The Billionaire's Hidden Baby

The Billionaire's Hidden Baby

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Sheyana “Iya” Andrada is an actress who thought that she got the true love that she deserved from her long-time boyfriend and the father of her child. But one day, she finds out that Miko’s going to marry her best friend. Because she can’t digest the sudden breakups, she drowns herself in alcohol while riding the speedboat. That night, Iya tries to save her cat in the middle of the ocean after getting drunk. But an accident happened and ended up losing her memories. Achilles Joa Ramses, a billionaire. He does not plan to let another woman enter his life for love. He is avoiding putting his heart in another complicated situation. He must focus on his big company because he had enough when his ex-girlfriend cheated on him. But the wind blew in a different direction when he found Iya on the beach unconscious and ended up falling in love again. No matter how happy they are in each other’s arms, facing reality is a must. Now that Iya regains her memory and finds out that she had a child, what will happen to their entangled fate? Will they follow their hearts or choose to be apart?

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Chapter 1: The Betrayal
SHE’S STARING AT them full of sorrow, tears streaming down her face, she’s lost in her thoughts and feels like she had weak knees while walking. She wants to scream from betrayal and pain but that’s not an option for her. She’s trying to hold back all the emotion she feels that makes her tremble just to not get any attention from the people inside the church. That’s what Iya looked like as she made her way to one of the wooden chairs away from the crowds. Before her knees almost gave out, she held on to the nearest place that she could hold onto. She couldn't understand the emotions she was feeling after hearing what she heard earlier from her co-actor while they were shooting a movie. She looks like a fool and an idiot while trying her best to be strong and act cool. All of it came at once just enough for her emotion to explode.She was made a fool by the person she trusted completely. She’s an idiot because she made him her world while there is someone else in his life that he's b
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Chapter 2: The Cheating
ACHILLES IS NOW heading towards his girlfriend’s place. It has been a month since the last time he saw her after his busy schedule. He needs to make up for the days that they were not together. He is carrying a bouquet of red roses and a bottle of champagne. Those are the things he brought because they are her favorites. Hailey just wants all the time to have an intimate date just for the both of them. “I shouldn’t lose track of time,” he couldn’t help but sigh deeply. “Next time, I should find a way to visit her.” Achilles' company is handling a big project and he’s thankful that she understands it all the time.He cannot go to her immediately because he knows that she hates the spotlight. People recognized him in the business world, making his career line up with a celebrity’s popularity. “I will just order food,” he mumbled on his way. Achilles also doesn't know if he will have time with his girlfriend again because his schedule is full until the holiday is over. Even if he own
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Chapter 3: The Accident
IYA COULDN’T COUNT how many days she chose to imprison herself in the four corners of her room. Her bed becomes her companion as if it carries all the burden inside her heart that she felt. Her pillow becomes her silent listener while catching all the tears she cried for the man who does not deserve her love.She truly loves him. She wouldn't be under this drama if not. No one can question her love for him because she gives all the things that she could give; time, love, or even material things just enough for her to look like a sugar mommy even if Miko has more money compared to her. Now, she’s questioning herself if there’s something wrong with her just enough for her to experience this betrayal. No matter how much she asked herself, she couldn’t find the answer to her question. She still doesn't know what’s lacking that he made her stupid like this.“I’m not an idiot but you made me one…” she said to herself while her eyes were puffy because of crying too much. “If he doesn’t like
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Chapter 4: She's Awake
SEVERAL DAYS THAT have been passed from when he found the woman at the seashore. At first, the people on the island came and asked if she was already awake. But just like before, he had one answer. Not yet. The beauty is still sleeping.From time to time, his aunt came by his house just to monitor her patient's condition. She’s also the one who changes the dextrose of the girl whenever it runs out after cleaning her up. His doctor-slash aunt told her that the girl needed some fluid and rest. In no time she will wake up so they do not need to worry.Achilles is also taking care of the cat that he found beside the woman. She looks like she has been trained because she knows the basics of daily life. So he is not bothered if there is a cat inside his house because she does not cause him any trouble. The cat also stays in the house beside her owner all the time, making him not too worried if he leaves the windows and doors open.“Melody?” Achilles has been calling the cat for a while beca
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