The Almighty Dragon General

The Almighty Dragon General

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Falling victim to an ingenious scheme, the entire Caden family was burned alive. Risking her own life, Thea Callahan pulled James Caden out of the inferno. Ten years later, James made a triumphant return with two purposes in mind. One was to repay Thea for saving his life, and the other purpose was to take revenge on those who killed his family. Upon meeting Thea once again, he made her a single promise: as long as she was with him, she would have the entire world in the palm of her hands.

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The Almighty Dragon General is a billionaire novel with a special background. James Caden was saved by brave Thea Callahan from the fire ignited by someone on purpose, while the rest of members of his family all passed away in the fire. Several years later, James Caden returned and was determined to take revenge. Besides that, he found the girl who had saved him and promised to pay her back……

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Maricel Pait
cant wait to read all the passages
2023-09-30 02:22:59
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Divyam Yadav
Release more chapters daily
2023-09-26 12:11:48
default avatar
Puneet Sharma
Great read
2023-09-23 13:19:54
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can anyone please tell me where can I find the raw version of this novel
2023-09-22 23:30:58
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Hawkeye H
can anyone please tell me where can I find the Chinese version of this novel
2023-09-21 22:14:27
user avatar
h hawkeye
can anyone please tell me where can I find the Chinese version of this novel
2023-09-21 22:13:46
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Shashavali Akhun
Awesome and interesting
2023-09-21 03:26:45
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Fredrick Jones
I'm on chapter 4670 and have no desire to start about being able to access the current point in the story...and how do you expect a person to read when you won't release any material.
2023-09-20 01:24:33
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sobowale oluwadamilare
interesting book
2023-09-19 04:52:05
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Garcia 💥
Interesting read.
2023-09-18 04:33:33
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Jm Chavez
nice story
2023-09-15 19:48:37
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Okoroegwu Levi Eni
This book is amazing I love it
2023-09-15 16:37:13
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This book is amazing keeps you wanting more, I highly recommend it. Great read.
2023-09-14 22:19:28
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Leroy Barnes
This book is explosively interesting with edge of the seat action through out
2023-09-13 05:04:24
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Chelsea Grande
only 1 chapter posted...... please update more chapter everyday.
2023-09-11 19:43:38
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4850 Chapters
Chapter 1
A tall, muscular man in a dark coat and dark glasses walked out from Cansington station, his phone glued to his ear.“Have you got the information?”“Yes, General. The girl who saved you from the fire ten years ago is Thea Callahan. She survived after that, but she’s been badly disfigured due to the fire.”The man tightened his grip on the phone, his expression darkening.It was a hot summer day, but the man had a cold aura around him.Everyone who walked past him shuddered involuntarily.His name was James Caden.Ten years ago, James’ family members were burned alive, falling victim to a scheme against them.A young girl rushed into the inferno and saved him without regard for her own safety.All 38 of his family members lost their lives that night, and the first family of Cansington was no more.After James was rescued, he jumped into the river, as it was the only way to survive.He ended up in the Southern Plains where he became a soldier.Ten years later, he had success
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Chapter 2
The House of Royals occupied about 20,000 square meters, and it was the most luxurious villa in all of Cansington.It had everything from a garden, a swimming pool, and a golf course.Thea sat on the soft couch of the foyer, looking around at the villa in disbelief. It resembled a palace more than anything.She had known that any man with pride and self-respect would never marry her, much less into the Callahan family back when her grandfather said to find a husband for her.She thought at that time whoever was willing to marry her would be greedy and lazy, coveting her family’s wealth, although she did not know who her husband would be at all.Yet, she had never expected this man who just became her husband would bring her to this paradise.James knelt and lifted her veil.“Don’t…”Thea panicked and shied away. With scars crisscrossing her face and entire body, she was a fearful sight. What if she scared her new husband away? They had not even been properly introduced yet!Ja
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Chapter 3
None of the Callahans bothered to look for Thea even though she had been gone for ten days.To the Callahans, Thea was the black sheep of the family and the laughing stock of Cansington. If it were not for Thea, the Callahans’ business would be booming.Once Thea had recovered, she picked up her marriage certificate with James and they went home together.Lex Callahan had three sons.According to birth order, they were Howard, John, and Benjamin. Benjamin was shunned by his own family because of Thea. It did not matter that he worked hard, expanding the family business by leaps and bounds.At home, he did not have any rank, status, or authority whatsoever.Benjamin might be a Callahan Group manager, but he had no shares in the company. All he got was a fixed salary each month with no bonus. As such, he was struggling to make ends meet.It was true that he had bought a house, but there was still the mortgage to pay off every month.“This is my home, Jamie.”Pointing to the do
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Chapter 4
After leaving the Callahans’ villa.Thea was crying. “Jamie, I’m so sorry. I don’t even have any control over my marriage.”James took her hand. “It’s okay. Grandfather has made the statement. If I manage to get an order from Celestial Group, he’ll have no choice but to acknowledge us as husband and wife.”“It’s Celestial Group we’re talking about.” Thea was worried.Born and bred in Cansington, she knew all there was to Celestial Group.Celestial Group was an international company, having broken into the Cansington market just recently. The Great Four basically monopolized Celestial Group’s orders.James only smiled. “We’ll never know if we don’t try.”Thea thought of something suddenly, saying, “Oh yeah, I remember now. An old classmate of mine is working at Celestial Group. In fact, she’s the head of a department there. Let me get in touch with her. She might be able to connect us with the higher management.”“Okay.”Holding hands, the both of them walked home to Thea’s.T
