The CEO's Ex-Wife Is A Famous Doctor

The CEO's Ex-Wife Is A Famous Doctor

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Shantelle Scott has been in love with Evan Thompson since she was young. When Evan's father arranged for her to be his wife, she willingly agreed, despite knowing it was against Evan's will. She devoted her life to him in their two-year marriage, forgetting her aspirations. She hoped her husband would love her back. Sadly, one day, Evan coldly said, "I want a divorce! I want you out of my life, Shantelle!"Years passed, Shantelle became a famous surgeon. When her ex-husband came to see her, he asked, "Doctor Shant, I need your expertise.""What is wrong with you, Mister Thompson?" She asked.Yearning reflected in the man's eyes as he suggested, "My heart is broken, and only you can mend it."Shantelle laughed and replied, "Mister Thompson, I am a doctor. I'm not God."

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The CEO's Ex-Wife Is A Famous Doctor is an intriguing romance novel about moving on and independence. Shantelle has been in love with Scott for as long as she can remember. Their arranged marriage is like the answer to her prayers. However, her dream is Scott's nightmare. He wants a divorce. Determined to win him over, Shantelle sacrifices everything to prove her love, but it is all in vain. Defeated, she lets him go and focuses on her goal to be a doctor. Years later, things turn around when Scott visits Shantelle in her clinic. It will take more than an apology to win her over. She was fine without him. At least, that is what her mind says, but what about her heart? 

