teary gaze was fixed at the owner of those dark brown eyes who was giving her that ruinous pleasure. His face was not clearly visible to her because of the darkness around them but his sinful eyes were enough to captivate her existence in them. Their completely naked bodies were moving in a beautifully passionate synchronisation. Their heavy warm breaths were colliding against each other. The erotic sound of their skin slapping against each other was echoing under that beautifully glowing moon and those countless stars which were becoming the testimony of that sin those two intertwining bodies were loving to commit with each other.She was insanely, obsessively and ruinously in love with this man above her who was now possessing her body, her heart, her soul, her entire existence as solely and co
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Passing The Interview
Her feet made their way towards the huge entrance of that building but she got halted by the guards at the entrance. “Your entrance card?” One of the guards asked Nina. All those guards were looking very rude, who loved to scare everyone and Nina hated such kind of people but she just nodded at that guard and took out her entrance card. She handed the card to that guard. Cain had already told her regarding this that no one could enter into the premises without the entrance card, no matter what.“Okay, you can go,” the guard gave her the card back. Shoving the card back in her handbag, she walked towards the main door but there she had to walk through the security detector to enter inside finally. A little scowl formed on her face. Why so much security? She had no interest in stealing anything from here. With her frown, she entered inside the premises finally but as soon as she did it, her frown faded and got replaced by a stunned reaction. This place was looking even more beautifu
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Tripping & Falling
“Yes, here is my name,” Nina uttered, finally seeing her name in the students’ semester entrance list on her college board. “I told you that it would be here. You were panicking for no reason, Ni,” Rachael said, spinning her eyes. She had already found her name on the entrance list. Both the girls had come to their college to check if their names had been shortlisted for the new semester or not as their first semester had ended and now the next one was about to begin.“Shut up, Rach. How would you have reacted if you had not found your name even in the last list?” Nina scowled. Rachael again spun her eyes.“Stop being so dramatic, Ni. We found our names, so let's be happy about it,” Rachael uttered. Nina nodded at her, smiling.“By the way, you remember that we have to first make the settlements for entering into this semester as it has additional subjects and other things or else they wouldn't allow us to sit in the classes?” Rachael asked her. Her question made Nina sigh.“I know.
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Mr Devil Alfanso
Nina's heart froze seeing those dusky brown eyes glowering down at her like he was on the edge of ripping her soul out of her body. It felt like she fell on the feet of a grim reaper and now she had no other option than to surrender her life to him in every possible way. Snapping back into reality, she attempted to hurriedly get up on her feet. Nina pressed her palms against the floor to stand up but as soon as she did it, her wounded palm ached which made her hiss. Ignoring it, she tried to get in a hurry but again her heels slipped on the cake which made her grab his coat to support her own balance. But her eyes widened in shock when she noticed not only his shoes and pants, but now she ruined his coat too as her hands were covered in cake and she uses them to hold his coat. She was so gone now. “I am sorry. I…. I am so sorry, sir,” Nina apologised. She panicked and tried to clean his coat with her hands but it resulted in more destruction. She stained his dark black coat with that
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Not Rude, But Heartless
“What the fuck, Ni? You slapped Rican Alfanso on your very first encounter?” Rachael uttered with her extremely widened eyes. When Nina was returning back from the hotel, Rachael called Nina to know how her work was going on in N.R…Alfanso but there Nina told her what had happened in the hotel and hearing about it, Rachael immediately reached Nina's home to meet her and in her home, once again Nina described everything that had happened in N.R…Alfanso to Rachael and this time in more details. Nina rolled her eyes, seeing Racheal's widened eyes and continued massaging her feet which were hurting badly after the countless times she tripped with those pathetic and good for nothing heels and why wouldn't those heels hurt her, especially when the real possessor of them had done nothing except for insulting her and on above, in front of so many people. “Here goes my beautiful dream of becoming your mother-in-law, Ni,” Rachael faked a cry which made Nina scowl. She punched Racheal's shoulde
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Straight In His Embrace
“Mrs Karren?” Nina spoke, startled, seeing her landlady in front of her. In all of this mess, she completely forgot about this headache of hers. Nina saw her landlady sending her a dispising glare before she pushed Nina's arm away to let herself step inside the door. Nina scowled while glaring at her back because that woman had no manners or etiquettes. Whenever she came here, she didn't leave a single chance to make Nina remember that this house belonged to her. “So, Ms. Halzel, where is my rent?” Mrs Karren asked her with no courtesy or politeness. Nina sighed. She had not given her the rent of the previous month and her landlady had already visited her almost more than ten times to get her rent from her. “Mrs Karren, I will give it to you just give….” “I don't have any time for your same lame excuses, Ms. Halzen, of getting fired from your job because that's not my headache to take,” her landlady shut her up. “I have given you my house to live in, so I need my rent for it and
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Her Desperate Curiosity
“Welcome to your new home,” Nina heard Cain telling her after opening the door of his apartment for her. Soon after packing her stuff, he told her to move in with him without waiting for the next morning. Nina felt hesitant but reluctantly she agreed to his decision and came here to his apartment with him after leaving her own home ... .at least that was what she had been believing as her home for the past six months. Nina stepped inside his apartment. It was not the first time she was coming here. He had taken her here a few times before too but she had always stayed in his apartment for not more than an hour but right now, she was going to stay here for full days and even nights which was terrifying her the most because she didn't know for how long she would have to stay here with him. Besides, no matter what Nina was not comfortable sharing her privacy with someone, especially with an opposite gender. Called her narrow minded or hypocrite, Cain was her boyfriend but Nina was still
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Colliding Their Paths
“His name is Carl Abrot,” he heard his man telling him. His piercing brown eyes were fixed at the picture of that man in front of him.“And as per our sources, he lives around Dawn Blue College. He has been caught wandering around that college most of the time, especially during the nighttime,” he keenly heard every word of his man who was informing him about a man who had been suspecting keeping his eyes on them and their underworld business.“Our suspicion is not confirmed yet that he has been working for Gonzalezs or not,” “Keep your eyes on him and his every move,” he finally opened his mouth, staring at the picture of that man.“Okay and what about that girl, Nina Halzen?” He heard his man asking him suddenly and hearing that girl's name, his palm clenched on his own.“Should we keep our eyes on h…”“Forget about her,” he shut that man up, barely being able to hold his anger from bursting out at his man just because he dared to mention about that filth of a girl.Snapping his ga
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Let Alone Touching You
After climbing the stairs, Nina reached the second floor of that huge mansion of Alfansos. She roamed her eyes everywhere around her and noticed there were more than half a dozen rooms on this floor and she had also forgotten to ask Mr Riccardo Alfanso about in which room she should be going. For a brief moment, she continued to stand there while thinking about where she should be heading to but suddenly she recalled that stain of pudding on her dress. She looked down and witnessed that pudding stain drying up on her favourite and one and only dress. Resisting thinking about anything else, Nina dashed inside the very first room she found on her way, without even trying to find out to whom it belonged. She entered that room and wandered her eyes everywhere in search of a bathroom and in that process, she noticed something off about this room and she herself didn't know why and what. Probably because she didn't like the vintage and cool tone colours of this room. It was giving her s
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