Fated To The Mafia Boss's Son

Fated To The Mafia Boss's Son

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.......... "Have you ever touched yourself Lily?" Leonardo asked not breaking the eye contact with the beauty in front of him "I.....I did, a few times" Lily answered as her heart raced "Really? Show me" Leonardo said "What?" "Show me how you touch yourself, I'd love to see you touching yourself Lily, show me" Leonardo said as he placed his hand and cupped Lily's red cheeks He moved closer and whispered into her ear "Touch yourself, while I watch you do it" ................ Lily met him at the dark alley behind the clubhouse. They immediately hooked up. It was supposed to be a one night stand but he did everything sensual to her except really having sex with her. Just when Lily thought he was going to pull the sheets and penetrate her, she blacked out. Lily woke up the next morning, alone in the hotel suite, her strange one night stand guy had drugged her last night and disappeared, she never thought she'll see him again but in the coming days, their paths crossed again. This time, he was more than just the handsome stranger she almost had a one night stand with. 18+ Slow burning romance Drama Lust

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85 Chapters
Chapter 1: A Quest To Have Fun
It was just a morning like any other. Lily's bedside alarm rang awaking her from her slumberLily yawned and trudged over the bed to turn off the alarmIt's 7am, time to start preparing to go to the art galleryLily stood up sluggishly and dragged her feet to the bathroom, she brushed her teeth and took her bath, then she styled her shoulder length brunette hairLily stared at herself in the mirror and recited her daily mantra out loud"You are beautiful Lily Martini, no matter what anyone says, you are unique Lily Martini, no matter what others think, you deserve to be happy Lily Martini, even if your parents are broken" she said and then gave herself a pat on the shoulder"Today's another day, let's make sure to do great today"Lily Martini is a 24 year old lady who's dream is to be a great artist like Michaelangelo or Leonardo Da Vinci and also to one day, find her "The One". She took interest in drawing right from her days in kindergarten and she grew up to be quite good at it. But
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Chapter 2: Handsome Stranger
Lily got back home and cooked for herself a homemade meal which she haven't had in a very long timeLily's occupation took the most part of her life, she'd always go to work very early in the morning and come back very late in the night, during the weekends when she doesn't go to work, she spends all her time drawing and working on her art piece at home so most of the time, she ends up ordering foodBut today, she's at home on a work day and she's having a good hearty meal today"This is nice" she muttered as she savored her Mac and cheeseShe finished eating and laid on the couch watching N*****xIt's been a long time she watched a movieEverything she hasn't done in a long time, she was gonna do today, she's definitely gonna have fun!But Lily couldn't even finish her movie, she dozed off before the movie even got to it's climax and it was her ringing phone that woke her upShe sluggishly picked up her phone without checking the caller's name"Hello, who's this?" she asked yawning"W
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Chapter 3: One Night Stand
Leonardo beamed a smile back at Lily and God, does this guy look cute when he smiles?!"My hotel room is not too far from here, shall we walk there?" Leonardo asked and Lily noddedThey stood up and slowly walked down the streetAs they walked, Lily stole glances at the tall guy by her sideHe's really handsome, Lily smiled She's going to have fun with this handsome guy by her side and luckily, the thought of it didn't seem that hard like it was with Jason, she was actually happy about it, strangely, she wants to be with this new guy rather than Jason"What are you thinking about?" Leonardo asked"What? I wasn't thinking about anything" Lily said quickly hoping she wasn't thinking aloud this time tooThey got to the hotel and Lily heaved a sigh as Leonardo opened the doorThis is it, there's no going back nowLeonardo opened the door and they stepped in"Wow" Lily mouthedThere was a sitting room and a bed room, this wasn't just a hotel room, it was a hotel suite and it was expensivel
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Chapter 4: Stuck In My Head
The sudden breeze that brushed over Lily's skin made her conscious of her bodyWhere is she? She wondered as she tried to get her eyes openShe finally managed to open her eyes and she was almost blinded by the rays of the sun reflecting on her face from the windowShe sat up and grabbed her head, she felt lightheadedWhat happened? She wonderedHer sight finally came into focus and she looked round her surrounding, she was in what looks like an expensive hotel suite, and that was when it all came back to Lily One night stand, the handsome stranger, the deep kiss that almost made her crazy, how she touched herself and begged to be given permission to cum, and her nerve wrecking orgasm that almost made her pass out, but then she did passed out, the guy drugged her!"How could he tip my drink?!" Lily sprang up"Leonardo! Leonardo!!" Lily called angrily as she walked around the suite but she soon found out that she was alone there and a realization suddenly hit Lily"Did he drug me and l
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Chapter 5: A Debt To Pay
