Chapter One Hundred Seventy Three

The continuous ringing of Eve's phone caused her to open her heavy eyes.

She picked up the call.


"Hey, baby. How is my gorgeous damsel doing this morning?" came Darcy's voice.

The statement didn't provoke a smile on her face and neither did her cheeks turn red. She was even shocked at her reaction.

"I'm doing great Darcy." She replied and rubbed her drowsy eyes with the edge of her left palm.

Did she just say, Darcy?

She cleared her throat loudly. "How are you doing babe?"

The phone speaker filtered Darcy's chuckle. "I'm good. You are having a work-free day?"

Eve arched a brow. "A work-free day? It's not weekend."

"And you are still not at work?"

Eve glanced at the wall clock hanging above her. Her eyes widened in horror.

"Jeez!" She screamed. It was a few minutes to 9 am and she should have been at the office by now.

"I need to go now." She said and quickly hung up before Darcy could give a reply.

She went through her phone and realised that the alarm she had set to awaken he
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