Chapter 9

Nora bit his lips and he smelled blood” why the hell did you do that?” He screamed and Nora looked at him with an emotionless face” leave….. me and you have nothing in common, okay. I don’t want your kisses , your touches or anything to have to do with you . We are done and I don’t want to ever see you. Come on, get out”

She was really serious. Daniel realized that his actions must have hurt her so much for there was nothing worst than a scornful woman.

It happened that his phone rang and they both stared at the caller. Aria was calling and Daniel tried to assume it. But Nora was going to show him that he didn’t matter to her anymore. All she wanted was to be left alone.

“Pick it up. Don’t keep the love of your life waiting.” she snarled while sneering in disgust.

Daniel picked the phone up and heard the pitiful voice of Aria” Darling, you promised to come back yesterday night, I waited for you until I fell asleep, what happened?”

“Aria, I am in the middle of something right now. You
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denice morgan
wow first time I have read where the mother loves the wife.
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Diana Stavreva
Nice story
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Avril Mae Balderas Ballaret
nice story

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