Chapter 59


“A week after Mikhail went missing, and the news spread to the school,” I began the story I never told anyone. It tortured me to share this part of my life with someone, but not this me. Surprisingly, I felt fine. My tranquility was her doing.

Savannah was now leaning on my chest with my arm on her shoulders on the bed. I loved smelling her vanilla-scented hair. We fucked and made love in the last three hours, but I still couldn’t get enough. I needed more of her.

“The kids watched, the teachers felt sorry, and that was when Brett’s friends came to me. They told me what happened at the amusement park. We came back every day. Dad hired people to find him, but he was gone. He didn’t speak to me for a while.”

“So you blame yourself because you thought he blamed you. Your dad mentioned something about it,” she said. That was probably when they spoke at the beach. “Why do you think he blamed you?”

“I brought him there after school. Mikhail didn’t speak, but he understood me. I asked
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Marena John Lambrou
OmG! He was traumatized all his life! I totally get it!
goodnovel comment avatar
Madeline Crist
It's absolutely fantastic Rafael found his brother, which happened to be Savanah's brother.

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