The Black Devil Omegaverse

The Black Devil Omegaverse

By:  Hermit & Star  Ongoing
Language: English
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When the Black-fur Hades meets the no-fur Doll, he can just feel his comfortable life as a back-alley fixer slipping through his paw. Being contracted to take the no-fur away from trouble brewing with his mobster owners to a breeding farm upstate seems like a straightforward enough job. But when it comes to dealing with this particular no-fur, nothing is straightforward. Bestselling authors Hermit & Star have created another steamy, dark world - this time with anthropomorphic feline Alphas and their no-fur Omegas!

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222 Chapters
Episode 1
Shadwell Sebastian Woolsey stomped aimlessly through the rain. He had a destination but he was in no hurry to get there.His shoes needed replacing, he noted as water crept in from a puddle he had not managed to avoid. He hated getting wet. Some might say he was a walking stereotype but he had never met another tom who hated it as much as he did. Hell, a fair amount of them used water as their first introduction to the Elemental arts.Not Shadwell, though. As a Black-fur, he couldn’t create an affinity for such a healing Element to use in his magick. His gifts - if you could call them that - were of a much more complicated and forbidden nature. He could scratch the surface of his potential and did fine for himself with what he could do. However, Black-furs could only access their core magick by using a no-fur conduit.Which was something Shadwell was never going to be able to do. Collaring a no-fur was a luxury for the most elite of Elementalists, somethin
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Episode 2
And there it was.Where had so many felines gotten the idea Hades had no morals? Hades reminded himself to never ask that question anywhere Jinx could hear him."Sir, with due respect I'm not called Hades because I actually am an eight-headed Death demon who breathes fire and sends toms to the Underworld.""No, no, my good tom. It's purely a business transaction. I need him brought upstate to a breeding house. I'm heartbroken, I truly am. But it's the only way to get any good money out of him now. There are… things that point to the absolutely unbelievable idea that he might have killed the tom in question. I don't believe it, of course, but toms talk."The fat feline gave a broad laugh, very out of place with the tale he was telling.Hades was reading between the lines and it didn't sit well with him. He turned his sharp green gaze to the kneeling creature. "Did you kill the feline, no-fur?""Go on,
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Episode 3
The no-fur that, up until this morning, had belonged to the Martelli family took his time as he meandered through the estate garden. Because of his innate magical ability and his skill with floral design, he had lived a fairly pleasant life for an uncollared no-fur. The family had at least twenty no-furs in the stable at any time and he only had to service the disgusting Gran once or twice a month because the free-loader was very fickle about which no-furs he requested from his cousin’s stable.Gran's cousin and the man behind the powerful mob family, Liam Martelli, wasn't interested in the no-fur past what he could do to set up a banquet room for an event. Liam was happily married to one of the sexiest chefs in the world, a sleek Gray-furred delight called Cook. He had no use for any of the many no-furs his family owned for any of their common uses. Liam had a strong distaste for the whole no-fur trade an
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Episode 4
Hades knew exactly what was about to transpire between the no-fur and his hideous master. Not only had he seen the glint of Gran's knife, he'd read the tom’s aura. Despite already having a plan to rid himself of the aqua-haired no-fur, the fat tom was both angry and afraid of him. There was a lot of dirty litter going on here and Hades knew he might be best served to return the money and walk away. But he wasn't going to be able to leave the no-fur to this monster. Never mind that he was driving him upstate to hand him over to a different kind of monster. That was a detail Hades chose to ignore right now. But this was still the Martelli family, even if it was an offshoot that claimed no connections. Not that Hades believed that story for a second. Gran's last name was no joke. Before Gran had formed a response that no doubt would involve calling him rude at the very least, Hades stomped past him, grabbing the no-fur
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Episode 5
Having driven about 40 minutes outside of the city, Hades felt they’d gone far enough. He had watched for anyone tailing him but he was fairly certain Gran was more concerned about the no-fur disappearing than if Hades was driving away from his agreed destination.Not that he expected the no-fur could hear him but he spoke his plan out loud. "Going to pull off at this next rest stop. Says it's closed but I have a professional investigator's badge on my car, so no one will care if we park for a bit."It was just a few miles up. Hades jumped as his cell phone went off. He tapped it and looked quickly at the screen just to see who it was. When it blinked unknown he didn't give it a second thought. Wrong number or someone wanting money. Either way, not important.Putting his blinker on, he barely missed being clipped by an asshole who sped up as soon as he changed lanes. Thank the gods he was able to slide into the exit