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205 Chapters
Chapter 1: Divorce
"I want a divorce! I am now the CEO of the Thompson Group of Companies- the master of the Thompsons. My father can no longer control me. I am done with your selfishness!" Evan Thompson, her husband, towered over her as he yelled. "I thought I knew you. I thought you would change, but I was wrong to think that you deserved a chance!" "Evan, please," Shantelle's words broke in and out. This wasn't the first time her husband had brought up the divorce in the past few months, but now he had the divorce papers in his hand. Fear crept into Shantelle's heart, knowing how serious he was this time. She reasoned, "I thought you were cheating on me. So I did every married woman would do and confront a mistress whom you have been housing in a luxury apartment -" "I was only helping her!" Evan insisted. "She isn't a mistress! Why are you so insecure?" "Nicole has no one. I brought her here to Rose Hills, and she is my responsibility. Two years ago, Nicole quit her job in Lockwood to be with me
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Chapter 2: The Letter
Selfish? Yes, that was true. It was because she loved Evan so much. Insecure? How could she not be? Knowing that Nicole Lively was at arm's length, Shantelle's insecurity grew. Shantelle and Evan had a relatively tranquil marriage for more than a year. It wasn't fruitful or romantic - the dream marriage she wished for, but at least they were civil. Occasionally, they spent quality time as a married couple. Occasionally, they had made love. Shantelle could tell that Evan had tried. However, six months ago, she received an anonymous message, tipping her of Nicole Lively's return. She became paranoid. She kept prying, infuriating Evan with her constant interrogating and snooping. He started bringing up a divorce since. Eventually, whoever gave her clues sent her photos of Evan and Nicole together, having lunch or taking her to a luxury apartment building. That was when Shantelle pursued to know where Nicole lived. So when she found out that Evan was paying for the apartment, she
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Chapter 3: The Anonymous Number
Dark circles formed around her eyes as Shantelle packed her bags at five in the morning. She kept returning to the closet and deciding on what to bring. Evan bought her a few dresses. Even if they were in a loveless marriage, somehow, he had thought about her. "I think it's better not to bring anything that would remind me of Evan," she mumbled and resumed packing only those she bought with her father's money. When she was done, she called for her father's driver and asked him to pick her up. Only then did she read the terms of their divorce. She read it once and twice until it all sunk into her head. "You are getting a divorce, Shanty. You are getting a divorce," she repeated. "No more crying. Cry later when you are at home." "Ten million dollars." She reread. Evan would give her ten million dollars as alimony for accepting the divorce terms. Shantelle marked out the alimony. She affixed her signature on the correction. Afterward, she cautiously signed her name on every page
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Chapter 4: Nicole Lively
For an hour, Evan drove around town aimlessly, thinking about the divorce. Thanks to his so-called friends, he was second-guessing his decision. It was past midnight when he still had no specific direction where to go. He thought about going to a hotel or his office, but suddenly, he remembered one person who could understand him, Nicole. Thus, he drove to Nicole's apartment. When Evan arrived at the apartment, he rang the doorbell several times. Finally, when the door opened, he saw Nicole's smiling face. She was surprised to see him, and he could tell by how her eyes widened and gleamed. Faintly, she said, "Evan, you are here!" "I need someone to talk to," Evan revealed. "I hope you don't mind." Nicole quickly let him in and guided him to the living room. She said, "What's bothering you, Evan?" Then she frowned, and with a sad expression, she asked, "Did you fight with Shantelle? I'm sorry. I don't know how she learned that I had returned. I was surprised when she came bargi
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Chapter 5: She Left
"Sweetheart, if he can't appreciate you, then he doesn't deserve you," Doctor William Scott said. "I'm glad you have come to that decision."William and Eleanor Scott embraced their weeping daughter inside the Scotts family mansion. "I loved him, dad, mom. How I wish it did not have to end this way -" Shantelle expressed, but her mother cut her off. "But more importantly, you have to love yourself," Eleanor suggested. As Shantelle pulled away from her parents, her father suggested, "It's time to put yourself first, my dearest Shanty.""When you married Evan, you lost yourself - your dreams and aspirations. I know you loved Evan, but there's more to life than that boy." William lifted Shantelle's chin and suggested, "You deserve better."If it were two years ago, William would have wanted Evan as a son-in-law, but since Shantelle married him, he saw through her sadness. In the first few months of their marriage, his daughter was still elated at being with Evan. However, as the month
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Chapter 6: Divorce Celebration
"Good morning, Evan. I love you." Evan smiled in his dream, hearing Shantelle repeat those words. She never got tired of expressing how she felt. In his dream, he did not respond, but he sensed the warmth in his heart. Suddenly, he heard his phone buzz. It was his wake-up call. "Shanty, can you turn off the alarm, please? I want to sleep longer. It's Saturday," Evan groaned in his sleep. "Shants. Shanty?" His eyes opened, realizing he was calling out his wife's name. He sat up and turned to the empty side of the bed. Then his gaze landed on the bedside table. When he saw the divorce papers and the letter she wrote, it dawned on him how Shantelle was already gone. "Right. She left," Evan said under his breath. Again, this was supposed to be his happiest moment. He was free! All he needed to do was to formalize the divorce, and he would be officially a single man, but why was his chest still feeling heavy? It had not felt any better since he learned about Shantelle's leaving. He
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Chapter 7: Take Me Home
"Shanty! Are you excited about your going away party!" Karise said with glee. Her short black hair bounced as she jumped at the idea. Shantelle had just arrived at her best friend's home. She had called her days before, informing her that her family was leaving Rose Hills permanently. They cried over the phone, but soon, they covered the bright future ahead of Shantelle. It was more than enough to lighten up their mood. "Shants!" Celeste, another girl with red hair, exclaimed. "I can't believe I'm taking my prim and proper girl out to a club!" Felice, Shantelle's other friend, flew all the way from another city to see her that day. She said, "I am going to teach you how to dance, bitch!" Karise, Celeste, and Felice were Shantelle's college friends, which she had neglected since her marriage with Evan. Her world revolved around Evan, and she missed out on all the good fun during her last year in college. The four friends changed into dresses and put on their makeup at Karise's h
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Chapter 8: Ignored
Evan could not believe his eyes. Shantelle had always been conservative. Evan liked to think of it that she preserved herself for him. He was her first, and oddly, he had never been intimate with anyone, other than his now ex-wife. Shantelle was never the kind to go out in a club, nor did she enjoy dancing in the middle of a crowd, wearing a skirt above her knees. She was fashionable, but she rarely showed off her skin in public. To Evan, Shantelle did not have to wear sexy clothes to know she had a gorgeous body. Seeing Shantelle wear a laced dress that hugged her frame, Evan sucked in a breath. His eyes studied how her golden hair bounced from side to side, her hips swaying as she danced with her friends. Evan was familiar with Shantelle's companions, especially Karise. One thing he was relieved about was the fact that she did not come into the club with a man. He already guessed this night out was something Karise had decided upon. "Our Shanty is really beautiful," Wendel
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Chapter 9: One Last Time
Evan managed to flee from Shantell's friends. Unfortunately, his beloved sports car did not escape Shantelle's vomit. "Urggh. This is awful!" Shantelle said in disgust after throwing up on the side of Evan's car. Her dress got partly stained, and she absolutely reeked of alcohol. "I'm never going to drink again." 'Damn, my favorite car.' Evan was behind the wheel. His other hand stretched to Shantelle's back. He stroked her back, saying, "You are never drinking again, Shanty. You got that?! You can't hold your liquor." "Ha! It's your fault I'm drinking, you asshole!" She unwittingly said before heaving. She rolled back the car windows and emptied the contents of her stomach. Yes, she puked on the empty streets as Evan drove through the night. "I'm not taking you to your parents like that," Evan announced before taking another turn. After thirty minutes, they arrived at their villa. Evan carried Shantelle, princess style. As he paced into the house, Shantelle kept spouting nonse
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Chapter 10: Goodbye Evan
When morning came, Evan woke up to find Shantelle dressed in one of her clothes. She had not brought home all of her dresses. Those that he had given her in the past remained in their closet. For a second, he studied her slender frame. He admitted she had a beautiful body. "Do you want me to have Howard send all of your clothes?" Evan asked, referring to the Thompson's family driver. He sat up, showing off his well-defined chest. Shantelle had just zipped up her dress. She did not turn to Evan when she answered, "I won't need them." Shaking his head, he said, "Shanty. Don't be like this -" "I won't need them," she repeated firmly, finally looking at him. "I better go, Evan. My parents are waiting for me -" "I'll take you," Evan offered. "No." Shantelle pursed her lips and suggested. "It's not a good idea. I can take a cab." Evan furrowed his brows. He suggested, "If you don't want me, then I can have Howard -" "No, I can take a cab," she repeated. "Okay. If you insist," E
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