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Chapter 5
The Xaviers were the leaders of The Great Four in Cansington.It was a day of celebration for them. Megatron Group, one of their many businesses, had signed an agreement with Celestial Group, and they were now the best of business partners. In other words, the Xaviers’ influence would be even more widespread thanks to this agreement.Also, the patriarch of the family, Warren Xavier, was turning 80.Outside the Xaviers’ villa, a fleet of luxurious cars gathered. All the celebrities in Cansington were there for the double celebration.“This is a bottle of Retrouve wine worth eight million dollars, gifted by The Frasiers. They wish Mister Warren Xavier many happy returns!”“The Wilsons present a painting, The Black Thorn by Jacqui en Blanc, worth twelve million dollars, and they wish the Xaviers good wealth.”“The Zimmermans have gifted Mister Xavier a Froit Mi watch worth eight point eight million dollars…”At the main entrance, a lady held a microphone in her hand. She enthusiast
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Chapter 6
Early the next morning, James received a call from Thea.“Hey honey, I’ve managed to get in touch with my classmate. She’s willing to help and has set an appointment up with the chairman, Alex Yates. Where are you? Let’s go to Celestial Group’s office now and secure the order. Grandfather will accept you then!” Thea’s excited voice sounded through the phone.“Wait for me at home. I’ll pick you up in a bit.”After hanging up, James rolled out of bed and got ready at top speed.“Where are we going, James?”Henry was already waiting with the car.“To Thea’s.”“Hop in.”James complied. With Henry at the wheel, they reached Thea’s place in no time. They waited for her outside.Thea appeared soon.As she was going to meet the chairman of Celestial Group, Thea had put in extra effort to groom herself. Wearing a pretty, form-fitting dress and her black hair hanging loose over her shoulders, she was a vision to behold indeed.“Honey.”Having seen the black multi-purpose vehicle appr
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Chapter 7
Linus looked like he wanted to eat Thea up right there and then.Ever since he became the manager, he had slept with countless women, offering them benefits with his role.At first, most of them rejected him.However, after a while, they started to offer themselves up to him to gain access to deals, partnerships, and other benefits.Jane was keen to make Linus’ plan a success as well. Making him happy was imperative to her own benefit.She walked up to Thea and pulled her aside. “Thea, I know that you’ve suffered over the years. Now that you’re beautiful again, you have to use your looks to your advantage. We won’t stay young forever, you know? Once this golden period is gone, we’ll never get it back.”“I’m married. I won’t do it.” Thea refused to give in.Jane lost her temper. “Who do you think you are, Thea? Don’t you know it’s an honor that Linus likes you? If you offend him, you can forget about working with Celestial Group. Forever.”“Jamie…”Thea walked over to James.J
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Chapter 8
James shrugged. “What do you mean? I’m just an orphan. How could I possibly meet Alex Yates?”“Oh, come on. What about the House of Royals then?”James launched into an explanation. “How could I afford it? It belongs to a friend. We grew up together at the orphanage. He’s out of the country and knew that I needed a place to stay, so he graciously allowed me to stay there and look after the house for him.”“Really?” Thea still looked doubtful.“Of course. Why? Planning on divorcing me if the House of Royals isn’t mine? A little materialistic, aren’t you?”“No!” Thea pouted. “You helped me recover and gave me a new lease of life. We’re married now, and I’m your wife. Money is not a problem. I’ll take care of us!”“Thea, I’m sorry! It’s all my fault!”Just then, a woman rushed over and threw herself against the car window.Her hair was a mess and her face was red and swollen. From the looks of it, she was just beaten up. The woman was Jane Whitman.Linus followed closely behind
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Chapter 9
The girl was Tommy’s younger sister and Howard’s daughter, Megan Callahan.As soon as she entered, she noticed Thea and James. She could not help staring at them.She then approached Lex and showed him an article on her phone.Lex saw an image of Alex bowing to Thea, his arm outstretched. He was gobsmacked.That was Alex Yates, the chairman of Celestial Group.In Cansington, even The Great Four had to play by his rules.He snatched up the contract on the table and confirmed that it was indeed an order for a hundred million dollars. He burst out in laughter. “Ha ha, excellent job, Thea. You’re a Callahan through and through! It’s time for Eternality Group to shine!”“What about James, grandfather?”“What? Joel Xavier is here?” A middle-aged woman walked in.It was Gladys, Thea’s mom.She noticed Joel as soon as she entered and made a beeline for him, a big smile on her face. “You must be Joel. I’ve heard so much about you! What do you think of Thea? If you want her, she’s your
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Chapter 10
Joel slumped to the floor.Celestial had canceled the partnership with Megatron.How was this possible?Did Thea call the actual chairman of Celestial Group?Looking at Joel, James knew that Celestial had canceled their agreement with Megatron.In the director’s office at Megatron Group.Mark Xavier was busy yelling at Joel. Celestial had told him that this had come straight from the chairman. Joel had offended someone extremely important.“Sir, Celestial said that the quality of our medicine is compromised. They’re suing us for three billion dollars!”“Sir, the bank demands we pay off our loan right now!”“Sir, one of our factories has been shut down by relevant authorities over a possible quality breach!”“Sir, our shareholders are selling off their shares. Our share price is falling. We’ve lost millions of dollars!”“Sir, Megatron has gone bankrupt! All our businesses are affected. Many of them have been shut down and are being investigated…”Mark, still scolding his son
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