Lily alighted from the cab, paid the driver walked into the Art Gallery"Good morning Lily, you are late today which is very unusual" Lily's colleague said"Oh, she's resigning today that's why" Anna said as she walked up to meet Lily"Resigning?!" her colleagues exclaimed"Yeah" Lily smiled"Excuse me" she said as she pulled Anna to a quiet corner"Hey" Lily said"Go on, explain what happened yesterday" Anna said"I..... ummm..... Can you wait a bit let me hand my resignation letter to Micheal first?" Lily said in a bid to avoid Anna's questioning"You are really serious about this resigning stuff?" Anna enquired"Of course" Lily nodded"He is going to fire me anyway so it's better I resign first""And after you resign, then what?" Anna asked"Then I'll get a new job" Lily smiled"And you think it's that easy huh? You think it's easy for an artist to get a decent paying job nowadays?" Anna asked"It can't be that hard, and don't try to persuade me Anna, I am going to resign, I even ha
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Chapter 6: A Job Offer
"One million dollars Lily, and I got the money from DiCaprio Mafia Empire" Lily's Dad uttered"What?!!!" Lily exclaimed as the drawings she was holding fell off her hand"I'm really sorry, I was really in a tough spot and they were the only one willing to loan out such amount of money to me" Lily's Dad said"Because they know they'll definitely get it back from you, wether they have to kill you and sell your organs, they will get their money back, that's how the Mafia Empire operates!!" Lily yelled"You think I wanted to get into this mess? You and your mother abandoned me and even when I told you I lost my job, you cared not!" Lily's Dad protested"You stopped caring for us first Dad! You abandoned us first so do not put your predicament on Mom and I. And how could you Dad, how could you use Mom's house as collateral for your stupid loan!!""It is my house too, we built it together before I left so I have a right to the house too!!" Lily's Dad yelled and she huffed"Then why did you l
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Chapter 7: The Big Bad Vice Chairman
Jason dropped Lily off at home and promised to send a draft of the employment contract to her email so she can review it before the night ends Lily walked into her apartmentShe can't believe she's gonna start working at the most notorious Mafia Company in the country tomorrowWhen did her life suddenly take such a wrong turn? Last week she was an employed and happy lady working at the Art Gallery and now, she's an unemployed lady with a one million dollar debt and about to start working in the midst of Mafias and gangsters, when did her life take such a drastic turn?She walked into her room and decided to call her best friend, Anna"Hey girl" Anna said immediately she picked up Lily's call "Hey Anna" Lily said"How are you doing? You didn't tell me how your meeting with Jason went yesterday" Anna said"It was okay, we met again today" Lily said"Woaaaah! Aren't you two getting so close so quickly" Anna teased and Lily sighedThe normal her would have laughed at Anna's joke but her
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Chapter 8: A Fight Between Mafias
Lily blinked twice in a bid to ascertain if her current vision was real and yes it was! The big bad Vice Chairman that is currently pointing a gun at her is either her mystery guy or has exactly the same face as her mystery guy!Leonardo dropped the gun on the floor"Though you escaped death today, I do not want to ever see you again in my company" he said and walked away while his securities trooped after him"What?!" Lily's mind was still trying to get a hold and understand the current situation"Am.....am I fired?" she stuttered"Wait here" Jason said and he ran after Leonardo DiCaprioJason walked into Leonardo's office and he looked up"You can't fire her Leonardo" Jason said and Leonardo dropped the file he was reading"And why can't I? Last time I checked, I am the one in charge of the company not you" Leonardo stated "Agreed and as the heir to the Mafia Empire, you must always abide by the Mafia codes" Jason reminded"I do not believe I have broken any code yet Jason" Leonardo
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Chapter 9: Working For My One Night Stand
Lily walked into her room and slumped on the bedWhat an interesting first day at work where she didn't really do any work, she just... well almost got killed and fired by her boss plus she witnessed a live shooting scene where his boss shot someone right in front of himLily stood up and went to the drawing of Leonardo on her wallShe slowly traced her fingers round the contours on the drawing of Leonardo's face"You aren't him right?" Lily directed her question at the drawing of Leonardo's face"I mean Leonardo DiCaprio is a really bad man so you can't be him right? Even though you drugged me, I do not want to believe you are as bad as Leonardo DiCaprio" Unlike Lily's boss, Leonardo was more free, nice, and she doesn't know, warm and seductiveThat's it, even if they have the same face and name, they have totally different personality so they can't be the same personLily heard her phone rang and she walked over to the bed and picked up the phoneShe huffed on seeing the callerIt's
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Chapter 10: Stuck Together
Lily walked back to her desk and turned on her computerTo figure a perfect layout design for the Casino, she'll need to see the building's architectureLily viewed and studied the file containing the building's plan and blueprints"Lily" someone called from behind and Lily turned around to see Jason"Can you come with me for a moment, the Vice Chairman wants to see you" he said and Lily stood up"What?!""Why will he want to see me, does....does he still want to fire me or worse, kill me?!" Lily panicked"Be calm Lily, I have no idea what it is but I don't think it's anything close to that" Jason said and Lily calmed down a bitThey got to Leonardo's office and Lily quickly bowed her headShe can't afford to make any mistake"Here is Lily Martini" Jason said as they entered the office"Your BioData form, under skills you mentioned well versed in architecture, I thought you were an artist not an architect" Leonardo said"Well, I....ummm..... I can't be called a professional architect,
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