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Episode 6
Feeling Hades's hot breath on his neck as the coarse, lust-filled words reached his ears told the no-fur that he made the right decision. The likelihood he would be in the breeding home before this time tomorrow wasn't changing. But that wasn't what this was about.The no-fur had no illusions about where his life was heading. It would be the ultimate act of stupidity for Hades to try to save him. There was acting out of concern, albeit a counter-cultural concern, like what the strong sexy tom did with that horrible cage. Then there was destroying your life for a dime-a-dozen no-fur. The omega doubted he would have the strength of character to make that kind of choice himself. And for a complete stranger? No one was willing to risk that much for so little.The no-fur knew how little value he had in the scheme of things. His ability to be seeded would make Gran and Hades rich. He would be a part of birthing the next generation of toms and no-furs
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Episode 7
 Hades leaned against a tree catching his breath while the no-fur laid in his lap, making little happy noises as he stroked his curly blue-green hair. They were mostly sheltered from the rain by a large canopy of leaves Hades had easily summoned with his connection to the no-fur.He was in trouble. With one hasty decision, he had over-complicated his life. Hades had no clue what he was going to do now. The thought of taking the pretty furless creature to be caged and mounted at the omega farm had gone from a questionable choice to absolutely unacceptable.He groaned. His body ached all over. Probably less than the no-fur's did, but he wanted to do it all again.He could think of lots of other things he wanted to do as well. The no-fur set him on fire. Hades found his paw curling into a possessive fist in the no-fur’s hair. He'd heard of bonds that were accidentally set off by becoming a no-fur's temporary E
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Episode 8
The no-fur wasted no time heading for the shower once Hades left. Until he saw the amazing Jacuzzi tub in the bathroom. He did a quick clean-up in the admittedly sexy shower but didn't spend a lot of time in it. He was all about the tub. He poured some rosemary and orange blossom bath salts in the deliciously hot water and sank inside it. The water was steaming, nothing like the pathetic shower and tub combo he shared with the other no-furs in the Martelli stable. The invigorating scents made his toes tingle. He leaned back and closed his eyes and immediately starting thinking about Hades. Hades biting him. Snarling the dirtiest things. Calling him 'pretty baby'. He sighed and ran his hands along his chest and started toying with one of his nipples, handling it roughly. Just like Hades would. It hadn't been his intention to play with himself in the tub. But now the no-fur was lost in the fantasy. The hot water assaulting h
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Episode 9
The Persian BBQ place was much fancier than what Hades was used to. Even if he'd wanted to try it in the past, the one in the city frowned upon anyone who didn't have the means to own a no-fur. That was pretty much the key that got you in all the fancy doors.Hades was reminded of how much of a fortune he was giving up if he saved Doll as he considered the lack of prices on the menu on the door of the restaurant. The kind of place that didn’t post prices was the kind of place that the tom could never dream of affording. Shockingly, he could afford it today. He hadn't used even a quarter of the first coins Gran had given him.He pressed the button for the bell and a Persian in colorful traditional dress appeared to let them in. He and Doll must have passed muster because, after a long silent look, the Persian bowed and allowed them entry. Inside, everything looked expensive. A fish tank consumed an entire wall
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Episode 10
Doll pressed the button to close the privacy panel and met Hades's eyes with a delighted smile. He didn't crawl like a no-fur should. He walked forward with purpose. Climbing on top of his sexy tom, he began to unbutton the rich wine shirt, more interested in the dark obsidian fur underneath it.  "You can get your own drink, Possessor, when I'm done with you." There it was, the word for a no-fur who accepted his Elementalist. It wasn’t the sacred word, the one that was as old as time. That word wasn’t even thought casually, though it had crossed Doll’s mind more than once. He dug his fingers into the thick sheen of black fur, his pretty fingernails dragging along the flesh beneath. He pulled it a bit and was encouraged by the husky, amused sound Hades made. He spanned wide circles with his hands intent on petting Hades into the same mad desire that drove him. "Cheeky little brat." Hades's words were joined by a cool thr
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